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  1. "occasional use of a single blade could not totally discard the possibility of Revan being a Jar'Kai practitioner" and "master of Jar'Kai"


    That makes sense, just because you have two lightsabres doesn't mean you have to use them-Revan might have saved the two sabre style for hard fights. It is confusing though, since the only times you ever see Revan holding a sabre is in KOTOR and a flash back in a comic dealing with the Sith, in both cases He/she is only using a single sabre. (The Flash back of Revan in KOTOR 2 doen't count as it wasn't really Revan)


    If I had to guess as to the form Revan would use with a single sabre I'd take a guess that it would either be Juno-Sith Lords Sidious and Maul used this-or Form V: Shien / Djem So, which was Vaders style.

  2. Mace Mindu's lightsabre was meant to be made from Electrum-thats a mix of gold and silver in case anyone was wondering. I'm guessing that the more expensive of the two might have a hilt made from this, which would raise the price, while the cheaper one doesn't.

  3. You could, but a Sith likes suffering so killing someone quickly like that isn't fun. A Jedi on the other hand would take the view that its not what you could do with the force but what you choose to do with the force..... :cool:


    Not that any of this has anything to do with the thread.

  4. Two normal sabres is only really practical if you're playing as a weapons master, other wise the off-hand penalty off-sets the extra damage. One normal and one short is better for Consolar and Sentinal classes. Theres no point in having the ability to kill just about anyone in one strike if you can't hit them in the first place.

  5. No one re-built it, the part of the academy where you meet the masters was blocked with rubble so no one could get in, but it wasn't destroyed. My guess is that; LS-Three Jedi masters would have little trouble force pushing the rubble out of the way. DS-Kreia and the exile worked together to shift the rubble when your not looking.

  6. I absolutely agree with you on balancing Force Powers.  There really isn't much of a reason to play a Consular in the current structure. 


    Also, there should a much steeper crossover penalty for LS/DS powers.  For instance, DSers should not really be able to use Heal effects and LSers should not be using Drain Life-type effects.  If you must crossover, then it should really cost you (though it would not involve an alignment shift).


    Manipulating the environment (i.e. a Force Throw tree) is a SW staple and should be included as a Universal Power in the next game, I think.


    And, frankly, there is just too much "clutter" when it comes to the Force powers.  I think the power trees should fork as you move into the 2nd and 3rd level effects...needs to be more opportunity cost.


    An easy way to balance force powers would be to limit the level you can advance them to, based on class and aligment maybe? Say that a DS character can only take/use the first two levels of heal, while a LS player can take all three levels. A Sith Lord might be able to use all levels of lightning, while a Jedi master can only use the first two. Class limitations could be similar-say that a Guardian class can only use the first two levels of force push since they concentrate on fighting an opponent, while a Jedi master can use all three levels. There could also, like you said, be different progressions for the same powers depending on class an alignment. A Jedi masters lightning might not cause as much damage as a Siths but might stun opponents better for example.


    I REALLY want to see Force Jump as a seperate skill, not just one that you get with a guardian class-maybe a selectable ability that you get free as a guardian but that you can pick as other classes. After all Force Jump *is* meant to be a universal power for all Jedi. You could balance this out by providing a free power for each of the classes-A Jedi master might get heal automaticlly at some levels, A Sith Lord might get lightning etc.


    They really do need to make sure that all force powers A; have a practical use of some sort and B; Are not required to compleate one area/level/fight.


    New powers would be nice, but they shouldn't be added just to increase the list. I don't think that any of the new powers in KOTOR 2 were useful in the slightest, all those I use were in the original game.


    If they are looking for a new power that has a practical use then how about force Pull-you could use it to pull weapons out of enemies hands on lower levels, or pull someone onto your sabre as a special attack at its higher levels.

  7. I agree that it will always come down to helping the Jedi or helping the Sith and that those will always be the predominant factions.


    But the Ancient setting is the perfect time for factions....for instance, we still don't know if there is a difference between the Revan/Malak Sith and the True Sith.  It would appear that there is but that has yet to be revealed.


    The Ancient setting is always in a state of flux and is the perfect time for splinter groups (as long as it always maintains Jedi and Sith as the main factions).


    EDIT:  Neutral factions would be the most problematic canon-wise but as long as they are given steep handicaps (such as no prestige classes), I think it could work.  Make it too accessible and you loose the epic Star Wars feel.


    I agree that it would be nice to see-after all Kreia does say in KOTOR2 that any remaining members of the Jedi order are no longer Jedi so they could be something else :sorcerer: I just don't see Lucasarts accepting this in a game, they tend to go for black and white interprations not shades of gray. Think we'll be stuck with LS/DS in the end.

  8. the Sith are effectively Chaotic Evil while the Jedi are effectively Lawful Good.  what might be interesting would be to see joinable factions in the future games.  It would still have the Jedi/Sith axis but with a Lawful Evil splinter group for Sith and a more Chaotic splinter group for Jedi.  Plus a tree-hugging Neutral faction for good measure.


    that would make for a much more fleshed out world...Jedi putting out Jedi brush fires and Sith putting out Sith brush fires, at least early on in the game.


    Lucasarts would probably frown on that as it would be against the way the Starwars universe seems to work. Even 'Neutral' Characters like Jolie Bindo or Kreia tend to get pushed into either a 'Good' camp or a 'Evil' Camp in the end.

  9. Sometimes just switching to another Char and running around will fix stuck companions, that or going to the party selection menu and deselecting them. If you can't do that just try running to a new area, unlike KOTOR you don't have to have all you party standing behind you to transit to a new area. You might also want to make double sure that you haven't been running around in solo mode, I've done that once or twice and only realised after finding myself in the middle of a fight. :">


    As to the reinstall problem, try cleaning the disk and the drive, uninstalling the game again them reinstalling. I had a similar problem reinstalling KOTOR2 and this fixed the problem. If you were running any mods in the game it might be worth making sure they have been removed as well-the autopatch isn't a problem but some mods won't be removed by the uninstall program and that can create problems (It did for me anyway).

  10. Combining diffent types of game tends not to work very well in practice. Ok, an RPG that can also be a FPS sounds like a good idea, but the execution nearly always fails to impress anyone. The problem is that your trying to make two games for the same price and in the same time as a single game and both suffer.

  11. I would like every class to have in depth presitge classes. I think the jedi prestige classes need some revamping also with more options of feats. I would enjoy real time combat but maybe they could also have the option for the combat they used in the first several games.


    While it would be nice to have the option of fighting in first person in some fights I can't see that happening. The main problem is how you would use feats such as flurry in first person, it would be possible I guess but with shields, force powers and all the special moves you'd end up with a very complex control system. I'd also note, before anyone else does so, that if you want that type of fighting you can get Jedi Academy.


    I think I agree with the depth to the prestige classes, providing that the game is large enough to take advantage with them. One thing that really needs to be done with Jedi is to better balance the force powers. To me its unreasonable to assume that all the Classes have access to all the same powers, I'd like to see a few powers you can only get by playing a particular class. I don't mean powers you gain in classes such as a Guardians force jump, but powers that you can only choose if your a particular class. For example maybe only Consulars have the option of choosing force lightning. One thing that they DO need to do is overhaul the powers so they are all useful. Beast control and force sight are totally useless, I've had no reason what-so-ever to use either of those powers period. Powers like Destroy/stun droid are likewise totally useless once you've left Telos (I'll admit that part of this is down to lost content, if the droid planet had been included they would have been useful). The problem with the powers as they stand is that half of them are little more than padding, you either don't need them or can pick something that will do more or less the same thing but better-Who picks force scream whe you can have lightning instead?

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