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  1. Assuming your playing on a PC you could try uninstalling the game, then re-installing it. The save games don't get deleted unless you select that option during uninstall, so if you uninstall then reinstall the savegames will still be there, and if the problem is a missing link that might solve the problem. Or you could go take a look and see if there is an autosave from before you enter the academy-the game normally autosaves just before you go in. If there is an earlier save it might be worth loading that up and seeing if that solves the problem.

  2. If they wanted to be REALLY brave they could split the game into three parts, maybe four.


    First part is you studying to become a Jedi, or maybe just proving yourself to the powers that be-ie the new Jedi council.


    Part two is your first real mission-discover what happened to the Exile. This could end with you either finding them, or them getting in touch with you through a third party (Showing the exile could be a problem, since no one will agree what he/she looks like.


    Part three is finding Revan, or following orders/directions from the Exile that again lead you to either meet Revan, or someone who can pass on their orders.


    Part four, you fight the threat Revan was trying to stop...or join it depending on if your are LS or DS.


    Of course this would make a huge game, and I'm betting LA isn't going to have the guts to even consider attempting anything this big....come one LucasArts, prove me wrong...


    *Throws down gauntlet*

  3. So why not get something a little more worthwhile? If you're getting older, you really shouldn't be pretending you have a real lightsaber and running around your house with a fake one.


    And why not? :aiee:


    I should, btw, have said that the more expensive hilt might have a coating of Electrum rather than being made entirely out of it.

  4. (A lot of content was cut from KOTOR 2 as Lucasarts pushed the game out early, including Atton dying, and none of that cut content is considered cannon as a result. Check out the general discussion forum for KOTOR and look at the restoration project if you want more details about what was cut, and what those great people are attempting to restore.)


    I've always assumed that a LS Exile would have gone off to help Revan, while a DS Exile would have gone after Revan as he/she would have been a threat. I'm guessing that KOTOR 3 would either ignore Revan and the exile, just settling for saying that they left known space. Or they will add a "Tell me about recent history" conversation at some point where you can pick if they were LS or DS or just ignore it and go for cannon-both LS, Male Revan, Female Exile. (I'm betting on the conversation).

  5. No, Mira isn't a Bounty Hunter, she is a Scout, like Hanharr.... there is no Jedi Bounty Hunter Class, but what he meant was the Bounty Hunter Class, that is cut... and if you have Kotor Tool, you will find out that the Bounty Hunter class WAS indeed cut content.


    She claimed to be a Bounty Hunter, but that wasn't her class....


    And you are correct...humm...not sure why I though there was a class called bounty hunter, unless I was getting confused with there being a class called Tech specilist *shrugs*


    Btw, I find that an INT of 14 is good enough as a Sentinel. I normally play with;


    STR; 14

    DEX; 14


    Then 14 in one other attribute-CON for guardians, WIS for Consulars and INT for Sentinals. All the rest are at 12, which grants you a bonus to everything.

  6. I'm under the impression that the general definition of light side/darkside is;


    Light side; Using the Force for the benefit of others


    Dark side; Using the force for your own benefit


    (This of course ignores the fact that Jedi always use the force for their own benefit in fights..)


    In the new jedi order books Luke Skywalker eventally comes to realise that the major problem with this definition is that you can use it to excuse any action you take-ie,"for the greater good". Jedi are therefore taught about the light and darksides as absolutes not because they may be true, but because otherwise they might start excusing their actions as being good when they are not-ie "we killed this person because we had reason to think they would kill someone".

  7. in addition to making the mechanics more "realistic" and introducing more opportunity costs, I think it would be great to have an "archrival" who is constantly trying to waylay you.


    now, here is the thing:  KOTOR had the 3 Sith adepts (2 different groups, I think) plus an encounter with Malak's apprentice plus Calo Nord chasing you.


    but I'm talking about something different.....maybe you have a rival from way back in the PC's backstory....a rival Youngling who never did get a chance to finish his formal training (and, rightly or wrongly, blames you for that) and is not working for Jedi or Sith but is kinda freelancing it....and he doesn't always come at you with a full-on assault....he plays pranks...damages your ship when you are in port...maybe attacks a Republic ship while using your transponder codes, etc.  He is trying to wreck your life in any way imaginable....towards the end of the game, he may end up working for whatever faction is on the other side, not because he is a true believer--just so he can get at you easier.


    basically, a Calo Nord subplot on steroids.


    I rather like that idea, the back stories for the Revan and the Exile were all based in the Mandolorian war and, with the exception of Malak, you never really got the impression that any of what was going on was really personal. Imagine if you are trying to convince someone that your on their side, but this individual decides to hand them information that says otherwise. It would be a great way to mess around with plots to keep you on your toes, would be even better if this persons interferance was random everytime you play. Imagine playing the game and finishing a nice small quest without trouble the first time, then sitting back the second time thinking you know what to do. Then you discover that this guy/girl has turned up and now its not as simple. Maybe you have to switch to another group to compleate a quest, which would lead to problems if a LS player has to team up with an evil fraction, or a DS has to team up with a good fraction...


    From the 'standard' Starwars point you could end up facing this person late in the game, having the option of killing them or not. You could also throw other problems into the mix. What if you needed something that they have-be it information or a weapon? Maybe their the only one who has a pass-code to a door you need to get though in an area? Would they be willing to help you or would they just be pretending to help you? Again, if this varied every time you played you could never be sure...

  8. Now, by saying with or without Revan, you probably assume that no Jedi would have helped the Republic, but I beg to differ, as I believe that Malak would have led the charge without Revan, as he was just as keen as Revan was to fight the Mandalorians, if Revan didn
  9. I can't see having limbs lopped off being practical in an RPG game, if only because you'd need to use a wheelchair to move around in if you lost a leg during a fight and were not next to a hospital. Having it work as part of the plot could work-two chars have lost a hand or arm in KOTOR 2 after all and two more are technically blind-not as a result of normal fights, but because they were plot points to a greater or lesser degree. Which is to say they are things that you can talk about or affect gameplay to some extent.


    Since the Starwars films, games etc are aimed at kids for the most part, LA would want to keep the ratings down. Dismemberment in fights might be realistic, but it would also raise the rating of the games.

  10. Many jedi use force push in melee combat to get their opponent away from them.

    I guess if they're not too close to you then you could force push your opponent away from you, but what if they get too close to you? Then what? I'd say goodbye to your arms and legs, if your opponent is a lightsaber wielding focker.


    Watch Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan uses force push against Grevious when the two of them are fighting with sabers, later both Obi-Wan and Vader try to do the same trick on each other when they are within touching distance...Which leads me to ask quite how close you mean by too close?


    I do agree that the current combat system is unrealistic, but then so is being able to take a direct hit from a blaster while wearing underware without dying or being seriously hurt.

  11. *Warning* Be advised that the free trial has to down load a shed load of files, something like 4.5Gb of data, before you can start playing. Now I'm on broadband, not the fastest broadband in the world to be honest but still broadband, and it would have taken me 12 hours to download all the files....frankly its just not worth it.

  12. To answer the question clearly Lightsabres are NOT considered Melee weapons like vibroswords are. You can use flurry, power attack and critical strike feats with a lightsabre, but adding to the melee weapon skill, or picking melee finesse will have no effect on how well you use a lightsabre. There are two seperate feats-lightsabre finesse and lightsabre skill that take there place with sabres only.


    Hope that answers the question.

  13. The problem with Malachor is that if you don't think to kill all the storm beasts before you switch to the remote (And you have nothing to say that you should kill everything), it is far to hard to keep the damn thing alive. A level one droid without and upgrades against creatures intended to fight a level 20+ char?

  14. I dont know where the hell Revan even got his great tactical intelligence from anyways, why didnt any of the other Jedi have such things? You didnt hear about Malak cleansing the galaxy of Mandalorians. I dont see what makes him so special that out of no where a mere jedi becomes a grand military tactitian to take on war hardened warriors.


    First your assuming that Revans tactical skills came from the force, there is no indication that this is the case. The force might help in some cases, but intelligence and a natural instict are more important. Sidiuous didn't destroy the Jedi order because he was more powerful than the Jedi-Mace Windu proved to be far better in a fight in that he would have killed him had Anikin not intervened. Sidious destroyed the Jedi order because he out thought them, which is what Revan did to the Mandolorians.


    Second you answered your own question. Revan was a great tactition because he managed to take on war hardened warriors with a force that was demorillised and hadn't won any battles.


    Oh, and since one of Revans teachers called him/her 'power' I wouldn't call Revan a 'mere Jedi' ;)

  15. Consider this, the offical line is that the Republic lost ten of its soldiers for every Mandolorian killed. Since its highly unlikely that the Republic had ten times the number of forces as the Mandolorians-and no military force could sustain losses like that for any length of time and remain a fighting force-that means that most of those losses must have been taken before Revan took command. Getting a force that had taken losses that high and not only being able to stop it from falling apart, but turn it into something that faught back and won fights is remarkable. My guess would be that losses against the Mandolorians dropped sharply once Revan was in charge, even though the Republic was on the offensive. This would imply that Revan was able to concentrate his forces where the Madolorians were thinnest while at the same time guarding against attacks elsewhere. Such a skill would be remarkable, and probably the basis of Revans reputation.


    It's also worth remembering that when Revan attacked the Republic he managed to take worlds without destroying the infostructure in the process. That implies great skill in knowing the exact amount of force needed to remove the defenders-or at least get them away from what you want to keep.

  16. But didn't Revan depart known space a few months after KotOR? If so, during that time, DS Revan could very well have trained Bastila in the Sith arts before he/she left known space, so Bastila could very well have gotten more than a week or so of training.


    I always thought that when DS Revan left, Bastila took over as the leader of the Sith academy and actually trained some Sith students her self, but when things went pair shaped on Korriban, Bastila not only got tired of waiting for Revan to return, but also left for her own safety, since the Sith on Korriban were killing each other.


    Lenght of Time and Proving oneself thru conflict are a major part of Being a Sith.




    If you picked Revan to be male darkside in KOTOR 2 you can see a message from Bastila in a Sith Holocrom inside the old Sith academy. That message clearly says that Bastila did take over the academy for a while.


    2) That doesn't change the fact, that Revan disobeyed the Jedi Council, which led to the Exile following him. So why is it okay for Revan but not for the Exile?



    The Exile was the only Jedi who went with Revan and who returned to the council to stand judgement/trial. It wasn't ok for Revan to disobey the council, but since he/she never went back to face them its a moot point.


    BTW, as far as I'm aware LA have never said they were not going to do KOTOR 3 at some point, they just never said when. If you read what they have said on the matter what they seem to be saying is that they will be making the third game, but not yet. They have said they will only make two Games a year, which since one of them is for the Wii makes it unlikely KOTOR 3 will be out in 2007. My best guess is that after the hammering they got for releasing KOTOR 2 before it was fully compleated, they will only give a release date once the game is almost finished. That way if they run into any problems during development there will be no pressure to release the game on time by cutting content.

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