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  1. Its just an educated guess, but I think some of the 'Movies' are those that are done in game-the cut scenes that crop up from time to time, such as the party minus the Exile talking on Nar-Shadaar. If this is the case then you wouldn't be able to replay them, since the appearance of your party members varies depending on what equipment they have and what their alignment is.

  2. I can only hope it's already in development, but in total secret.


    Or it might just be they can't find a company to make it, since maybe Obsidian just doesn't want to make it. We know Bioware isn't doing it, though, so too bad.


    I imagine that LA wouldn't have to many problems finding someone to make K3 for them. Some of the larger developers might not be interested, but smaller (and newer) companies would jump at the chance to do a SW game-they'd have assured sales with the potential for further projects which could make a new developers reputation and assure that company stays around for a few years at least. Failing all that LA might decided/have decided to make K3 inhouse (I'm not sure if they have the ability to do that I'll admit).


    I should have added to this list I gave before with;


    6; LA intends to develop K3, but has decided that the current game engine needs changing. This would require that they either licence a games engine from a third party-which could prove difficult, expensive and there might not be anything suitable out there thats avalible at the moment. The other option of making their own games engine is there, but would drastically increase the time needed to develop the game.


    If the first option is chosen then LA might have to wait for a games engine to become avalible-whoever developed that engine would probably force LA to wait until whatever game the engine was origanly developed for is released.


    If they go for option two then not only do they have to write and test the engine for all potential platforms, but they would also need to make sure that the engine could be used on other games as well so as to get some of their money back. All of this would take quite some time, and would explain why LA isn't saying anything about K3 as they might have no real idea how long it would be before the engine was going to be avalible-or worse they might have started on this and realised that the engine wasn't going to be good enough and had to look around for another engine.

  3. I'll get excited when the actual build changes from 0.8b3 to something higher.


    Its up to 0.8b4, does that make you happier?


    Not if you changed it because I said so. It might be an arbitrary way of counting down to the public release, but it's probably more of an indication than the bug-counter as to what progress is being done.


    I have nothing to do with the RP so rest assured the change in build numbers has nothing to do with me.

  4. If they advertised that they were selling the UK version of KOTOR and they've sent you a US version they are guilty of false advertising and you should be entitled to either a replacement (A UK version) or your money back under UK consumer rights laws-this is regardless of if this is a perfectly legal copy or not. This is regardless of if you opened the packaging in this case or not-opening the packaging would only be relivant if you were asking to exchange the game for other reasons, such as it being a present and wanting to swop it for another title, and not because they've mislead you.


    My advice, contact Amazon and complain (noting that the seller is misadvertising their goods). If you need further help I'd advise dropping into your local Citizens advice Bureu tomorrow and explaining the situation to them, they know consumer laws better than I do and if need be can put you in touch with people who might be able to provide better help. You'd be astonished how helpful companies can suddenly become when the CAB gets involved and there is a chance of them having to explain themselves to a Judge-or worse the press.


    The good news is that I don't think there should really be any practical problems in playing the US version on a UK computer, apart from the differences in spelling, unless the games movies are on DVD (Since you'd have to set your DVD to a different region, and you can only change a DVD player's region a couple of times before you can't do so again.) As you've clearly managed to load the game this doesn't seem to be a problem.


    So...you are telling me that you live in the UK...and couldn't find a game store?



    Maybe if you lived in Ethiopia I would understand...but the UK...I think you might just be lazy...


    I've not seen K1 in shops in the UK for quite sometime. While it has been out on white label (Budget price) that was around a year ago, and copies are very hard to come by even in the larger stores. You can get K1 as part of a LA/SW package that includes a couple of SW games but even this is hard to find now, and of course its not that cheap even if you can find it.

  5. If you use success to measure power then you have to look at what Nihus and Revan were trying to do.....and you'll still end up back at the start. Revans goals seem to have been to prepare for something on the outer rim that was going to threaten the Republic, but until or unless K3 is released and we find out the end of the story we have no real idea of how sucessful Revan was, or is going to be.


    Well we do know that Revan was somewhat succesful, the republic stood for another 4000 years.


    Not really, we know there was a Rebublic 4000 years later, and that Republic had been around for at least 1000 years, but we don't know if that Republic is the same one seen in the KOTOR era, or if it was a later goverment using the same name. Put another way there is currently nothing to say that the Republic of Revans time didn't fall apart/get crushed/lose itself in paperwork* only to be reformed a couple of hundred, or even a thousand, years later on. The same thing happened to the Republic in Luke Skywalkers lifetime after all.


    (*Of course I now have the strange thought of someone losing an entire goverment in the in-tray due to a burocratic error....)

  6. The simple fact of the matter here is that you can't say Nihius was more powerful than Revan, or that Revan was more powerful than Nihius....or for that matter you can't really say that any single Force user is more powerful than another simply because there is no way to measure what power means in this context.


    For example; Anakin Skywalker's midi-clorian count was discribed as being higher than anyone elses known to the Jedi-Yoda (who was considered the most powerful Jedi master of his time) included. However, Anakin aka Vader lost to Obi-Wan when they faught.


    Palpatine was (and is often considered) to be the most powerful Sith Lord of his time, if not in (known) history. However he lost a lightsabre fight against Mace Windu-unlike Exar-Kun, who was Lord of the Sith forty years before Revan and never lost a lightsabre fight, but was still considered to be less powerful than Palpatine-At least that was the opinion of Mira Jade, who noted that Kun failed to destroy the Jedi unlike Palpatine.



    The only way you could even start to compare different force users would be to see how successful they were at acomplishing their set goals, but pure power in the force alone isn't a guarentee of success. Nihus was more powerful than the Exile, but the Exile still won since she had help. Vader was more powerful than Obi-Wan, but he still lost due to inexperience and it could be argued bad luck (Unless you happen to be a Jedi, in which case it was the force that made Vader lose).


    If you use success to measure power then you have to look at what Nihus and Revan were trying to do.....and you'll still end up back at the start. Revans goals seem to have been to prepare for something on the outer rim that was going to threaten the Republic, but until or unless K3 is released and we find out the end of the story we have no real idea of how sucessful Revan was, or is going to be. Nihus's goals are even harder to pin down. Visas claimed that his goal was to eliminate all life in the galaxy and he had shown her this-in which case he failed-but it does beg the question of if this really was his goal, or if he was just showing Visas the logical outcome of what would happen if he was not stopped. To (sort of) quote Obi-Wan 'Many of the truths that we cling to depend on your point of view'. While Visas's point of view indicated that Nihus was trying to eat all living things in the galaxy, another point of view could be that he simply wanted to be rid of his consuming hunger-in which case losing to the Exile and ending up dead was also forfilling his goals.


    So we end up back where we started, with the question of who was more powerful and still no closer to an answer. To answer the question that this thread was started with Kreia never said, to the best of my knowledge, that Revan was more powerful than Nihilus or vice-versa.

  7. Nicely put, I do think LA is holding off for what they consider to be a good reason. All I can think of is that;


    1; They are waiting on the new consoles to be out for a while, in part so any developer has a chance to see what those platforms can really do but also to see which of the consoles it would be worth developing the game for. LA *might* be considering entering into an arrangment with one of the consoles so that K3 is released only on that format (and PC unless the entire LA senior managment are totally removed from reality), in which case they might want to see which console is likely to be the best selling.


    2; They are waiting to release the game at a time when they believe interest in SW will be high, or higher than it is at the moment. Since there will be SW TV series on the small screen in a year or two it could be they intend to release K3 around that time, it would act as 'free' advertising and could help sales-either for the show or for the game. Of course if this is the intention it is yet another reason to line the entire LA marketing department up against a wall and shoot them.


    3; They have no intention of ever making K3, or no intention of making it in the forseeable future. If LA has decided not to go ahead with K3 they might think that saying so could lead to a backlash and a general drop in sales. Consider that everything LA has said about K3 means....nothing what-so-ever. What they have said is that they have not forgotten about the KOTOR series, which could mean nothing more than its on a list of projects that will be started sometime between next year and the second coming. Unless they are totally stupid both the PR and Marketing people at LA would probably point out that there is a fair amount of interest in K3, which leads many fans to keep an eye on any and all news coming from LA, which in turn means that those people can't help but notice other games that are being developed. In effect its free advertising with the added bonus that no one at LA has to do anything to get it. If they came out and said there would be no K3 they would lose this. Of course, as has been noted, interest isn't going to remain high forever and many people who are (or were) interested in K3 will start to drift away. They are playing a dangerous game in a way, since if fans start to feel that LA is fobbing them off or misleading them they might well turn away from LA for good.


    4; K3 is already being developed, and a release date has been set but LA has decided not to reveal this until the game is sure to be out. Considering the backlash that LA got from the premature release of K2, and the host of bugs and cut content that resulted, it is possible that they just don't want to back themselves into a corner by setting a release date to early. Once a statement as to when a game will be out is made it can be very hard to change it-and if, as LA is sure to do, you've spent a large chunk of cash advertising the release date it can prove expensive. LA might be keeping the whole development under wraps for the time being so they can release the game when its ready-assuming of course that they learnt from the mistakes they made with K2. It could also be the case that the inital development was started then ran into problems, which screwed up the timetable.


    They could also be keeping quiet for other reasons, such as intending to try and catch potential rivals off guard by announcing and releasing the game very quickly-to quickly for anyone to think about bringing other major games out at the same time. If this is the case them it would only be logical to assume that K3 would be released during a quiet period for new games, possibly after Christmas and new year. If LA has some reason to suspect that K3 might not fair to well against some of the other games that are being developed they might well want to do everything they can to assure there is not going to be a great deal of competition when K3 is released.


    In any case LA must be aware that many games players will be wary of K3 as it is, and having to set the release date back might be seen as the game having serious problems and could make people even more wary of having anything to do with the game. Even if they don't have any problems with development you could bet good money that they will come under fire no matter how long they gives themselves to make K3. To long and they will be accused of having a game so full of bugs its taking ages to fix them, to short and they will be accused of a rush job.


    5; As has been noted above LA might not want to take any attention away from the titles that they are releasing in the near future. If LA has reason to suspect that there is a huge amount of interest in K3 they might be of the opinion that saying anything about the game at this time would just mean people would forget about what ever they intend to bring out next, or that people might not buy the latest game because they are saving up to buy K3.

  8. You might be better advised posting on the Lucasarts website (there is a section of the message boards solely for KOTOR), if anyone would be able to answer your question it would be them.


    Its possible your game is ligitamate, given how long it has been since the game first came out a new copy of K1 might have the manual in a different colour and the box is more than likely different-its hard to tell since you didn't say where you are (USA? UK?). If the game was bought from a large and well known company-ie Lucasarts-then its very likely to be perfectly ok. If you bought it from a private source or smaller company it might be a copy-the only people who might know would be LA. It could also be an imported copy of KOTOR, which would explain the different packaging and manual-if it was imported from a country where the manual was written in a different language they might have included a copy of the english manual, rather than the original.


    If this IS a copy I'd be very, very wary of using it. No so much because its illegal but because you have no idea what else might be on the disk.....


    Whatever the case may be I'd say you need to talk to LA, not to Obsidian since they didn't work on K1.

  9. Try turning off all background programs before playing. Firewalls, anti-virus programs etc will take up memory that can be used to run the game-so turning them off might help smooth the game out even if they are not conflicting with the games otherwise.


    Another thing to try to to lower the graphics settings-which you can do easilly enough. The install program for the KOTOR games has a nasty tendency to set the graphics options higher than the PC can handle without lag-K1 set the graphics options to high for me even though the card I was using at that time was the lowest card that would run the game. Try tinkering with the grahics options, it might help.


    You should be aware that there are areas of the game that have a tendency to lag regardless of the card you're using, and some cards will lag at points anyway. If I'm reading your specs correctly you have a GeForce card, and these can have lag issues-there is a solution in the FAQ section, but it would involve you manually altering some lines in the KOTOR folders.


    Have you got the latest version of direct X? might be worthwhile updating to the lastest version if you don't have it.

  10. Or maybe it was an recent even that spur T3-M4 and HK-47 to save Revan from the True Sith Empire or at least fight them.




    I do think that Revan is capture by the True Sith Empire while on an infliation mission and Ordered T3-M4 and Hk-47 to find any jedi, sith or force users that can help. And I do think during this time, Revan damaged Hk-47 for both of their sakes because I do think Revan's reasoning was to protect them both ulimately. I do think that he was thinking that T3-M4 could either A) Repair Hk-47 or B) find someone that can repair Hk-47.



    Sounds very likely,i'd tend to agree with this theory. Damaging the droids would probably make them useless and basically trash to the true sith and they'd ignore them. That at least could've been his plan....which would've seemed to have worked as T3 found the Exile and the eventual other Jedi


    That makes sense as far as the droids, but why would they then let the Hawk go? While it might not be a warship it could have been used for something else-such as supply runs etc. I'm also wondering about HK-47. While none of the Sith in K1 knew exactly what HK-47 was, they do identify him as a combat droid so it would seem that the True Sith should identify his function as being combat and rebuild him for that use.

  11. I have installed Sith Lords 2 and everytime I start the game my computer beeps like I have a major error whenever the load screen appears. It happens periodically during playing. Anybody else have this problem? I will give technical specs if needed but basically I have 1 gig of memory, a GeoForce 7950 AGP and a Pentium 2 processor...all of which exceeds current system specs.


    I bought an XBOX 360 controller to play Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is there anyway to enable Joystick support in the game on a PC.


    In order;


    You should really list your system specs. Although they might be higher than those required for the game there could be some bit of hardware thats causing this problem-For Example K2 dislikes Redeon Cards regardless of how powerful the card is. One thing you might like to try is to turn any firewalls, anti-virus programs etc before playing KOTOR-ie make KOTOR the only major program the PC is running. This *might* sort the problem if one of these programs is conflicting with K2, or one of them is sending you a warning when you're loading from the HD. It will also make KOTOR run a little better anyway, since you'll have more memory to run the game.


    No, you can't use joystick or a joypad to play KOTOR, the game doesn't support them.

  12. Nilhilus = most powerful force sensitive with zero control


    Luke = most powerful force sensitive that can still remain in control


    Exile = Exile is about as powerful as luke but gains power from deaths and feading like nilhilus.


    Palpatine = most cunning and resourceful and one the the greatest minipulators


    I'd have to agree in general to this, although I don't think the Exiles powers were gained purely from deaths, but from links that he/she formed with others-although this did include deaths it didn't work in quite the same way as Nilius's power. The Exiles 'feeding' off death and conflict was a little more subtle.


    I'd also have to wonder if Anakin was more powerful than his son, at least before he lost his limbs, and note that at least in theory Leia should be equal to Luke since the two of them are twins. I say theory since it seems Leia never spent as long praticeing with the force so never reached Lukes level-or at least she's not been shown to reach his level in the EU to date.


    Quite where Revan would come it is difficult to say. I don't think anyone would argue that Revan wasn't powerful-he was after all powerful enough to defeat Malak when he was drawing on the power of the Starforge-or that he wasn't cunning and resourceful, he not only managed to outthink the Mandolorians but also the Rebublic and Jedi. The real question is where does Revans power come from? Was his power purely in the force, or were there other factors? It is impossible to state that Revan was more powerful than any of the great Jedi/Sith as we have nothing to compare their relative strengths-the only powerful Sith Lord Revan is known to have vanquished was Malak, and we can't compare him to anyone except Revan.


    Comparing Revans guile to Palpatines is also difficult-it should be born in mind that Palpatine was working to his own time-table, and could take the longer view when making plans (The entire Plot involving the Clone troopers was set in motion by Palpatine at least ten years in advance, if not even longer than that). Revan however was working to a much shorter time table, since it is quite clear that he was trying to prepare for an outside threat, so he didn't have the luxury of putting plans in motion then sitting back for a decade for them to mature.


    Leaving out strength in the force, I would say that Revan was the most Knowledgeable force user and probably at least equal to Palpatine in terms of guile-although as I noted comparing the two of them is next to impossible since their guile was being used in different ways since their respective possitions were different. It could also be argued that Revan was the most ruthless force user, since he was willing to make any sacrifice to forfill his goals. If Kreia was correct, and Revan was not corrupted by the Dark Side but made a concious decission to become a Sith Lord to combat the threat he saw, it becomes clear that unlike Palpatine Revan's ruthless streak also meant that he was willing to sacrifice himself for his goals, and that those goals had nothing to do with himself but with preserving the Republic.

  13. Maybe, but I think that the real intended history is that

    The HK units were built by..Atris. If you recall there was a meantion of the academy drawing on more power than was really needed. I think Atris was using the droids to strenthen the Republic-if you ask HK 47 (Or it could be G0 T0)if there is a patten to what the HK units were doing he'll point out that all their actions in the long run were in the Republics best interests.

  14. By the way, not to be dense, but at the end of Kotor 2 does your character (PC) go to the Outer Rim? And do they go in search of Revan/ have I missed something really obvious and got it wrong or got it right and just been really dim... (I just didn't understand Kotor 2 :) but I really think my computer crashes had a lot to do with it because it really made it harder for me to follow the plot when it would crash very often ruining the flow).


    I think the implication is that regardless of the Exiles alignment he/she goes off to find Revan, which would mean leaving for the outer rim.


    And why were the robots chasing us for again? (the HK ones). I will play the game again... I know I sound so noobish and stupid but I really think with all my computer problems and the cut stuff I got so confused and it all seemed so random.


    We never find out, since this was cut content. However, the restoration project is restoring the droid factory which will help explain why the HK units where after the Exile, and who sent them.

  15. but remember, obsidian could have finished the droid planet in about 3 months since they are a Company that have alot of ppl working on it


    They would also have access to, and the funds to hire, the actors who were providing the voices as well as the ability to record new diolog (There is very little diolog recorded of the droid planet). Something that no modders will have.

  16. T3 wasn't sent to find the Exile, he/she/(it?) was sent to find

    "a jedi", which just happened to be the Exile



    This does raise one interesting question-how did T3 know the Exile was a Jedi? The Exile had been away from Republic space since the end of the Mandolorian wars, something like 7 1/2 years ago, but T3 is only five years old so he can't have seen the Exile on the news and according the HK-47 information on specific Jedi was not widely avalible. Did someone give T3 detailed information on all the Jedi that were known to still be alive at the end of the Civil war?


    The alternative is that T3 wasn't after the Exile but really after Kreia-which might make more sense given that Kreia was a Jedi Master and Revans first teacher. (That and if T3 had been sent after the Exile that could have meant both the main Character but also Kreia who was an Exile herself).


    I spend far to much time thinking about such things........

  17. I think there is a hint it is not impossible, but I don't think it would be very probable or accessible. Didn't another group work on it though and get relatively far? I think they stopped though. It's crazy how much was cut. I hope KOTOR3 has nothing cut or unfinished.


    They didn't get actually very far. As far as I know the project halted at 15% or somesuch, or so I heard :p


    One of the members of that team came on here and gave a breakdown on the reasons that project fell apart, the thread is somewhere on the board. The upshot was that there was very little information on the droid planet, just a general overview with very little work having been done on it-it could be one of the reasons LA didn't want to wait for the developers to finish before bringing the game out. The amount of work needed to put this part of the game back in is at least equal to what TSLRP has needed, if not greater, so I really can't see Team Giza wanting to spend another few years working on another KOTOR add-on.

  18. Q: Are you working on the Droid Planet?

    A: No, we are not currently working on restoring M4-78, the Droid Planet. The only material that exists for it is basically an outline and a couple of possibly incomplete voiceover sets. Storylining, scripting, writing dialogue and recording sounds for an entire planet, as well as working it into the plot of the rest of the game is beyond the scope of the project at the moment.


    Note the words ....game is beyond the scope of the project at the moment. *at the moment* leaving a little hint open that it is not impossible :thumbsup:


    Sure, if they're given (or acquire) the source code, tools and funding that obsidian had at their disposal, it might be possible to implement all that too...


    Given how long it has taken them to restore the content that was cut but still there I really can't see them trying to add the droid planet.

  19. I think the implication-at least for cannon Revan-is that T3 was sent off on the Hawk to find help for Revan. I'm a little unclear if it was Revan who sent T3 or someone else, but T3 was looking for someone to help when he found the Exile. I'm sort of assuming that HK-47 was sent along with T3 on the same mission, presumably on the logic that the former could protect the latter.


    T3's back story is easy to miss, since it requires a fair degree of influence with him and fairly high skills before you can trigger the conversation. HK-47's story is presumed, since he has (as far as I can recall) no memory of what he was doing on the Hawk and therefore no story to tell.

  20. Maybe I couldn't get enough information from her because I could never get my influence high enough for all conversation options.


    Parts of Kreia's diolog can only be triggered at particular points-for example you can only ask her whats been going on in the galaxy during the Exiles absence just after you leave Peragus but before you reach Citidel station, if you fail to ask her at this time you can't ask later on. Other questions can only be asked if you happen to have done particular things-such as visiting all the planets, and if you visit the planets in such a way that you find all the masters at the same time Kreia will then refuse to talk to you until you return to Dantooine. In other words it can be very easy to miss some of the things Kreia can talk about without realising you've done so.

  21. Do you think that they are going to restore the droid planet in this?


    If you read the very first post in this thread you'll see this;


    Q: Are you working on the Droid Planet?

    A: No, we are not currently working on restoring M4-78, the Droid Planet. The only material that exists for it is basically an outline and a couple of possibly incomplete voiceover sets. Storylining, scripting, writing dialogue and recording sounds for an entire planet, as well as working it into the plot of the rest of the game is beyond the scope of the project at the moment.

  22. To quote Kreia; 'There are some techniques in the force against which there is no defense....'. Or in other words even if Revan knew about the draining technique he might not know of a way to counter it.


    No, I'm only saying that that doesn't matter, one who would harm Nihilus must fly beneath the radar, Kreia alone could do that, because the Force had been stripped from her, and she knew how to mask her presence.


    Hiding ones presence in the force is a tiring, but it isn't something that is all that hard to do, In 'I Jedi' Corran Horn manages to use this ability to hide from the shade/spirit of Exar Kun and he uses it through out most of the rest of the book to hide from other force users. Since Corran wasn't considered a Jedi Knight even by the standards of the Jedi of the New Republic (And probably wouldn't have been considered as being fully trained as a Jedi by the standards of the Earlier Jedi orders) at this time, he hadn't been taught this ability by Luke Skywalker (Corran worked it out for himself after talking to Kun) and he wasn't particulaly powerful in the force it could safely be stated that the ability is a fairly simple one to pick up. Nor could it be considered a Dark Side skill, since Corran was never a dark Jedi let alone a Sith, even though Palpatine must have used something similar.


    There are drawbacks to using this skill, one of them being that in order to hide in the force you have to cut yourself off from it to a large extent-meaning that you couldn't use any other force powers at the same time as using this. It could also be assumed that there would be ways around this, IF the person looking for you has reason to suspect someone is hiding from them and if they are fairly nearby.


    Kreia, however, didn't seem to be using exactly the same technique as Corran would millenia later-since it was quite clear that she could hide herself while still using the force. It is unclear if Kreia was gifted in this area, this was a skill she created on her own or if this is a Sith ability. Having said that it is worth considering that Palpatine did use an almost identical ability to hide from the Jedi, so I'm assuming that what Kreia was doing was either a Sith ability or one that she created herself, and Palpatine rediscovered millenia later on.

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