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  1. You know you've been playing KOTOR for to long when;


    ...You start quoting the Jedi code while trying to hold your temper.


    ...You start quoting the Sith code when you lose your temper


    ...You think walking around town wearing a bathrobe is perfectly natural


    ...You see no problem in holding a conversation with someone while holding a weapon


    ...You go up to complete strangers in the street and expect them to give you a task to do


    ...You refer to all forms of money as Credits


    ...You try and force choke/stun/fear/push someone


    ...You start comparing places in the real world to those in KOTOR-"Hey, this place is just like Dantooine..."


    ...You try and open your front door with a sword, instead of using your house key


    ...When meeting someone tall and hairy you instantly assume they are a Wookiee.


    ...When you see a wrinkled old man/lady you assume they are a Weequay


    ...When you deside to walk somewhere you press your fingers down, then act surpised when you don't move


    ...You try and run everywhere


    ...The play disk has the thickness of tin foil


    ...Natural light is intensely painful to you


    ...Your Skin is the colour of correcting fluid


    ...You find dust on your shoulders and head


    ...Your legs are fused to the chair


    ...The friend who'd wedding you went to the day before you started playing KOTOR, now has three teenage children


    ...(Guys only) When you get up from your chair you trip over your beard

  2. (It was the Jedi teachings, rather than the code itself, that some of the Jedi masters called into question)


    The Jedi code is about selfishness. Emotions are, by and large, something that are triggered by individual-ie selfish-notions. The code is mean to imply that a Jedi should not be concentrating on their emotions, as they look inward, but considering events and situations from a impartial prospective. As Obi-Wan says 'Truth depends greatly on your point of view', and as was often said in another sci-fi series 'Truth is a three edged sword, your side, my side and the truth in between'.


    Anakin became Vader simply because he was determined to save Padmes life, and this desire was his own and his own emotions. Because Anakin placed his own desire to save Padme so highly it prevented him from seeing Palpatine for what he truely was, and lead to him viewing everything in black and white-if he thought something was wrong/evil then it was. Had Anakin been able to follow the code, and see things from an impartial position he would have seen that killing Palpatine was overall in the best interests of everyone, even if it meant that Padme would die.


    The Sith code is about looking inward, in effect about concentrating on what you want. The limits are that by doing this you fail to see the real truth of a situation, but can only see your own 'truth'. Another problem is that if you gratify yourself once, it takes more to gratify yourself next time around-a comparason to drugs would be apt, in that you will need greater and greater amounts to fully gratify yourself over time. The last problem is that passion is a short lived 'instant' emotion, and by allowing your passions to dictate your actions you fail to consider long term problems your actions might have. Palpatine followed his passion when he tried to kill Luke on the second Death Star, without considering that Vader might well move to protect his own son, as well as allowing his passion to destroy the Rebel Fleet to override any consideration that they might well be able to destroy the Deathstar. Short term passion, and a constant need for self gratification can (and in the sith seems to) lead to overconfidence and arregance, which sooner or later will land you in situations you can't handle and could have avoided.


    If the Codes have flaws it is that they were/are taken to litrally. A Jedi who totally ignores their own emotions may only act when someone asks them to. A Sith who follows their own emotions to closely will become incapable of thinking in terms of other people. In K1 the Sith second in command of the academy on Koraban became a Sith to free slaves but, if playing LS, will admit that by concentrating on herself so much she was starting to forget why she wanted the power.

  3. There are two reasonable explinations for Luke not having sensed clones before;


    1; Clones, by the time of A New Hope, were rare in Imperial service. Several EU sources seem to indicate that between Revenge of the Sith and Hope Palpatine stopped relying on Clones for Imperial troops, instead replacing them with indoctranated humans-this would make sense for a lot of reasons which have already been mentioned I think. Cloning has been mentioned as being illegal under Imperial law, origionally it was assumed that this was because the Clone war was faught against clones. But after Sith it is more likely that the ban came around to prevent anyone from creating their own Clone army to threaten the Empire.


    Given the rate clones (apparantly) age, and that they were used in dangerious situations-hence many would have been killed in the 20 years since Sith-and the lack of replacements it would be fairly logical to assume that the real number of clones still serving in Imperial forces at the time of Hope would have been very low. The remaining Clones would, most likely, have been kept for specalist duties, such as the Imperial Guard, and not been encountered by Luke before the Thrawn trilogy.


    2; Although the Clones all shared the same genetic code they would not all think exactly the same way. Different experiences would lead to slightly different personalities over time. Assuming that the youngest clones still in Imperial service had been around for at least 15-20 years, it could be claimed that the differening experiences would lead to slightly different personalities, and hence a Jedi might not instantly be able to tell that two troopers were clones. It should be considered that the clones Thrawn was using were all very new, and probably a lot easier for a Jedi to sense as clones-even so Luke wasn't sure exactly what he was dealing with right from the start, he knew something was strange about them but not exactly what.

  4. From what I've heard GL has already started filming at least one of the SW TV series, but he's having a problem finding a channel who's willing to show it. This may sound strange-after all SW is very well known so you'd assume TV execs would be falling over each other to get it-but it does seem that it is somewhat more 'adult' than prior SW TV stuff, and no one is quite sure where it would fit into the running orders-its to adult for early slots and to kiddie for late night. What could be implied as good news from this is that if GL has already started shooting it does seem that LA is not beholden to any TV channels as regards content, so if he has a long running plot in mind (which no doubt he does) he can create it without anyone else interfering with it. This could be a good thing since it means we'll get to see exactly what GL has in mind, but it could also be a bad thing since (Given some of the questionable parts of SW of late) no one is going to be able or maybe willing to point out the flaws.


    It would seem that the shows should be finished and ready for showing for 2009, but it is currently unknown if they will be shown on TV at that time. It all depends on if LA can find someone willing to screen it, and at the moment that doesn't seem to be the case.


    This is the rumour I've heard anyway-I forget from where-so how much of this is true and to what degree is anyones guess.

  5. You'll get the third piece of your lightsaber when you've done what needs to be done on Nar Shaddaa (or any of the other planets, whichever you complete first).


    If you know where to look, and which quests to do, you can get the other lightsabre parts before you finish Nar Shadaar. However this does seem to depend, at least in part, on if you updated the game;



    The locked room with Voga the hut. If you listen to the two thugs in the dock flophouse (the ones talking about Voga's Kath hounds and how to put them to sleep) and get some juma juice to put the hounds to sleep you can pick the lock to the locked door next to Voga. (You can only overhear the conversation by getting close while stealthed) One of the containers will have a lightsabre part if you don't have a sabre of your own at that point. (You need to be able to get in to see Voga, which involves dancing for him-if your female-or asking someone to dance for him, Handmaiden is best for this if you are male)


    Reuniting the lost couple can result in being given a lightsabre part. (You have to first talk to the husband in the dock flop house, then the wife in the refuge area, then clear the two thugs from the door to the refuge area, then tell the wife she is free to join hubby. Then you go back and talk to the husband in the docks again.


    You can sometimes get lightsabre parts for helping the refuges with the exchange, although I think this was 'fixed' with the update.


    You'll get a lightsabre part if you defeat Visas and don't have a lightsabre at that point.



    So you see, you can get a lightsabre very quickly if you know what you are doing.

  6. It's not unreasonable to have powerful-or at the least very skilled-individuals as the protaganists in SW games. Using the example given for sports its worth considering that the more skilled sportsmen/woman tend to be better known than the rest of the team they play with, and there are always people who will argue that they in fact are not all that good but just get better press. (David Beckham plays for LA Galaxy, but does anyone know the names of the rest of that team?)


    While saying that Revan and the Exile were probably quite skilled/powerful would be fair comment, it shouldn't be forgotten that most of the time they were part of a team. (Sticking to cannon for both characters) Revan would never have left Taris without the help of Bastila and Carth, or escaped the Leviathan, or been able to fight his way through the Starforge.


    The Exile would never have been able to re-learn the force were it not for Kreia, and it was because of Kreia, Atton and T3 that she was able to escape Peragus, Bao-Dur helped them find the Academy on Telos and the Hawk. Without help from the rest of the team the Exile would never have been able to stop the Sith on Duxn from destroying Onderon, and wound in the force or not the Exile needed the help of Visas and Mandolore to destroy Nihius.


    The best force users in SW tend to the more 'realistic' ones, in that while they might be powerful and able to finish off the threat in the end they either don't do so alone, or they can only get to the final fight with help. Consider the original films, although Luke is remembered for destroying the first deathstar it shouldn't be forgot that he had a lot of help-Wedge and Biggs provided flying shields, and of course Han turned up at the last minute-in both cases they bought time for Luke to be the hero. If we skip forward to return of the Jedi it becomes clear that while Luke did free Han from Jabba, he didn't do so alone and in the end the two major bag guys there (Bobo Fett and Jabba) were taken down by Han and Leia not Luke. Its even clearer later on that the only role Luke had in destroying the last Deathstar was helping to convince the Ewoks to help the Rebels, after this point nothing he did had any effect on the rest of the mission. Even Sith Lords can be considered as part of a team, Vader, Palpatine, Exar Kun and the like had armies to fall back on after all.


    The problem with EU force users is that to many of the writers forget this, and write force users that work alone or who manage to overcome all problems without any help what-so-ever, this frequently seems to be the case with the Bad guys rather than the Heros. The better writers seem to understand this. After all in real life a single person can't be said to win a soccer match, even if they score all the goals there are other people on the pitch helping them.

  7. I think that unless they release some sort of beta version, they will constantly be finding bugs, minor ones or major ones, tweaks or little things to restore. In the end of the day, some of these bugs may not affect the gameplay dramatically (like a lightsaber going through someone's head during a narrative).



    Major bugs not only affect gameplay, they stop you playing period-thats why they call them major.

  8. I doubt that; there is no point in any of the games that it is suggested that Revan could also see the future. He should however have anticipated a betrayal by his Sith Lord apprentice, but perhaps he had assumed that Malak was too weak or with Revan in trying to get ready for the fight with the 'true' Sith.


    When Malak tells you in K1 who you really are, he does mention during that conversation that Revan knw that Malak was going to turn against him, but that he misjudged the timeing and Malak struck when Revan didn't expect him to. Malak also says that he was the one that allowed the Jedi to board Revan's ship, but as you said I think this was more about him taking abvantage of the situation and not doing anything to stop them rather than this being a thought out plan.


    The council, during the 1st game, decided to send her with the brainwashed Revan because sending a Jedi Master would (according to them) attract too much attention, as opposed to a "Padawan" (Revan) and a Knight, whom Revan already came to trust (one way or another). Perhaps the Force bonds are more effective when the two are in close proximity of each other, as it becomes more apparent (gameplay-wise) from TSL, the way Kreia and the Exile interact with one another. Furthermore, I think that Bastila's mission could also act as some sort of trial for her to become a Jedi Master and face her ultimate challenges, such as putting her past behind (her mother sidequest) and testing her skills in the field, in the real world, with real people, as opposed to just dueling Sith Lords, whenever they can find them. Don't forget that Bastilla had been involved with the war against Revan and Malak early on, so she herself would probably want to see the whole story ended. I don't think she knew Revan before the war, I was lead to believe that she was younger than him and wouldn't have met him, or been a Jedi when he was fighting in the Mandalorian Wars with Malak.


    Bastila admits that one of the main reasons she was sent off with Revan was because of the bond between them. I think from the conversation with her (which takes place when you find you are Revan) she was chosen in the hopes that A; She would act as a stablising inflence on Revan, hopefully preventing him from turning Dark and Nasty again. B; An early warning system, so that if Revan did start to remember who he was someone could let the council know in time for them to do something. C: So there was an experianced Jedi around who could, if it came down to it, take Revan down before he started to remember everything-the explination as to not sending a Master along would be more logical in this regard, since it would draw attention, but it might also make brainwashed Revan start to question quite what was going on......


    During the game Bastila admits to thinking that this whole thing was a test of her to see if she was ready to be a master. She then goes on to admit that she was being somewhat arrogent, and that this was not a test of her-the Jedi council would not have sent her on such an important mission just to test her. While they might, afterwards, have viewed her actions and depending on her actions dealt with it like they were testing her this was not a primary, or even a secondary reason for sending her along.


    I don't think Bastila's exact age was given in the game, but it is mentioned at least once that the Bastila hadn't finished her training when the mandolarian war started-A Jedi Knight She wasn't at this time, and there is no indication that Revan took or attempted to recruit anyone who wasn't already a Jedi Knight at least. Assuming that the Exiles flashback/vision on Korroban is correct it would seem that Bastila looked around the same age when Revan was looking for Jedi for the war, so I would guess that Bastila was around 18 when the war started, which would place her age at the time of K1 as mid-twenties. Revan was, I think, about ten years older than Bastila. Given Jedi training, and that Bastila was still a Pawadwan at the start of the war it seems unlikely that they would have known each other before they met in K1. There is also a more logical reason to assume they had never met-Bastila had to be told by the council who he was and she was quite shocked when realising that she'd been walking around with Revan and training with him. If she had met him before wouldn't she have known exactly who he was?


    at no point in any of the games are we given any information on Revan's life before he became a Sith Lord, or whether 'Revan' was his name before his 'fall'


    In all the flash backs, and from talking to the Jedi masters on Dantooine in K1 it is very clear that Revan and Malak were always known as Revan and Malak-making them unusual in becoming Sith and yet keeping their own names. The same thing happens in K2 with the vision on Korraban, when Malak's recruitment speech calls Revan Revan. Since this was based on the Exiles memory of being recuited for the war (In fact one of the speach options is 'I remember this, this is when you recruited me for the war') it is further evidence that Revan was always known by that name as both Jedi and Sith.


    All that we know of Revan pre-Sith Lord can be summed up as;


    Hungry for knowledge (Kreia and the Jedi masters)


    Unknown homeworld, often assumed to be somewhere in the unknown regions or outer rim (Kreia)


    Many masters (Kreia and the Jedi masters)


    Known to have freed the slaves on at least one world-specifcally Taris. (Juhani)


    Tactical genius (or at least very good) who was quite able to make hard decissions and sacrifice lives when needed. (More or less everyone, but also alluded to from one of the Exiles flashbacks on Korraban)



    I can't understand why he would still wage a war on the Republic if he himself was strong enough to go fight the true Sith and his intentions was to preserve it. Why didn't he simply take Malak and his converted Dark Jedi and run off with the Star Forge to the Unknown Regions, rather than totally f'up the Republic, when still in a relative secrecy, rather than wage a full scale intergallactic war?


    I Think the implication was that whatever the threat Revan saw it was more than he could fight with what forces he had at his immediate disposal. (Conjecture, since we don't as of yet know exactly what the threat happened to be or is) Its also quite likely that Revan foresaw (more from experience than from the force) that a goverment that had just faught one war wasn't going to be convinced to get ready for another anytime soon.


    As to why he didn't use the starforge, well there are several indications or outright statments that Revan never intended to use the Starforge that much. While none of these statments came directly from Revan they are revealing-or interesting.


    A; Malak managed to get the Starforce working at at least twice the capasity it was working at when Revan was in charge. Since I'm of the opinion that anything Malak could do Revan could do better I can only assume that this means Revan wasn't relying on the SF-or intending to rely on it-to provide everything he would need. There is also the implication that Revan considered the SF as being dangerous somehow. Which is an interetsting decision for a Lord of the Sith to make, considering this means he was refusing power-a very unusual thing for any Sith to do.


    B; Revan was leaving the infrastructure of the Republic intact as much as possible. G0-T0 mentions this, and he could only conclude that where ever Revan was getting his ships from (we of course know it was the Starforge) he either didn't expect to keep it or wasn't relying on it in the long run.

  9. Maybe he foresaw Malak betraying him and Bastila trying to capture him.



    1) Why did he kept the Star Maps intacted? When it would be easier to cover their tracks and destroy them for later regardless of their regeneration capablties. Also Why was there a holographic interface system with the Kahsyysk Star Map?


    Thats a good question. I can guess that Revan left the Dantooine Starmap alone since it was close to the academy there, and messing around with it would have told them he was up to something. It's also possible that that Starmap, and maybe the one on the Wookie homeworld, had defensive systems and trying to destroy them would have triggered them. Revan seemed the type not to pick fights he didn't need, or throw away things that he might have further use for.....he could have figured that the Starmaps had more information in them than just the map.


    Could Revan have had some idea that he might need the starmaps again? Consider that the person who next used the maps to find the Star forge was...Revan. Could he have left them intact because he had some idea he'd have to find the Starforge again?


    2) Why was Bastila so nice to Revan and seemly more involved emotionial than a normal "force-bonded" Jedi? Maybe Revan and her were friends at one point. OR she is really A Revan Fangirl. Or a very compassionate person. Then why the Jedi Council sent her unless there was an connection between them already. Because why risk their battle meditation expert against The Dark Lord of the Sith unless there was already a connection between them.


    We have no idea how strong a normal force bond would be, or how it would affect the people involved-We've only seen two people with force bonds-Revan and the Exile-neither one could be considered average Jedi in terms of bonds, or in the situations where they were formed.


    The Jedi sent Bastila against Revan because they understood that they would need her battle meditation to be able to break through the defences on his ship. They say as much in K1.


    3) When he was sacfircing(msp) himself? Did he fall? or was his sacfirce(msp) cause of the said fall? or was it wishful thinking of a old woman believing the greater good in Revan that he wasn't truly evil?


    I'm always wary of what Kreia says, she was at the end of the day quite capable of making mistakes and she admits to considering both the Exile and Revan has her greatest students. Anything she says is going to be her point of view and might not be the absolute truth, although people have a tendency to consider it so (on occasion myself included). It should also be remembered that she was a manipulater, so she could be spinning things so that they are correct, but give the wrong impression.

  10. Ulimately we never know whom will win this fight between them. For their abilities, strenghts and weakness are totally different from each other.





    Comes down to this:




    Force Abilities/one on one/no plan on either side: Nihilus will win


    Force Abilities/one on one/Revan's plans: Revan will win


    Force abilities/one on one/Nihilus's plans: Nihilus will win





    The first two scenerios are most likely to occur due to the fact it more inaligned with the in game descriptions of each characters and the situation at hand due to canon.


    I would say that is a fair assesment.


    BTW, can anyone tell me why Nhilus (and yes I keep spelling his name a different way each time) didn't suck the life out of Kreia when she had been stripped of her powers? Didn't she taste nice or something?

  11. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't K2 react badly to duel core processers? I seem to recall someone having that problem before, but for the life of me I can't remember what the problem was or what the solution was.


    It might be a good idea to go and check the lucasarts websites, there is a whole section of their chatboards dedicated to the KOTOR games and at least part of that board is purely for technical problems with the games on PC. If part of the problem is down to the duel core there should be something on there.


    Out of interest have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling K2? I remember having a problem with K2 when it locked up totally at the first film-even though I'd had no problems with the game before. I uninstalled the game, checked that the disks were clean (I even cleaned them again) then reinstalled and this seemed to solve the problem. Remember that you will not lose saved games on KOTOR when you uninstall unless to tell the PC to delete them.


    Taking a look at the game disks and making sure they are clean is worth the effort too, sometimes games can run fine with disks that look like someone has attacked them with a wire brush and at other times they will lock up or refuse to work because of a thumb print you can barely see with a micro-scope.


    Do you have the latest version of Direct X? I don't mean the one that came with the game but the lastest?

  12. In order to take a guess as to what is going wrong-and things you could try to get the game to work-it would help if we had more information about your computer. Still, I'll give a few thoughts.


    Operating system-if the computer is new I'm guessing that it's running windows Vista, which seems to dislike doing anything complex, such as working. There are tips as to how to get K2 working with Vista in the FAQ thread, which is right at the top of this part of the board. One thing I would note is that new computers don't always have Windows (Or most of the other programs) installed correctly-don't forget that noone really has the time to install everything on a PC after its built. The very first thing I do with a brand new computer is check that I have full copies of all the programs, then I reinstall them all. You can install (or re-install) windows directly over the top of itself without losing any of the other programs that are on the HD, since windows always checks the HD for installed programs. Even Versions of Windows that are intended to be used on a totally clean computer will do this, what you will lose are windows settings. (re)Installing windows in cases like this can make a huge difference to the efficency of a computer, and of course how well games run. Do, however, back up any information you don't want to loose just in case and make sure you have URL's and passwords ect written down before you try this, and of course you'll need to have the install disks.


    Graphics card/driver-If sounds as if there is a problem with the graphics card to be honest. Don't be fooled by KOTOR's setup program telling you that the card will run the game. In my experience the setup and configeration program can be fooled by graphics cards, and while the chip in the card might be able to run the game in theory in practice different cards can use the same chip but not be able to run the same games. For graphics problems I would advise trying;


    Turning all the graphics options down to the minimum. The configeration program can (and in my case has) set the graphics options too high for a card to really handle. Start by setting the screen resolution to minimum, details to the lowest setting and turning all the added extras off and seeing if that helps. If the game runs smoothly at the lowest settings you can raise them one by one until you find out what your card can really handle.


    Update drivers-If this is a new PC don't be fooled into thinking that your drivers are upto date. The drivers that came with the PC, both on disk and pre-installed, will be out of date. Update. Another problem that can occur with drivers in new PC's is that they don't, in fact, use the real drivers but ones that are pre-loaded into windows. If you have the disk with the graphics drivers on it try running that disk in the computer to install them (while time consuming this should have no effect on your PC) which will over write the current drivers. If you don't have the driver disk for your card try looking on the net for the correct drivers for your card, downloading them and installing them (ie-its an update of the drivers). Like reinstalling windows in a new PC this can solve some problems with incorrect instalation leading to computer slowdown. People often assume that a new computer will have everything installed correctly, and that they will have no problems. This is wrong, since the programs on new computers are almost never installed correctly they can run less efficently than they can or should.


    Turn off back ground programs-although KOTOR only needs to access the internet in order to update, programs such as firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware can take up memory and slow a computer down. Almost all the programs you have running in the background of your PC (ie-in the taskbar window) can be turned off to free memory as long as you're not intending to go on the net, and of course as long as you remember to turn them back on before connecting to the net. Depending on the programs you have running in the background this can make a huge difference, since some programs can conflict with games even if they don't take up that much memory.


    Check the HD-Two things to do are to run a scan disk to check that there are no broken links/files on the computer (Takes around 20 mins upwards for a detailed scan, but this varies depending on the size of the hard drive). The second is to run disk defragmenter (which will most likely take an hour upwards). Its easy to assume that a new computer isn't going to have any problems with its HD, but its best to be sure. Defraging the drive is something you should do anyway once a month as it will improve performance somewhat. In either case all you'll spend is time, unfortunatly this is time when you're not really going to be able to do anything else.


    I hope something here helps, good luck.

  13. I can see problems with the being a child thing. From the Prospective of LA they might not be all that happy having a child running around with a lightsabre and chopping people up-yes its been done in other games but it doesn't seem a direction LA would allow one of the SW games to go in. If they said yes to the child, but no to the idea of them being involved in fights then the first part of the game would be very dull.


    From directing/play style it would be difficult to pace the game if you start as a child, assuming that the main char growns up this means the game takes place over several years and its kind of hard to keep the pace and tension going if the story obviously takes place over such a long period of time. Again, this has been done in games before but I'm not sure it would fit with the KOTOR style.


    I can, however, see a way you could start with a child that would be in keeping with KOTOR-Start either before the Jedi Civil war, or during it. The Main character was a young Jedi on Dantooine-which would satisfy people who would like to see Dantooine. The 'Training' and start position takes place here, allowing the main character to fight without it seeming as if they are really getting involved in fighting (its training with a basic training sabre), the player to get instruction on how to play the game from the Jedi masters (which would allow the Jedi masters from K1&2 to return without explination). The training section ends with Malaks attack on Dantooine, during which the Main Character is trapped/escapes and is taken in by a local family. Over time the Man Character simply stops or forgets how to use the force until the Exile returned to Dantooine, (Which means that Kreia's remark about the Exile being the only Jedi left in K2 is correct, since the main character would never have been a Jedi knight and would have stopped using the force anyway) at which point they start to remember some of their training and they go off to practice-Ideally they go away to another world so they don't have to create two different Dantooines to handle if the Exile was DS or LS in K2. The main character is, at the start, looking for information on the Jedi to finish their training but also looking for the Exile-Either because they want to help them in thanks for freeing Dantooine (if Exile was LS) or because they want to track her down to get revenge (If Exile was DS), this could easilly be handled by someone asking the main Char why they want to find the Exile, or get information about them. In time of course the Char is going to find out about Revan as well (and during the conversation about Revan you can set if he was LS/DS).


    This would allow you to start as a Jedi right from the start, it would allow the main character to have a history (and if the developers want to go that way one that affects starting skills or stats), and it would allow you to have a basic lightsabre from the start of the game-its the training sabre you had when you were training-which can be used but not upgraded and its not as powerful as a normal sabre-which gives you an excuse to find information on the Jedi so you can make one yourself. And it would end up tying K3 directly to the prior games without having to follow then to closely. Characters who were in K1&2 can easily make a re-appearance-either in person giving bits of information, or as recordings you come across, and have important roles (each giving clues as to what has happened and where you should go) without having to be in the party again. The Hawk, T3 and HK-47 could have been left on the academy on Telos for you to pick up later on (Figure that the Planet is still being rebuilt regardless of the Exiles alignment). The academy could provide you with further information on the jedi (and the knowledge needed to build a new lightsabre) as well as a few party members...maybe one of the Handmaidens sisters survived their fight and is still there for example...After that you get enough information to start following the Exile and Revan more directly-which becomes the second 'act' of the game.

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