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  1. If you hold a CD at an angle to a light you should be able to see if there are any major scratches or belemishes on the disks-if so the place where you bought them will be abliged to replace the damaged disk as long as you still have the recite. First however I'd advise just carefully cleaning the CD with a soft cloth-sometimes fingerprints can screw up a CD, as I've found out the hard way before now.

  2. I think that you should continue the story as the Exile about 7 years after Kotor 2. You have rebuilt the Jedi and are once more thriving. But there still is the Sith who are attacking the Republic in the dark. So the Exile needs to find Revan in the Unknown Region. To find Revan you have to persuade T3 to show you on the Ebon Hawk where Revan had traveled. So you travel out into the Unknown Region in search of Revan. In the Unknown Region their could be many more planets, exotic wepons, new alein species, and also new threats to the republic.

    Thats what I have so far.


    Problem; This implies that the Exile took the Lightside route, and it would remove the option of saying that he/she was a darksider. I also *Think* that the implication at the end of K2 was that the Exile left to find Revan almost directly after that game ended, not several years later.


    I doubt that the Exile will be the main Char in K3, since you would have to decide if they finished K2 as DS or LS. Experienced players (Ie-have and played K2) would probably be able to handle this, but it would be confusing for new players. You could do this, if you could explain why the Exile was a level one character again.

  3. all i really have to say about people comenting about K2 and having all party members be jedi is simply this: at no point in k2 were you forced to have any of your party convert to jedi it was always an option..and to expand on the idea of having none-jedi in your party just add areas to the game that are "wounds in the force" or simple put places where you cant use the force and are required to have none jedi in your party to really get anything done.


    The problem with the KOTOR games, and the reason why I think people are talking about K2 having to many Jedi, is that the current combat system is geared so that lighsabres (and therefore Jedi, who are the only ones who can use lightsabres) are far to powerful. Yes, you don't have to convert anyone into jedi but for them to be really helpful they need to be able to hold their own in battle, and that means converting them towards the end of the game.


    Having an area where the force can't be used does, on the face of it seem to be a good idea........but it does raise the question as to how this is going to affect the main Character. Since the Main Character is going to be a Jedi (Probably about the only thing that can be taken for granted for a future KOTOR game) this could lead to quite a few problems during that part of the game.


    I play WoW and to me a small monthly fee is more of a boon then a bane. blizzard puts out patches to fix bugs and improve gameplay at least 2-3 times a month as oppsed to Guildwars where you have to buy a new expansion everytime they want to fix problems.


    And you've got that totally wrong, I'm guessing you either have never played Guildwars or didn't do so for long. Guildwars does not require you to buy an expansion pack just to solve bugs in the game-they work the same way that WoW does, in that they write and apply fixes that are downloaded. The Expansion packs add extra/new areas and playable classes to the game.....just like WoW and the Burning crusade expansion in fact.

  4. Base; Probably, you'd *just* need to make a new area....but thats what the Ebon hawk is there for anyway.


    Space combat; No, KOTOR does have the turret fighting in it, but thats as far as you could go. In order to 'Fly' the Hawk you'd have to write an entirely new program/game to do so. Nothing like that is covered in the games programming as it stands-at least not as far as I'm aware. Best you could do (and the easiest option) would be to make the Ebon Hawk as a mod for a space combat game, such as FreeLancer-if, that is, someone hasn't already.

  5. You forgot Disciple-He's in a strange position. Starting as a soldier he has enough feats to become a fairly good blaster or close combat fighter, and once trained he picks up enough FP and powers quickly enough to be helpful.


    With Atton and Mira the trick/tip is to give them lightsabre finesse as quickly as you can. This dramatically increases their close combat potential with a lightsabre.


    And yes, Bao-Dur does sort of suck. His Dex makes him next to useless with blasters and his inability to wear any of the jedi armours or robes leaves him with a low Armour rating, this is not helped by also being unable to wear heavy armour and having few starting feats. At higher levels he can be useful as a Jedi-his strength gives him the ability to do a lot of damage very fast......almost as much damage as he'll take against anything other than a Gizka.


    Handmaiden rocks. Her starting stats are such that you can easilly use her with blasters almost as well as with a sabre/sword. Add to that the number of feats she gets as a soldier/guardan and you can turn her into a (Very hot) force of utter distruction very quickly.

  6. 'Good' people can often do 'evil' things and justify them as being for the best in the long run-for example invading another country today to prevent a war tomorrow. By the same token 'evil' people can often do 'good' things because it is, unltimatly, in their best interests to do so-an 'Evil' man might save someones life because it might lead people to trust them more.


    Not only do we treat good and evil as being absolute concepts, but we tend to view people in the same way-which is to say that we view people as being either good or evil (right or wrong) all the time. People tend, for example, to view polititions or the police as good or evil depending on what they see and hear of them. This is regardless of the fact that a truely evil person can do good acts out of a desire to be trusted by more people, and a good person can do evil acts by accident or because they genuinely believe in the long run its in the greater interest to do so.


    Humans like absolutes, it gives us the impression that we understand things and hence can, if not control them, at least predict whats going to happen. Unfortinatly 'good and 'evil' depend on context, and are in any case are only concepts invented by humans that are hard to define in the first place, and we have a very real problem in seeing or understanding this which makes defining them even harder.

  7. You can find them, and finish the quest, as a LS'er if you download the bug fix from team Gizka's websight. Otherwise the game is bugged and they don't spawn later on.



    That's odd because I have only installed the latest patch and no fixes and I got the quest and whacked em' on the way to the Czerka excavation site...






    Yeah, I managed that the very first time I played-but it never happened again (they never turned up that is) even if I uninstalled and played from scratch.

  8. Yes, the graphics card is almost certainly the reason the game is crashing. First of all many games (including KOTOR) don't like laptops very much and either don't work, or have loads of problems. Second Intel chipsets are.....lets just say KOTOR doesn't seem to like them at the best of times, and an intel card in a laptop graphics card is asking for trouble.


    Not much help I'm sorry to say, your best bet might be to check out the Lucasarts message boards-there should be a link in the FAQ section-and look at their technical section. I seem to recall seeing something on Intel graphics cards on there, and if not you can always ask.

  9. You miss the point. An X-Box, or any other console, is built to one single specification using exactly the same components from the same manufacter. Computers on the other hand have a HUGE number of differering specifications, even before you consider that different manufactorers can produce the same components. And thats just the hardware, software wise X-Box's use a single OS system and thats it. A PC could be using four different versions of windows to run the game and god alone knows how many differeing driver programs, firewalls, virus programs etc, any one of which could screw a game up.


    It is unfair to say that computer users complain more than console users when it comes to running any game, given the greater complexity of computers over consoles-in so far as the vast range of different parts and programs that can screw things up-its a wonder that games work at all.


    By the same token it is unfair to say that console games are for 'Noobs'. Some people can't or won't play computer games on a home PC for a lot of reasons, maybe they can't afford to buy one, its a company PC, its too old or they just like playing games on a large screen at home with the sound plugged into the stereo system. (And yes, you can play PC games like this, but the majority of people wouldn't know where to start or just couldn't be bothered. Besides most people don't keep the PC next to the TV).

  10. Guys in all seriousness I'd let this drop now, before one of the mods comes along and starts kicking asses.


    Slayer was passing on his opinion, I may not agree with it or even think it was worth posting, but he/she does have a right to express their opinion. If you don't agree thats fine, and if you want to disagree thats fine, but name calling each other isn't going to help anyone is it?


    Tip; If someone writes a post that really angers you it is best not to reply there and then. I know from experience that its better to go away and calm down, and maybe think about what you want to say. You'll be less likely to anger them, less likey to say something you later realise you didn't mean to or shouldn't have said and far less likely to end up getting kicked in the ISP by the mods.

  11. there were species like the massassi that were still alive during like the sith wars. they were descendants from the tru sith. but they were on yavin 4 so i dont know how they got there


    Massassi were slaves and a different species, not 'true' Sith. There were species-such as the Krath-that were allies of the Sith but not related to them in anything other than ideology. I *Think* the massassi were native to Yavin IV, but Exar Kun used them as slave labour to build all the pyramids. When the Jedi managed to track Kurn's base on Yavin IV down Kurn used the life force of all the Massassi on the planet (moon) in an attempt to fight off the entire Jedi order. Since all the Massassi were killed by this, I would take this fact as a sign that the Massassi were native to Yavin IV, and not brought in from another world-If Kurn could transplant the entire population of a world to another world so quickly he wouldn't have needed to.


    it is said in wookie-pedia that revan left to fight the true "sith"


    Be wary of taking Wilki as the obsolute truth on anything-Like I said before I think someone confused Kreia saying that the True Sith teachings were not from Korriban, and that was what Revan had gone off to face. I don't think at any point it is said what exactly Revan was fighting, and considering that it would limit the story line of (A potential) KOTOR 3 I can't see why they would state Revan was going to face the True Sith, just in case someone came up with a better idea.

  12. The 'true' Sith were a species in their own right-going off memory they had red skin and facial tentacles but were otherwise humanoid. The 'True' Sith as a species interbred with humans who settled on Korriban to the extent of becoming extinct....Which is where things get murky. It has been stated as cannon that the True Sith were extinct by Revans time (This is mentioned on one of the loading screens for K1, and I think it is mentioned again on a loading sceen in K2), which seems to contradict what Kreia told the Exile.


    Or does it?


    I'm not 100% clear on this, since its been a while since I played K2 and I'm not about to start a game just to check this, but I seem to recall that Kreia never said that Revan was fighting the true sith, but fighting the true threat. I do remember that she did state that the teachings of the sith did not come from Korriban, which might be where the confusion started.


    The Sith of Revans time (and earlier-at least from the time of Exar-Kun) were Sith only in that they were following the tradition's and ideology of the Sith species, and the same holds up until Palpatines day.


    What the Sith were up to in the 3000 years after Revan is, I think, more or less unknown. What is known is that 1000 years before the Films a Sith Lord called Darth Bane set up the rule of two-meaning that from that point on there would only be two Sith Lords, one the master and one the apprentice-This had been done before with Revan and Malak, the difference being that Bane meant two Sith period, he killed all the other Sith in such a way that the Jedi thought the Sith had wiped themselves out, then hid. For the next 1000 years the Sith continued to hide and follow the rule of two until Palpatine destroyed the Jedi order.


    If you want more just look on Wilkipedia-type in Starwars and look at the links towards the bottom of the page, Wilki has an entire section just for Starwars.

  13. ived played the game numerous times and have never been able to find the criminals. where were they? my bro found them but i didnt in the same place. does gender make a difference???


    Presumably a bug, but here goes:


    You can only find the escaped criminals if you take the DS route on Telos and side with Czerka. They show up during one of your meetings with Czerka, and then show up down on the restoration land. If you didn't see them with Czerka first, then you get common mercenaries down there instead.



    It is a bug, the very first time I played the criminals where there.....and never since. There is a patch you can get that solves this-look at the Restoration Project, I think it was on there.

  14. If I recall my Starwars history you couldn't go to Ossus since the world was destroyed-there was a Major Jedi academy there and there were lines of diolge in both KOTOR games to indicate that it had been destroyed at some point before (I think during Exar-Kun's time, which would be around 40 years before K1).

  15. All drop items are more or less random, as are the contents of containers-more or less meaning that there are some items that will also turn up in the same location otherwise you couldn't progress (You'll always find computer Spikes and mines when taking control of T3 on Peragus station for the first time for example), so you'd be having the same problem regardless of which class you were playing. The same is true of vendors-the items that they will have for sale is also more or less random-so no one can really tell you the best things to buy, since you might never find them. If your having real problems you have two choises; Use the KSE to give yourself better equipment or start again and hope you get better loot.



    I know what you mean about med packs and chemicals, although to be fair I've never really needed to use them once I get force heal.

  16. I think 80% of people either have an ATI or an NVidia card. You would think they would build a game accordingly, almost everyone else does. It tells me LucasArts or Obsidian got their pockets lined from NVidia to make the game exclusively.


    It is, therefore, ironic that Nvidea cards can suffer from Lag issues on Dantooine.....(Not that I'm agreeing with the comment about LA getting their pockets lined)

  17. The arena is a circular room with two doors opposite each other, one door leads to a corridor and the other leads to a small room. You can't open either door until after you win the fight with Hannar, so the fight itself takes place in a large circular room with no place to hide.

  18. You've got to feel sorry for these guys. Consider that they have had to play K2 over and over and over again in order to find and report bugs, then they have to play it over and over again to make sure the last fix worked. That they have managed to keep this up for years without losing interest is impressive, more so since I doubt any of them is going to be interested in playing KOTOR 2 again when they are done-They have sacrificed their own pleasure at playing this game for the rest of us. Then all they get when they look around are constant questions as to when it will be done, and complaints that it isn't done yet.


    I want to see this finished as much as anyone, but I'm greatful that the RP peeps are doing this and are putting so much time and effort into doing this when they could quite easily have fallen to temptation and given up long ago. They will finish when they finish, and considering how long they have been working on this I would imagine that this will be as quickly as they can.

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