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  1. One thing that has occurred to me is that the Channel Tunnel could have been built to allow the Vampiric population of Europe free, easy and (above all) sunless entry into Britain. I say this on the basis that the system as it was built contains far more than just the tunnels the trains pass through. In fact the large digging machines used are still down there - after the tunnel was finished they were basically sent off to dig tunnels where they remain.


    In a vampiric world maybe the digging machines were not turned off...or not all were used to build the tunnel the trains use....


    Certainly this would be another factor in allowing a lower vampire population in London, since if the Vampires had their own tunnel then they could easily keep up to date with events in London and make night-trips there if needed with little trouble from elsewhere in Europe.

    While the British Rail network is currently a total mess, the networks in the rest of Europe would allow a vampire to travel by rail just about anywhere with a day or two for nothing - and wouldn't require any duplicity with or hiding from civilian or military radar/aviation authorities. More importantly for a Vampire they could probably travel in style - you didn't really think trains in Europe carried that much cargo did you?

    Maybe the British rail network is in its current state by design - a way to make it harder for vampires to get into the country and vanish without being detected on the boarder.


    It could also be significant in this context that there have been countless attempts to build a tunnel between France and England over the centuries. In the real world none of these was successful...but in this world who's to say if they were or were not....

  2. Note that if you have Finesse Melee weapons, but not finesse Lightsabres and are duel wielding with a vibroblade and lightsabre it is possible for the to-hit number for the Vibroblade to be higher or equal to that of the sabre, even if it is held in the off hand.

    This is particularly true for characters with higher DEX than STR. It is also more common towards the start of the game, when you have few or no upgrades to put in Sabres - and often those upgrades that add to the to-hit number tend to end up in the main characters sabre before anyone else's.

  3. Which threads?? i must have missed them

    I checked out this: http://forums.obsidian.net/index.php?showt...mp;#entry760302

    but nothing helped



    + even if there's a new graphic's update available, i doubt it'll run an old game like kotor 2



    Oh and i tried something but it isn't a cure. I can apparently run the game but without enabling the sound so thats no sollution. Ok you can probably use subtitles but would you watch a movie without subs?? ^^





  4. The steps you've taken to get KOTOR2 working on your PC don't always work. There are two threads on this part of the board detailing all the various ways to get the game to work - I'd run down that list.


    I usually ignore the KOTOR system check, since ever since I played K1 it has told me that the game wouldn't run - this on two different computers. Still, it might be a good idea to double check your graphics drivers anyway.

  5. If you want to try searching for the files they have 6 numbers followed by a - then the name of the game.


    Quicksaves should be in a folder named 000000 - QUICKSAVE. Autosave is in a folder named 000001 - AUTOSAVE. Manual saves should be in a file that is listed in relation to the order of the game played. The first character you saved should, for example, be in a file listed as 000002 - Game1


    Before doing this check that you are looking at all file types, the default may not show you the save games.

  6. Well, it helps being British...And it really helps that Manchester is my home town :thumbsup:


    As an aside, Liverpool has the Williamson Tunnels, the history of which can be found here; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Williamson_Tunnels This could fit nicely with a Supernatural game, if you work on the assumption that the tunnels were built for a specific purpose....


    The oldest name I can find for the British Isles is Albion, But they were also known as Cassiterides (Tin Islands) which comes from the Greek for tin - which was traded. The Romans themselves called the Islands Britannia.


    If you are looking for geo/political division of the Island it would probably be better to look at the sub-Roman or Anglo-Saxon periods than the Roman period. This would give more options as to names of groups.

  7. Further north you have the large cities of Manchester and Liverpool, but they are not as venerable as Newcastle and York. york in particular had a viking settlement.


    Manchester was a Roman settlement, the remains of the fort built there can be found in Castlefield in Manchester. Manchester also has some very nasty areas and high-rises - in the 1990's the Moss side area of the city was home to a lot of gangs and gang-warfair with the drugs that go along with that. Things have improved, but there are more than a few areas of the city you would not want to visit at night.


    Liverpool I know less well, but it has been a major port for several centuries. So in this setting it would be logical to say that a lot of Vampires would have ended up there if they had moved to England via ship.


    Werewolves would probably find a good home in the Yorkshire Dales and Pennine Hills (Which end more or less around Manchester). The area is remote - or as remote as you can get in England - and, as an added bonus for RP, have real life reports of big cats in the area. (None have been confirmed, but there are blurry images and testimony by people who've seen such things). This is the sort of thing that could be dropped in as 'real' world reports in a fictional setting.


    Wales and Scotland could have their own 'lords', as originally they were separate countries. Imagine a Welsh Vampire who originally fought the English still being around - there is a famous Welsh 'king' or one of his sons who might fit the bill nicely. Likewise imagine a Scottish Vampire who was against the act of union that joined the English and Scottish crowns...And who knows who, or what, is really living in some of the remote Hebrides islands....


    For Vampires who want to live somewhere that has more of the feel of an older city Chester would fit the bill nicely. Oxford or Cambridge would be ideal for the more educated in England, while Edinburgh could fit the same role in Scotland.

  8. Have you tried turning the anti-aliasing features off, along with the setting below/above that (can't recall the name of the feature, sorry). I've had some graphics problems with these activated. You might also consider changing to a lower resolution (and mhz setting for display) if you haven't done so. The recommended settings the game picks can be too high for practical playing - the 'default' settings it tends to give me can lock up the game for a short time if I get into a fight with more than two opponents.


    You might also look into playing the game using only one core - K2 wasn't designed to run on duel core systems.


    One last thing to try is to turn off all back ground programs, such as anti-virus programs, firewalls and any net connections before starting the game. These take up memory that can effect performance, and can also lead to glitches when playing.

  9. *Appears from no where...*


    You could always base some of the fractions in other UK cities, with London acting as the 'capital' where the council meets and holds court. This would allow a lower fixed population within London itself, while allowing for larger numbers to turn up if required. (This would probably also fit slightly better with a feudal style ruling body).

    It would also give the option of moving to other cities for plots - say a 'diplomatic' mission to a city controlled by a fraction that doesn't like the players that much.



    As an aside, instead of Emperor have you considered calling the 'boss' by another title? Princeps (First Citizen) or Auctoritas principis (Supreme moral authority) were both titles held by Roman Emperors.

  10. Hi,

    I'm trying to install a German version of KotOR II on my English XP, and I keep getting a data error called "cyclic redundancy check" on disk two, file data3.cab


    An educated guess is that the German version of the game requires a file that is not contained in the English version of XP - probably some sort of copy protection to prevent people from buying the game in Germany and selling it on in Britain. Get an English version of the game, that should work. (Current cost of K2 in Britain is around

  11. Don't forget that the TSL will add new missions, and therefore new aspects to plots, that were missing first time around. Sure, the basic plot will still be the same but these changes will add extra dimension to elements of that which have not been seen before, and tie up most (if not all) of the questions that were left hanging in the shipped game.


    Even if you can recall everything that happened in the game as it was, it seems clear that the changes are large enough to make a replay with the mod a mostly 'new' experience regardless of how often or how recently you played the game.

  12. How does it freeze? Does it sort of stop mid-running and jump across the room?


    I think the glitch in question is one I sometimes get on Dantooine. There the character sometimes locks in place, as if frozen in mid run. While you can rotate on the spot you can't otherwise move. (I assume this simply because I'm also using a GForce card as well).


    Normally just waiting for a minute results in this problem clearing up for me, or as others have said switching to another character. Sometimes clicking on an object can bring the game out of this as well.

    If this is the same general glitch then trying the GForce fix for graphical problems listed in the stickied FAQ thread may work here, it sorted out a similar glitch in K1 for me on Dantooine. Just be warned that the fix may result in some graphical errors in the game.


    You could also try autosaving when you get stuck, then re-loading and seeing if that works.

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