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  1. Yes but vappaad doesn't really have a weakness and especially since you and deploy a super conducting loop to simply use the other forms advantage.


    Don't forget that Juyo is what Vapaad is base on. SO Therefore, IF Revan had Mastered Juyo so can he understand Vapaad and defeat Mace and any vapaad fighter.



    There is no evidence that Revan even learned juyo and even if he did that does not mean he would master vapaad because he simply doesn't know it and must be taught (even though he can be taught fast). There would be noone to teach him and if they were to fight how they were with pure lightsaber skills it would be a hard decision because mace has vapaad and s super conducting loop. Still in the book of revenge of the sith it said mace could barley reflect palps powers nad revan may be more powerful than palps.


    1: Vapaad was derived from Juno towards the end of the Republic era. It's creater was...Mace Windu. Hence Revan could not have been taught this form as it wasn't invented until about 4000 years after he was dead.


    2: Vapaad worked by mirroring the darkside-or the agressive nature inherant in the user and whoever they were fighting. It is this aspect of Vapaad that allowed Mace to deflect Palpatines force lightning back at him, but it wasn't something that could be controled. This is the so called conductive loop you keep talking about, and it would only work against directed force powers (such as force lightning) in this way, and then only providing you can get the lightsabre in the way to blow the attack.


    3: Vapaad is not a form without weaknesses-for a start only 3 Jedi ever knew this form, two of them became dark Jedi and all three were ultimatly killed in battle.


    4: Another, logical, weakness of Vapaad would be, quite simply, that due to its nature in channeling agressive natures of user and opponent it would have less effect against someone using a very defensive style.


    5: An agressive form concentrates on dealing maximum damage to opponets quickly at the expense of defense. Or put another way the logic is that the best defense is a good offence. Against a single opponet this would probably work, but fighting a lot of opponets could land you in trouble if you fail to take care of enough of them fast enough or don't have friends in the area to at least distract them.


    6: You are confusing Skill with power, and they are not the same thing. In the context of lightsabre forms the strength you have in the force is less important than the skill with which you can use a sabre-for example Obi-Wan was less powerful than Anakin, but more skilled with a sabre which was why he won their fight. Likewise, for all we know Palpatine was far more powerful than Revan (And the fanboys can stop shouting, this is an example not a statement) but less skilled with a sabre, which in a duel would have left Palpatine headless.

  2. Apart from not finishing the story being a bad idea, I can't see why anyone would be interested in having a KOTOR-game during the Mandalorian wars. You know what happens, you know who did what, there are no real surprises possible. You either play a story that is already told (if you play as Revan) or aren't of any importance (if you play someone else).


    There is nothing to be gained in such a game. The few nice things about the War would be completely overshadowed by the lack of a real plot.



    I think a Mandalorian game would be nice but after Kotor 3. There is a lot about the Mandalorian wars that we don

  3. Meh vapaad is better lightsaber form so windu is better. Not only that but his lightsaber form can form a super conducting loop which is why it is so powerful other than the speed. But the conducting loop is what saved him against palps. Palps and yoda were pretty even in their sabers. Revan was easily just as skilled as any of them though. I don't know who would win in a saber duel though because of vapaads super conducting loop. No doubt though if revan had learned and mastered vapaad he would most likley own mace.


    Its missleading, if not wrong, to call anyone particular lightsabre form better than any of the others. All the lightsabre forms have their strengths, and their weaknesses which balance out overall-if they didn't then all Jedi and Sith would use exactly the same lightsabre form all the time. Vapaad (and Juno, from which is is derived) is an agressive form, and for a short conflict a very useful one. But the Vapaad user who gets into a long fight will be in trouble against someone using a more defensive form.


    As has also been pointed out it is difficult to say who is better than who because half the people on the list come from different time periods. In a fight between Revan and Windu Revan would probably win....not because Revan might be a better swordsman or intrisically more powerful than Mace, but because Revan had more experience fighting lightsabre opponents than Mace-who would have been more used to dealing with opponents who fought with blasters.

  4. Not at all, I think everything-from the tradition of how Starwars 'works' in having stories in three parts, to the desires of the fans (mainly) and even the desires of the writers would lead me to say that K3 should and will finish the story. If it didn't......then LA's entire game-department should instantly resign and promise to never make desisions more complex than if they should have cream in their coffee ever again. (Some might say that they should do that anyway after K2).


    I don't think they could get away with a KOTOR game set during the Mandolorian wars at least until Revans story is finished once and for all.

  5. Its never clear what happens to them, Atris either kills them or sends them away for some reason-although if she kills them she at least cleans the place up afterwards. It's also not totally clear what happens to them if you play as a Male exile. True the Handmaiden fights and beats them-which if you are DS would mean they are very dead. But If you are LS I've always been of the opinion they were still alive, just knocked out *Shrugs* would a LS Handmaiden really kill her only remaining family.....?

  6. Well, one way is to

    Take him along on Dantooine and do the quest for the missing atmosphere sensors. You can get major influence by letting him examine the sensors when you find them and thanking him for it. Then return the sensors-getting the guy to admit to the real reason he wanted the sensors back, but refuse to take the extra money and settle for the original price-'Call it 3000, you need the credits more than I do' is the line I think. BD should comment on this, then you can talk to him again and start training him. Note, don't have Kriea or Visis in the party at the time, as they will pass comment and you don't get the influence with BD



    Thats the LS way, I forget how to do it DS as I've not played as a DS that often.


    There-I know I'd answered that question before on the first page.

  7. honestly i thoght the governor on taris was purty hard.............or maybe thats b/c i was saving my level ups for when i became a jedi.


    Probably-at least in part. The guy on Taris was hard for the simple reason that his ability to force push you over the room, or put you in statis, was greater than your ability to resist his powers. If you know what your doing-that is you stop before you open his door and buff the party up and make sure everyone is a full strength and has an active shield-you can take him out quickly.

  8. If a KOTOR 3 is made, I hope they don't make your entire group turn into Jedi again like KOTOR 2. I wouldn't even want the option open to them. And unlike KOTOR 1, I'd kind of like it if there weren't even enough Jedi to fill up the extra slots in the party. 3 member cap, only one companion Jedi.


    Because seriously, who uses anything but Jedi in their party? Anyone? Bueller?



    I agree, it did have too many jedi members, and maybe too many party members in general.


    Ideas in this vein;


    Why not randomise which party members can be turned into Jedi each time you play? Or Randomise those Characters that would not be required for the main plot anyway (Eg-If this had been in place in K2 Kreia and Visas would always be Jedi, as it would be required for the main plot. But none of the other characters would automatically be Jedifiable). While its true that they would have to come up with two different back-stories for each party member that might be able to become a Jedi I can't see this being a major problem.


    I think the problem in K2 wasn't so much that there were too many Jedi, as in they were the only party members worth taking....which comes back to the problems with not really needing the skills of most party members on most worlds (or rather there being no real reason or need to change your party once you find a team you like, apart from a few situations where you had no choice). There is a similar problem with the combat system being to heavily biased towards fighting with lightsabres-and hence Jedi characters being more useful and more likely to be chosen. Non-Jedi party members should be able to hold their own in a fight, maybe giving them combat skills or Feats Jedi don't have, Improving ranged combat or maybe having places where Jedi powers are less effective. There should also be incentive to use all of your Party members at some point-and by that I don't mean just the types of missions in K2 where you had no choice who you could pick. If someone is looking for the main character then maybe running around with the same party on every planet would allow them to track you down, or just mean that all the NPC's react to you differently for good or ill. Extra quests on some planets that are only triggered by having a particular character in your party would be a nice way to force you to experiment with party selection-A bit like K1 in fact.


    Another way to force you to change the party around would be for the other members of your party to affect how NPC's react to you depending on what you are attempting to do. It would, for example, be easier to scare the living excrement out of someone if you have a Mandoloran warrior looking over one shoulder and an Assasin droid glaring over the other shoulder. But attempting to sweet talk someone into believing you mean them no harm with the same party might not work quite so well.....

  9. Wonders why no Revan era books have been written yet.


    Because until they get around to doing K3 and deciding on the plot they have no idea how Revans story ends. They like to put referances into the books about events that have, or will happen in the future. Rather hard to do that in a book/comic when the writers have no idea what Revans story is going to be like, and will not be given room to make stuff up in case it conflicts with cannon.

  10. One place you can get one is Nar Shadaar;

    Make sure Atton is in your group and equiped with a stealth belt. Go to the dock area and visit the flot house, the first room you see has two aliens in it-if you try and walk up to then they'll turn and tell you something about being unable to listen into their converastion. Back off, Switch to Atton, activate stealth mode and creep up on them to over hear their plan at stealing from Voga the hut. Leave the docks and go back to the main area, and from there go into the bar-making sure you have the Handmaiden in your group as well as Atton if you are a male exile. In the bar use Atton again to listen into the conversation between the two lizards near the window on the right hand side of the room. Then go over and talk to the bar tender and buy some Juma Juice from him, get close to the dancers near the bar and either agree to dance for Voga yourself (if your female) or ask the Handmaiden to do it if you are male. You'll end up back in the docks and dance for Voga-which will send the slug to sleep. To the left, in the corner of the room, is the water dish for his hounds. Click on it and pour in the juma juice, then after the short cut scene switch back to Atton, activate stealth mode and creep up to the locked door near Voga. Pick the lock and rummage around the room-there is a locked container in there which will contain the part you need to make your sabre.



    While this seems like a lot of running around it is somewhat faster and easier than any other way of getting the last missing part on Nar Shadaar since you don't have to fight anyone, and you'll really need to talk to Voga at some point for a quest anyway.

  11. I just use force wave-chances are you'll stun at least one of the sabres for a while. Then I'll flurry another sabre, force wave again.....you can finish them off very quickly this way-with the added bonus that you'll stun Kreia at somepoint while spamming force wave.


    My tactic-Force wave, force wave, reactivate energy shield, flurry any sabre attacking me, force wave etc.

  12. Talk to the little guy outside the pazzak den and ask him what the exchange thinks of you. If he doesn't tell you that the exchange really wants to meet you then you've not yet done enough to trigger the meeting. (Its very easy to trigger the red eclipse fight before you've finished enough quests to get the exchange meeting). If he does say this you'll have to go back to a save game before you fought the red eclipse-Check the auto-save, if often saves as you board the Hawk to fight them or as you enter the main area when the cut scene is triggered.

  13. Thanks for the advice, but I did that already and had Visas in the party (crap). Know any other ways to get influence?


    I'm not 100% sure about this, but when you are on Nar Shadaar

    you can repair the hovercar/pod car if you get the parts before you go to see the exchange boss in the bar. If BD is in the party he will/can double check your work when its repaired, and will even install some of the componets for you. If you thank him for his help you can gain influence-although I'm not sure quite how much it should be enough if you've been nice to him on Telos. Btw, you can also get some infuence with Atton here as well if he's in the party-since he will offer to by-pass the security system on the car and you can discribe him as the expert when he offers.



    Thats the only other place I know you can get influence with BD after Telos and Dantooine.

  14. Off the top of my head I'm guessing that the problem might be your graphics card-I notice its an intel card, which I seem to recall can have problems running KOTOR from time to time.


    I've had the same problem in the game locking up during or just after the opening credits, which was strange since I'd played K2 on the same PC before without any major problems. First thing to do is to check the play disk isn't dirty or damaged, then try uninstalling and re-installing the game. Cleaning the play disk and reinstalling sorted the problem for me.

  15. Do you know if there was any specific reason she used a lightsaber like that? Like it went with her style, had significant importance to her? or did she just like it like that?


    In universe; This would be a flexable setup, since she could choose to fight with either a single sabre, twin sabres or with a duel-blade sabre as the situation dictated-each style has its strengths, but also weaknesses so if she had some idea of how she was going to have to fight she could pick the best style; For example a duel blade is probably not the best thing to use in confined areas, and two sabres probebly have less control when it comes to deflecting blasters. It would also be an agressive choise, since it would probably require a lot more combat training to learn to use each style effectivley-If I'm remembering correctly she used the Vaapad lightsabre form, which was the most agressive form known at the time, so this would all fit with an agressive lightsabre setup. The curved handgrips on each sabre would, probably, allow for better grip and control when fighting with a sabre in each hand. The 'S' shape when the sabres are joined is simply because if the grip was in a more 'M' shape it would be very difficult to control.


    Out of Universe; The writers were looking for something different to make her stand out, and having two sabres you could join together to form a duel bladed sabre is an idea that has been around as long as Darth Maul's duel bladed sabre. (I had the same idea after seeing that film). The sabres are, in effect, a mixture of Dooku's curved sabre and Mauls duel blade.


    Unlike most of the alternate types of sabre hilts I'd imagine this set up would really work, if require a fair amount of skill to use to best effect.

  16. Well, one way is to

    Take him along on Dantooine and do the quest for the missing atmosphere sensors. You can get major influence by letting him examine the sensors when you find them and thanking him for it. Then return the sensors-getting the guy to admit to the real reason he wanted the sensors back, but refuse to take the extra money and settle for the original price-'Call it 3000, you need the credits more than I do' is the line I think. BD should comment on this, then you can talk to him again and start training him. Note, don't have Kriea or Visis in the party at the time, as they will pass comment and you don't get the influence with BD



    Thats the LS way, I forget how to do it DS as I've not played as a DS that often.

  17. How Do I Shoot The control Panel


    It Won't Let Me



    Does Any One Know The Code





    Mate, I just posted it for you. Highlight the black block of text (hold the left mouse button down and move it over the text). I'm not writing down the code in plane text as there is no spoiler heading on the thread.

  18. From the point of view of survival creatures can either be solitary, which allows them to find food in a smaller area, since they do not have to compete with each other that much. Or they can be part of a group, which provides safety in numbers but also requires more resorces as you need enough for the group as a whole. In terms of of survival natural disasters are either irrelivent to species as a whole, or will wipe out species regardless of what survival path they took-Solitary animals are spead out so few will really be killed, although they might have trouble finding mates in the short term. More social animals stand a better chance of some of them surviving and moving on-at at least that viable populations will survive elsewhere and be able to continue breeding.


    Since Humans are, as has been noted, physically weaker than most animals of comparible size (We lack natural weapons such as claws and don't even have any form of natural armour) we took the group option. But from the view point of nature both are viable survival options for a species-Big Cats are for the most part solitary hunters, but they are just as sucessful in terms of survival as a rabbits, which are group animals.


    Humans are social animals, our strength is our ability to work and function in groups to ensure the survival of the whole, rather than the survival of one individual. In order for any group to function the individuals within that group have to be pressured to work together as efficently as possible-in other words they need rules-which may or may not be written down, and may not have any formal punishment-or laws, which are written down and have a stated punishment.


    Good and evil, only exist in a social context, and are not something included in nature as such, they are rules at how individuals within a group-no matter how large-should or should not act. Killing within your own group is nearly always considered wrong, or evil, since it weakens the group as a whole by deminishing the number of individuals who can contribute to the groups ability to survive. Other social animals follow similar rules, the difference being that humans can consider another group a threat not because they happen to be eating the food we want, but because they have ideas that are different to ours. The Crusades were not faught because the people in the middle east were a physical threat to the westen kingdoms, but ultimatly because they had differning ideas to the west which was seen as a threat.


    For example; Killing outside your group can be seen as a good thing, if that other group is considered as a threat to yours. Which is why shooting twenty people outside your front door is considered an evil act, while doing the samething to members of a group that are considered a threat (ie-your at war with them) is considered a good thing.


    (The only way to get humans to stop viewing differing groups as threats-and therefore fighting each other-would be for us to realise that humans are a group as a species, and not just because of what we wear, what our religon happens to be, what our skin colour is or where we we born.....)


    Socially 'Good' can be considered as actions that strengthen the group overall. While 'Evil' can be considered actions that benefit an individual but not the group. They are both, therefore artifical constructs of a group animal (humans) to help them survive. Even if you loose the laws of a larger group humans will tend to form smaller groups, which will have their own laws and rules and therefore have a better chance of survival than the individuals within that group would have alone. Put another way there will always be 'Good' and 'Evil' as long as humans are around to create societies/groups, but what they consider to be good actions is not always going to be the same-The Nazi's considered the concentration camps to be a 'Good' thing in regards to their group/society for example.


    Does this sound familiar? It should because this seems to be the different between the Jedi and Sith in Starwars. Jedi are the 'Good' ones in Starwars, and the Jedi code is about placing the good of the many above oneself. Sith are the 'Evil' ones who always place themselves over the group. I have no idea if George Lucas thought of this when he was writing the inital scrips for Starwars, or even if such a thought has occured to him or any of the other writers who've ever written Starwars material. But it conforms to human social structure, and is the basis for how all human societies stay stable.

  19. Just wait till Mortis gets here. Mortis knows this game backwards and forwards.


    I'm blushing....and also about to answer the question;



    center block counter clockwise, right block clockwise, left block counter clockwise


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