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  1. My original question stems from the fact if you've played Kotor 2 as a Jedi Weapon Master you may have noticed as you level up that you get automatic upgrades such as "Increased Melee Damage".


    Now if that is strictly for a melee type weapon (non-lightsaber) I don't see the need as by this time one should have acquired at least one lightsaber (except maybe if you go into the Mandalorian Battle Circle). Other than that it's a waste if that is only what it's for.


    The feat in question adds a bonus to melee and unarmed attacks, that does not include lightsabres-I just checked. It isn't quite as daft as it sounds since some people like to use a vibrosword in the off hand as energy shields rarely stop blows from swords.

  2. No more Tatooine.


    I have to agree, Tatooine is meant to be some backwater(less) planet, not the galaxys version of grand central station. Yet every time they do a Starwars game up it pops as a vital location you have to go to. It worked in KOTOR, it wouldn't work in KOTOR 3. There are plenty of other planets from the EU they can pick without having to revisit the same old planets.

  3. It would probably be copyright infringement to band together here and share the cost of the smallest batch available, mores the pity.


    I think Gorgon is correct, GL & LA do tend to be very protective of their trademark, and I have a feeling they would abject to anyone making money off something included in one of their games. Even if the Starwars logo wasn't included on the cards, or even mentioned, they would probably make a load noise and start talking to lawyers about taking any company that tried to make Pazaak cards to court, and/or the person(s) who asked them to.


    While making a deck or two for your own use, or that of friends, isn't going to bother them. Having a couple of hundred or a few thousand decks made would. The safest thing to do is to get in touch with LA and talk to them, make sure that they would not sue you if you had a couple of decks made. (Called covering your backside). If they are ok with the idea great, if their not you'd have to somehow convince them it would be worth while granting a licence to someone. A petition here with enough people saying that they would buy the decks might convince them that they could make some money out of this. Since they already produce Top-Trump games for Starwars producing Pazaak decks should be easy for them, at least thats the theory.


    They could do a good job of this if so inclined, selling the side decks seporate to the main decks would be fun if you had no idea what cards were in the sidedecks until after you opened them.

  4. Taris feels like a fully realised world of its own. Peragus just feels like a series of long walks broken by the odd fight with a droid. At least on Taris you could stop and see the sights, as it where. Peragus you just got to see metal walls with the odd rock tunnel. All in all I prefer Taris, it is much more interesting.

  5. But that is exactly what it seems - and Bao-Dur just got lost after the war, there is nothing that would lead to think that he met any Jedi Master, much less talk about the war and what he had done - not even by the end of the JCW the Jedi had any clue of what exactly happend on Malachor, nor would they have any means of being aware of the existence of Trayus Accademy. Listen to Dorak, Vrook, Bastila and all the others, you'll see that all they know is that Revan was somehow corrupted by whatever force he met in the outer rims, when Revan did not return they thought some great disaster had befallen the remnant of the fleet and killed them all, until months later he came back with a massive invasion fleet, I'm not making this up, I can quote Dorak if I haven't already.


    There is no way that the Rupublic is not going to debrief its soliders after a battle. We're talking about a military force here, debriefings are standard practice after any kind of battle, even after an eventless patrol. We are talking about a battle that everyone would A; know was historic-the last battle of the war and B; involved the elimination of most of the Republic forces that took part. The Republic would not only want to know what happened, but would be in a position to ask. A soldier might get away with a vague discription of what happened-depending on what part they were playing in the fight (The chief medical officer is not going to be expected to recount events on the bridge). But an outright refusal to attend a debriefing is grounds for a court martial. It is not difficult for me to believe that Bao-Dur would have been very unwilling to tell the Republic exactly what he did, and its even feasible that he 'forgot' how to create the weapon he used. But the idea of him just walking off into the sunset without being forced to give some type of discription is ludicrous.


    Since the Republic would have debriefed the soldiers that survived the battle, it is reasonable to assume that they would have shared that information with the Jedi council, after all the council would want to know why so many Jedi died in a single battle. It may be that very few of the survivers would have been in a position to know exactly what happened, and those who did might have been less that fully forthcoming as to what went on, but the council would have known about the battle at least.


    As to knowing about the Academy, well whats to say that they didn't know? They might have been aware that the planet used to be part of the Sith Empire, they might even have been aware there used to be and academy there. But given the amount of damage done to the fleets that where near Malachor when the MSG was turned on they could easilly be forgiven for assuming the academy had been destroyed.

  6. I wonder if it would be possible for KOTOR 3 to use the save games from K1 &2 to not only give Revan and the Exile a face (if they turn up in the game), but also as a way to deal with the path Revan and the Exile took? Yes, I know that this would require you to have both games for this to work, and they would have to work out another way to fill in the blanks. But it would be something of a nice bonus for those of us who still have K1&2, and it could be a way to get new players to get the first two games...something LA's accountants would be in favour of I'm sure.

  7. (The following is taken from Wookiepedia's entry on Malacor IV);


    After the battle, Revan and Malak journeyed to the Trayus Academy on Malachor V, where they learned of the Star Maps that would eventually lead them to the Star Forge, beginning their final descent into darkness.


    To me this would seem to imply that Revan hadn't set foot on Malacore until after the war. It is also stated that everyone on the planet died when the mass shadow generator was activated, so Revan can't have been on the planet at the time.


    Some time later, during the Jedi Civil War, Revan's old Master Kreia traveled to Malachor V in search of what had corrupted her apprentice. Like Revan, she was corrupted by the dark side energy resonating throughout the planet. In secret, Kreia took the moniker of Darth Traya and began training new students of the dark side in the Trayus Academy.


    While open to debate this would seem to indicate that Kreia was exiled after the Mandalorian war, in which case she couldn't be Kae-who seems to have been exiled before the war. Note that it says that she was corrupted by Malacor, which would imply that she was a Jedi when she went there. If she had been an Exile at this time she would have had no real reason to take a new name in secret, she could have just hidden herself away.


    It is also interesting in that the Handmaiden says that her mother died during the Mandalorian war, not during the Jedi Civil war. While the Handmaiden could have been lied to I can't understand why anyone wouldn't tell her that her mother was still alive after the war......all in all I can't help but feel that this does not help the Kreia is Kae side of the argument.


    (There is another question to ask about the Handmaiden, one that only occured to me after writing the above;


    If the children of Jedi are typically strong in the force themselves then why did no one take the Handmaiden to the Jedi academy for training? Could they have belived she was too old at that point? Or is this a large hole in the plot no one realised was there?)


    Kreia's knowledge about Malacor is more likely to have come from her time teaching at the academy than from having been anywhere near the system when the MSG was activated. The masters could have discovered what happened quite easily, first such a large number of people (Including Jedi) dying all at the same moment and in the same place would create a large ripple in the force that any Jedi master worth the name would find hard to miss (Think Obi-Wan's reaction to Alderans destruction in starwars IV). The second way that they would have known is simply by asking. Although no Jedi (The Exile aside) survived the battle others did, Bao-Dur was at Malacor IV and survived so I assume others did as well. It would be very strange if no one asked any of the survivers exactly what happened during the battle.

  8. Yes, I agree. I don't think this is going to settle anything since we could both make a case for and against from what is in the game(s). Lets just agree to disagree on this, and sorry for the long posts lol.


    *Edit* Yes, I quite agree that there are a lot of things that could hint that Kriea and Kae are one and the same. Unfortunatly none of these hints became anything else, I'm assuming it was cut content in the game. The problem as it stands is that there is nothing to stop LA from saying that it has a different meaning, which is why I'm unwilling to say they are the same person. As we've just proved its a matter where everyone could disagree, and its not likely to be sorted out until, or unless LA offically states what is canon. (LA states that Revan was LS male in canon, while the developers were clear, at least afterwards, that they intended canon Revan to be female so things can change between what the writers intended and what LA decides.....I'm sure this is only done to annoy as many people as possible lol).


    I'll finish here with just two things, first of all thanks for reminding me of what Kriea said about the Handmaiden's mother. I've played the game god knows how many times and still managed to forget that line.


    Second, sorry if I souned like I was insulting you at any point, that wasn't my intention-I don't deliberatly insult people on chatrooms/message boards period, which doesn't unfortunatly mean I don't accidently manage to do so from time to time. If I did say anything that you took as an insult then I am very sorry for having done so.

  9. I meant that she had to be there and watch Revan's actions to make those kind of judgments, not that she had to be there to know the Exile was as well, she brings the Exile's attention at things you have to be there to see, as I bring to your attention that those who weren't there never knew anything about what happend on Malachor, the only Jedi witnesses either died or were turned to the dark side, like Master Vrook says.


    Revan was never on Malacor IV, at least not until after the war finished. The final battle of the war was commanded by the Exile, Revan was fighting Mandolore at this time and didn't arrive until afterwards.


    I take it you ain't buying that Kreia couldn't be talking about Malachor as it is now. Why?


    No, I am assuming that she is talking about Malachor as it is now. Maybe I should have been clearer and said that Kreia didn't have to have been at Malachor during the final battle, she could have discovered everything she knows/says from visiting afterwards and talking to those who survived-Sion would be just one person who could have recounted what happened.


    The lines above help explain quite a bit, among them may be why the Exile and the others don't seem to remember Kreia and Kae and everithing that should be common knowledge about them both and whatever would potentially be a threat to her purpose or simply cause trouble. The Exile finds strange that she doesn't remember Kae joining the war, she even ask Kreia if she's sure. You can see the Disciple getting mind tricked to forget dangerous knowledge about the one he claims to be Revan's first and final master. Kae was exiled when her daughter was almost a teenager, the Jedi wouldn't have found out about her if she hadn't spent a single moment with her child in ten years, yet the Handmaiden doesn't remember that.


    First, Kriea does say that is is important that the Exile see her for what she is. That would be hard if she was blanking his/her mind.


    Second, If Kriea was exiled (And I'm assuming she was) that in itself might explain why Disciple knew who she was-he was after all collecting as much information about the Jedi as he could find. While such information wouldn't have been common knowlege it was in the Jedi databases, and he could have read something about it. He does pass a few comments about exile being a rare sentance, which does imply that he's read a fair amount on the subject. As you also noted he was a prospective student, so he might have heard about Kriea and her exile before he left.


    Third, you are still working from false logic. While Kriea might have been master Kae and the Handmaidens mother, that is never stated at any point. While I am willing to consider it a possibility, you are stating for fact what is only an assumption made from things said in the game that are not conclusive one way or another. You could argue the point, but what is said could also be used for both views.


    Last, where did it say how old the Handmaiden was when her mother left? I don't recall the Handmaiden saying anything more than she never knew her mother, I'd like to know if I missed something.


    When Kreia and the Exile are met by Dillon on Dantooine, the woman is told a former settler has returned for the first time since the Mandalorian Wars, Kreia says many Jedi lived there from time to time, furthermore she recognizes the Enclave so I think it is safe to assume both the Exile and Kreia were on Dantooine for a time and since the Enclave has only so much room I have trouble believing they would never see each other, a Jedi Master with unorthodox and rather debated teaching methods and an even bigger subject of discussion such as the Exile, you may remeber how Vrook and Vandar used to argue about her, Kavar also says her talents always were prone to have consequences into others.


    *Nods* Kreia's reaction to the enclave does mean she used to be there. That doesn't mean that she had to be there at the same time as the Exile, she says that 'Its been a long time' (Which could mean anything from 7 years upwards). It was also mentioned in KOTOR that Dantooine wasn't the only place jedi were trained, Courisant was another place (I'm taking this from the game KOTOR, not the films). Its just as likely that Kriea spent some time teaching on Courisant as on dantooine. Remember that Vrook was not just one of the masters teaching on Dantooine, he was also a member of the Jedi council on Corisant. He could well have been talking about Krieas training on either world.


    As for Kae, everyone would have heard of an exiled Jedi Master with child as I said, exile is a rare sentence and her involvement in a relationship with probably the most famous of Echani generals, which was known to the Exile as one of the greatest heros of the Mandalorian Wars, also wouldn't have helped keeping it quiet. Not to mention she was Master to the leader of the Jedi faction marching to war, later to become Darth Revan.


    Master Kae was presented as one of the masters who trained Revan; "...And with master Kae before Kae left for the war.....it is said that he/she returned at the end of his/her training to seek out his/hers first master..." (Meaning Revan). To me this does not imply that Kae was Revans first master, just one of them. And if I recall correctly this is not just said by Kriea but also by Disciple who would have had no reason to lie.


    The Disciple also knew Kreia and Master Kae, and he was a prospective student on Dantooine. There are also many words that were exchanged with Kreia that clearly hint at her bearing a forbidden name - a name that couldn't possibly be her Sith alias because he wouldn't have any means to know that name, not that asking "why have you done this" to a Sith would have made sense anyway - and he speaks of her as if he knew her before she got herself the markings of the dark side.


    Discple never said he knew Master Kae, he just mentions her name in connection to training Revan. Again, your taking what is a theory and presenting it as fact, which it isn't. All the comments about Krieas hidden name could just as easily mean she was Revans mother.

  10. There are a number of hints (?) dropped during KOTOR 2 that could give the developers a way to explain what the Exile and Revan have been doing.


    The first is that the Sith had many hidden bases, and that the Republic was unlikely to have found al of them. The second is that Revan was corrupting the Jedi he captured by taking them somewhere. While it could be assumed that the place in question was Malacor IV, it is also possible that Revan was taking them to a place where he could show them the true threat that faced the Republic.


    Both of these could be used to say that not all of the forces Revan had at his disposal were being used against the Republic. Some could have been used to set up training camps outside known space, creating a second force who's ultimate job was to fight the threat Revan had seen;


    The Exile; Well, the Exile was one of the best generals Revan had under his command. It wouldn't be beyond reason for Revan to have charged the Exile with the task of building this second army up and getting it ready to fight the threat. If this is the case the Exile would probably be keeping an eye on the Republic, feeding information back to Revan as to the Rebublics ability to defend itself if attacked. If Revan needed help, or another powerful force user turned up (The Player) then the Exile would be the first important person the player would meet if they are looking for Revan.


    Revan; As has been said, the idea of Revan facing this threat on his/her own is stretching things. What wouldn't be much of a stretch is to imagine that Reven took a small force with him/her to buy time for the Exile and Rebublic to build up their forces. If Revan is encountered then any missions he/she gives the player could be hit and run disruption tactics against important targets while Revan pulls back and gets ready for the big battle.

  11. That only proves that she knew Revan, the conversation is in regard to why Revan did those things and why she was blamed for Revan's actions.
    But what's important about it is that she says "you were there at Malachor", like she was. I mean she makes observations on something you have to be there to see.


    Three points;


    1; Kriea's line "You were at Malacor" does not in itself imply that Kreia was there at the same time as the Exile, just that she knows what happened there. As the fact that the Exile was at Malacor doesn't seem to be a great secret, (Atton mentions it-in fact he gives a nice list of some of the places the Exile was during the Madolorian war), it doesn't seem that Kriea needed to be there at all during the war.


    2; KOTOR takes place some 2-3 years after the Madolorian war, and KOTOR 2 takes place some 5 years after that. That would be plenty of time for Kriea to have gone to Malacor after the war.


    3; There is no indication that the Exile and Kriea ever met before KOTOR 2. It would have been very strange if they hadn't met given that most of the Jedi who took part in the war tended to be younger Jedi knights. The presence of a Jedi master (Which if Kriea trained as many Jedi as she seemed to have done, to say nothing of being a historian in the jedi order, she must have been) should have been known to the commander of the Republics forces-that is the Exile-it would be strange if he/she had not at least heard of her if she was under his command at Malocor. Yes, Kriea does admit that she can use the force to make people forget shes there, or to hide her identity, but she says quite clearly that shes not using that power on the Exile-"It is important that you see me as I am" she tells the exile (Or a line like that, I can't recall the exact wording). Either Kriea was lying or the two of them never met before.


    While it could be argued that Kriea might have been known by another name at the time it is unlikely that her name was Kae since the Exile has to be told who Master Kae was. Its worth pointing out that since the Handmaiden has the face of her mother had the Exile ever met Kae he/she should have passed comment on this. Instead the option is "If your any indication she must have been beutiful.." (Again, can't remember the exact wording). This implies that the Exile never saw Master Kae.

  12. Check the trouble shooting guide that came with the game, its located in Lucasarts>Knights of the old republic the sith lords>documents. There is a list of graphic cards/chipsets that support the game, from what I've read an Intel 900 *should* work but the older Intel chipsets won't.


    Assuming you have windows try going into control panel>system>hardware>device manager>display adapters. That will show what graphics card you have-if your PC knows. It it doesn't you probably have a generic card or you don't have the right drivers.

  13. What is all this "canon" stuff people talk about?  This some kind of crazy star wars lingo?


    Answer; a body of works that are considered to be "genuine" or "official" within a certain fictional universe. eg; In KOTOR you can play Revan as either male or female, lightside or darkside. The canon version of Revan was male lightside, so all referances to Revan in other starwars products would call Revan a he and use the lightside ending of the game as to what happened to the starforge.

  14. I wouldn't mind seeing a few of the planets from the clone wars animated series. Or maybe Hoth not sure if I spelled that right, the ice planet that exar's spirt rest on.


    Exar Kuns spirit is on Yavin IV, not Hoth which was the location of the rebel base in Empire strikes back. Would be interesting if Hoth was a planet you visited and thanks you your actions in someway gets turned into the ice ball we see 4000 years later....

  15. I think we should see some of the planets where species comes from, we've seen Dxun, I think Thyferra, where the Twi'leks come from I think Alderaan would look good, and Ziost being the planet of the true Sith and of course, having the true Sith as probabally the main theme in K3.


    Thyferra is where Bacta is produced by the time of the films, since its not around during the time of Revan I assume the planet wasn't discovered at the time of the KOTOR games. The Twi'lek homeworld is called Rhyloth, and I'd love to see that as the Twi'leks are meant to live in a vast underground city due to conditions on the surface.


    What about Corellia? There are meant to be something like five different planets in the system and humans aren't the only native species there. Ithor might be a good planet as well, so far all we've done is help (Or hurt if your DS) the Ithorians, would be interesting to see there homeworld given that they are meant to be good gardeners.

  16. I wouldn't put money on a makeout scene in KOTOR 3, Starwars isn't exactly known for doing them period and LA likes to keep the ratings for the games/films as low as they can. And before anyone says that a makeout scene isn't going to raise the ratings do remember that different countries have differing ideas as to how they rate things and chances are they'll aim for the lowest rating in the hardest country, rather than have to mess around with different 'cut' versions of the same game. I know they cut a decapitation scene out of the game bloodlines for the Europen versions simply because it wouldn't have got past one countrys censors (I think it was the German censors, but I stand ready to be corrected) for example.

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