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  1. To Darth Mortis, I do think Kreia and Revan's intelligence are very damn high and probaly equal to each other.


    I daresay that Revan's knowledge of the Force would be greater than Kreia's. Know that Revan had MANY masters after he emptied the knowledge of Kreia. And I think it's a bit wrong to say 'intelligence' in that debate, would be better to say 'cunning'. So IMO Revan was more cunning (in most aspects) than Kreia. Remember that Kreia was also considered by other jedi (at the time) as a nutjob/traitor rather than a genious.


    There are some things to consider about Kreia;


    Kreia's total knowledge of the force would be greater than Revan's. Consider that when she was a Jedi she was responsible for the Jedi Archives (Kreia does say that she used to do the same job for the Jedi as Atris) and as such she would have been able to view all the information in the archive-which included Sith Holocrons. Since Revan was never a Jedi Master (as far as I know, and it doesn't seem as if he was a Jedi master before the Mandolorian war) he would never had been able to view much of this information. Kreia's knowledge of the Jedi could, therefore, quite safely be considered greater than Revans. Her knowledge of the Sith would be at least on a par with Revan, in part because she would have been able to view some of the Sith knowledge the Jedi had but also because she would have been able to view much of the information Revan had when she was a Sith Lord.


    Although Revan trained under several different masters he went back to his first teacher-Kreia-after this. This would seem to indicate that Revan had considerable respect for Kreia's knowledge. It would also seem that Revan considered her to be at least an equal to him in terms of knowledge, if not better.

  2. Revan rather set a trap to make Nihilus weaker and So he can have a chance against him.
    Yeah, but no trick of Revan's would fool Nihilus, not because he's smarter than Revan, but because he would feel it. Kreia could do it because the Force had been stripped from her. Like Master Vrook says, there are techniques in the Force that hide one's presence and thoughts, but such techniques alone would not be enough to cloak one such as Kreia, or Revan. I don't think Revan would have fared well against big black.


    I *Think* the implication was that it was the Jedi who stripped Kreia of the force, or at least that was my understanding given her comments to the Exile about the Jedi doing such things and that Sion wasn't surprised in the slightest that she had force powers on Peragus.


    I'm not sure that Revan or Kreia would have needed to hide their thoughts from Nilius that much anyway. It would seem that while Nilius had a great deal of power on the large scale he had trouble focusing on smaller things-such as individuals. When you board his ship Mandolore does ask Visas why, if her (ex) master is so powerful, he hasn't killed them as they boarded the ship. Visas replies that they are beneath his notice and he's probably unaware that they are even on the ship. The Jedi masters before this state that the reason they had gone their diffenent ways (or one of the reasons) was that when a number of Jedi came together they vanished. To me this implies that Nilius can 'see' planets just fine, but its much harder for him to focus on smaller things-and hence he wouldn't be able to bring his full power to bare on a single Jedi. This would also explain why he didn't just suck all the life out of Mandolore during his fight with the Exile-assuming that the Exile and Visas were immune or resistant to that power-The Exile because they were a wound in the force and Visas because she was linked to Nilius.


    Given Revans natural ability to lay traps and think three steps ahead of opponents, and his natural drive for knowledge, I think it would be fairly safe to say that if it came to a fight and he had some warning of it he'd have done exactly the same thing to Nilius Kreia did-namely trick Nilius into attacking a system that didn't provide enough energy for him to feed on before attacking Nilius directly. Of course this does raise the interesting question of who was smarter, Kreia or Revan?

  3. Its also a good idea to make sure that the air vents are not blocked-dust in the vents on the outside of the case attact dust and its worth cleaning them frequently, either with a dustcloth or you can use a vacume cleaner to suck them clean. Also make sure that the vents are not being blocked on the outside, say by the case being to close to a wall or books etc being piled around the side of the computer. Do check to make sure that the main fan is working, it should be blowing air out of the back of the case. If its not doing this it needs replacing. The fan blades might also be covered in dust, which happens quite a lot and the best (and simplest) way to clean them is to just suck it out with a vacume cleaner when the PC is turned off.


    If you are up to it there are a few things you can look for inside the case;


    The CD drive should have a clear area around it, sometimes PC drives are fitted too closely together and this can result in one or both drives over heating. If this is the case with your PC the only viable options are to either install a second fan inside the case, or the easier (and cheaper) option is to move one of the drives into another bay so there is a bigger gap between the drives. This over heating problem can also affect things like graphics cards if they are placed into slots directly above/below another card. (I have no idea why, but I'm starting to think that your CD drive is resting right on top of the harddrive)


    Check the fan inside the case for the processor, chances are its covered in dust. While this doesn't directly cool anything other than the processor it does allow for more air to move around inside the case. Cleaning this should, in anycase, allow the processor to cool better and this is something you can easilly to with your fingers, as all the dust will be on the leading edge of the blades. (Just do NOT try and clean the fan while the PC is turned on, it is quite able to take a fingernail off if its working).


    Check the drive in question and if need be clean it-dust will insulate the drive so it will get hotter faster and cool slower.


    Make sure that the fan inside the case is not being blocked and that air can move around the inside of the case freely. A thick bundle of wires right in front of the fan-or in behind of the drive-can prevent air from moving around and helping keep things cool. Wires and cables should be as far away from all a PC's fans, not just so they don't affect cooling/airflow but also so that there is no risk of them touching the fan, which will cut straight though the wires and leave a mess.

  4. I'm thinking of writing an SW book, I'm just not sure who I want the protagonist to be. I don't want it to be a jedi or a sith because nearly EVERY SW book is. I want to do a bounty hunter book but b/c of all the Boba Fett books I'm sure this wouldn't be to original. I was just wondering if any of you guys had any ideas to share.


    Anything you suggest will be considered.


    Thx in advance.


    Why a bounty hunter? Why not just an average police officer tracking down a suspect?

  5. Starwars was written, and rewritten several times from the early 70's/let 60's onwards. I *think* that the whole lightside of the force, and the Jedi pholosphy was one of the first things that he wrote-a friend of his once advised GL to stop writing the film and just start his own religion basied on the Jedi/force connection.


    Given the period when Starwars was written (and the over view of all the startwars periods was written at the same time) the main influences on GL would have been the Vietnam war and Watergate. In fact GL has admitted that many of the aspects of 'evil' in starwars-at least in relation to the political side-were based on Watergate and Nixon, something that he pointed out when he was accused of being anti-George Bush/war on terror when Revenge of the Sith came out.

  6. I think that the problem is the graphics card-I used to use a Radeon card and it used to lock up while playing games without reason. The only solution I had was to change the card, but I'd be interested to see what other people with more knowledge of graphics cards have to say on this.


    I would advise checking Lucasarts message boards-specifically the technical help sections for the KOTOR games. There will be far more information on there about problems with graphics cards, and possible solutions.

  7. Have you updated your graphics drivers? Just because you might have a CD that came with the computer doesn't mean that the drivers are upto date, in fact chances are they wouldn't be. It's worth checking out anyway, as it might improve other games.


    Another idea would be to check the graphics options the game has automatically set for you, in my experience KOTOR can sometimes set the options higher than your card is really able to handle. Turning the graphics options and resolution down, and checking things like the refresh rate might help smooth things out.


    You might also want to check out Lucasarts own message boards, since there is a section on there for technical help for the KOTOR games there might be more information and help about running the games with your graphics card on there.

  8. Grafics Card: Standard with pc


    Thats not very helpful I'm afraid, since it doesn't give me any idea what chipset the card uses (Intel, Nvidea, Radeon etc) or the amount of memory it has (64, 128Mb etc) or if the card in integral-built into the motherboard-or an AGP card-connected to but not part of the motherboard. All of these things can make a difference. If for example your graphics card is built into the motherboard you will have problems with many games since its really intended just to allow you to display windows not play games.


    OK, go into my computer and select system properties. Click on the tap 'hardware' then click on device manager. Click on the + sign next to display adapters and that should tell you what graphics card is in your PC. If you right click on the card there is an option to update the driver directly from there.


    Looking at the rest of the specs I'd say your PC is doing well, and as a quick guess that the crash issue is down to the graphics card. That you were able to run K1 on the same PC doesn't surprise me, I ran K1 just fine on a 64mb Nvidea card but ran into problems on K2-in part because the configure program decided to set all the graphics options far to high for the card-might be worth trying setting the graphics options to low and seeing if that helps. When I changed to a Radeon card with more memory the game locked up (as did other games), which is why I suspect that its your graphics card thats the problem here.

  9. Power might give you freedom, in so far that you can do more or less what you want, but (ironically) it also shackles people. From a SW (and some degree a real world prospective) the more power you have the more you become obsessed with having and getting power. This in turn means that you stop being free (in so far as you can decide what actions you do or don't take) and instead become bound into serving your power.


    Take money in the real world. If you have enough money you have a great deal of freedom and power, but by the same token people who already have shed loads of money are rarely satisfyed with what they have, and are for the most part are obsessed to a greater or lesser degree with holding on to the money they have and making more-this is why there are tax havens scattered around the world and why people go to great lengths to avoid paying taxes.


    Palpatine in SW is along the same lines-as have been almost all of the Sith Lords seen so far-in that they were always looking for ways to increase their power. Sith, or at least Palpatine, had another limitation in where their power came from. Palpatines power was never totally inherant in the force, it came from politics which in turn came from scareing the living daylights out of people so they would give him the power over them he craved. The problem with this is that in order to maintain that power he had to constantly make sure that there was a threat that he could use to scare people with-setting himself up as the solution. The threats he has, so far, been seen to use seem to have been;


    Corruption in the senate; Palpatine worked things so that corruption in the senate was seen to be crippling the Republics and he was the solution for this. This was how he got elected as Chancaller.


    The Clone wars; Giving a very real threat, in the form of an invading army, speaks for itself.


    The Jedi; painting the Jedi as bad guys that intended to take over the Republic. It is Ironic that this is, in fact, exactly what the Jedi had planned to some degree.


    Aliens/non-humans/droids; Painted as evil-or at least 'are up to something'. Probably a side effect (a useful one though) from the Clone wars, since the Republic was fighting non-humans and droids.


    The Rebel Alliance; much the same as the threat from an invading army.


    In all cases-and even in the EU and with the Death Stars-Palpatines rule and power was basied on fear. Fear of what would happen if he wasn't around, or fear of what he could do if he saw you as a threat. But in order to maintain this power he constantly had to look around and find threats, or make them, which in turn means that to some degree his actions were not 'free' but constrained by what was needed to keep power.

  10. The obvious thing to try is to ininstall then reinstall K2 (you won't lose the save games), but as I can tell that might be impossible at the moment, so I'll try and come up with other ideas. From the sound of things however I suspect that the problem might lie with your CD drive or with your CD-older CD drives can sometimes have problems reading disks if they are even slightly less than perfect (I talk from experience, I had to change my CD drive before it would read some of my disks when it got old).


    Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.


    You should go take a look over on the Lucasarts message boards-there is a section on there for technical help for the KOTOR games which might have helpful tips, if not you can always post there to see if someone can help.


    Try running scandisk, if the problem is a corrupted file somewhere this *might* solve the problem. You can also find and download free programs that can check your PC for registry issues that could be causing problems-take a look at a sight called Majorgeeks for a very long list of freeware and shareware programs you can download.


    It might help if we knew;


    What OS you are using-Win XP, Vista, 98.....


    What graphics card you are using.


    How old your PC is (which we might be able to guess at from the specs anyway)

  11. Id do anythink i freakin felt like doing...IM A SITH LORD....theres noone that could stop me =)


    If you are an evil overlord/Sith/Master of the universe you never want to say anything like that. The second you say anything along the lines of 'Nothing/no-one can stop me' you are totally screwed-cue the teenage farmboy coming along and blowing your superweapon to bits.

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