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  1. But it is NOT HIS power. I am talking about if palps were to fight ONE ON ONE and ancient sith lord he would be in for s surprise.


    And what did I say at the end of my last post...?;

    Palpatine relyed on deception backed up by force, while Sith Lords before Darth Bane relyed on force backed by deception. In a battle of wits Palpatine would win, in a test of pure strength in a fight he'd lose against one of the older Sith Lords. But this would be less to do with their power than it would be the lack of experience Palpatine had in that type of conflict


    You are just reading what you want to to read, not what is there.


    What he said still made ZERO sense. No way in all logic that palpatine could BEAT nihulis. He's wrong. Yeah you heard me right. He either needs to go and rewrite the old history of the sith to make palps more powerful or except the fact that he ALLOWED creations of more power sith (mabey a different type of sith than palpatine though).
    followed by;
    And that is not a feat of HIS power according to me but others


    Translation; I'm ignoring inconventiant truths-such as George Lucas being God as far as Starwars is concerned while in comparison I'm a turnip.


    And intellegence is not POWER.


    Some one else want to take that one up? Its too easy.


    So palpatine on his own right isn't as powerful as everyone makes it out to be.


    Niether is Revan, or Mace Windu, or Yoda....or Nillius for that matter.

  2. Sounds like a glitch and a 'You should have saved moment', but this is the first time I've heard of this particular problem.


    First, are you running any mods? if the answer is yes they could be whats screwing things up.


    Second, check to see if there is an autosave from before the mission. Since this part of the game switches between different locations and characters odds are fairly good that there is a save game from before the T-3 mission.


    I'm going to add this about HK-47, but its a spoiler so you might not want to read it yet;



    HK-47's story line with the HK-50's isn't finished-it was cut content. If you want to find out and play that part of the game you'll have to wait until the Restoration project is finished.


  3. So yes he took out the republic and MOST of the jedi but had OTHERS DO IT FOR HIM get it?


    So? Controling others is a form of power. By the same logic you'd have to dismiss all Sith Lords-including Revan-as weak because they used others to acomplish their goals, they did after all fight the Jedi with other Sith, armies etc, rather than attempting to kill all the Jedi on their own. Even your beloved Nillius attempted to use Visas to kill the Exile rather than doing so himself.


    Most the jedi were weak.


    Due in part to Palpatine clouding the force with the darkside


    Politics were messed up.


    Due to Palpatine playing groups off on one another.


    Darth Revan didn't because he wasn't interested he had a different goal an that was to stop the true sith.


    That *seems* to have been his long term goal (Its not clear that the threat he was responding to really was the true Sith at this point. We'll have to wait for K3 to find out, we hope). But in the short term he was still trying to take over the Republic and get rid of the Jedi to accomplish that, and he failed.


    Not only that but there were far more forces working against him and he still crushed everyone in his path which palaptine never did he hid and was everyones secret allie which he had fighting each other.


    Palaptine did crush all opposition, for a while. His problem was that he created more enemies in the process-the last one being Vader.


    Kreia could of minipulated as palps could but had a different plan.


    Manipulated yes, I'm not so sure she would have had the skills (or inclination) to get into politics.


    That's nice. Hiding isn't power. It's being a punk.


    When you are one Sith Lord against hundreds (maybe thousands) of Jedi its called being smart.


    On straight out warfare against another sith lord where there is nothing but the ancient sith lord and palpatine palaptine would be slaughtered.


    Yes, I said this in another post. Palpatine relyed on deception backed up by force, while Sith Lords before Darth Bane relyed on force backed by deception. In a battle of wits Palpatine would win, in a test of pure strength in a fight he'd lose against one of the older Sith Lords. But this would be less to do with their power than it would be the lack of experience Palpatine had in that type of conflict.

  4. The video game people CREATED these characters so THEY have JUST as much say as GL because GL was the moron who ALLOWED them to create their own characters to have them ANYWAY they wanted them. That's like marvel saying I said the hulk can beat SM cause it's canical and DC saying no superman would win and that's canical cause we created super man. TWO DIFFERENT creators get it?


    Bad example. Spider Man and Superman are owned by Marvel comics and DC comics respectively, which are different companies. Marvel could say Spidey will mop the floor with Superman, but if they printed it in a comic they'd get sued for copyright infringment.


    George Lucas on the otherhand owns the entire Starwars franchise-thats everything from the films, the games, the coffee mug even the starwars bedsheets some people have. If he says Palpatine is the most powerful Sith lord ever that is cannon, anyone saying diffently in a story will be asked to change it. If they don't they will not be able to release the result as a licenced product/story without getting sued.


    visas will say what is really happening and that he is STILL to powerful after he exhausted most of his power


    Visas was attempting to further weaken Nillius at the time. Her comment was about this action, which was hers not the Exiles, and means that he was too powerful for her.


    THROUGH hiding like a punk and minipulating. He didn't even come close to having to power of acomplishing this through brute force which other sith easily could have in a time like this.


    The Sith attempted the direct approch several times......and lost to the Jedi, proving that brute strength alone wasn't enough.

  5. Thanks for including a link that just proves Juyo and Vaapad are listed as the same general form-form VII and are hence both agressive forms.

    Darth Mortis Posted Yesterday, 04:00 PM


    Read the whole thing. It states that vapaad is a higher level of mastery CREATED by mace windu so it didn't exist before and that vapaad had many powers that a juyo master did not have.


    *Sighs* and once again you missed the point. What I was saying originally was that Vaapad was an agressive/offensive lightsabre form, like juyo from which Vaapad was developed. All the lightsabre forms are a bit like a see-saw with one end being defence and the other offence. If you raise the defence the offence will fall and vice-versa. (The only form this does not apply to is Nimian, which balances offence and defense equally. However as was proved on Genosis this can be a problem as all the Jedi who were using this form got shot). The form a Jedi/Sith uses by choice depends on if they intend to wait for an opening-as Obi-Wan did-or if they intend to take the fight to an oppoent from the start.


    The trick is to get the correct balance, if you are too aggresive you'll have next to no defence and if you fail to take your opponent out before they strike back you'll most likely be dead. If you are too defensive then your opponent is going to keep coming until they break through your defenses.


    Vaapad is an agressive form, hence its defenses will be lower than other lightsabre forms. This does not mean it is a defensless form, simply that it would not allow the user to protect themselves as well as some other forms.

  6. You need to have overheard the converation in the dock area (Where all the rooms are).

    Its the two aliens talking in the very first room you see when you enter. In order to hear the conversation you'll have to switch to stealth mode (or have one of your party do the same) and get close enough to overhear them. If you try just walking up to them in normal mode-ie not in stealth,They'll stop talking and tell you to get lost. Once you've overheard the conversation talk to the bartender near the dancers. You can now ask if he has any Juma Juice for sale. Btw, there are another two aliens in the bar to the right of where you enter who'd conversation you can also overhear if you go near them in stealth mode.

    There, I'm putting it in spoilers as there is no warning on the topic heading. Have fun.

  7. "although it could be argued that he/she decided not to do so after killing Malak."


    Revan is LS canonically


    Ooops, my bad. What I intended to say was 'Although it could be argued that he/she decided not to do so, if you play Revan as DS and ignore cannon, after killing Malak'. *Hangs head in shame*

  8. Darth Mortis, I can't authenticate to you that Darth Sidious is canonically the most powerful Sith Lord of them all. I mean I could, as I could provide you a link to an old SW thread here where Wild Storm posted a scan of a page from an officially licensed LA book which stated that Darth Sidious is canonically the most powerful Sith Lord of all time, but sorry, I can't be bothered enough to. Hopefully my reliable word is enough for you.


    Anyhow, I'm convinced what Lucas meant by power was his aptitude to defeat an opponent in combat, because not even Anakin surpassed Sidious, in spite of the fact he achieved 80% of his potential, which is still a reasonably high figure. That, plus the fact he came a draw with Yoda, which more than one person has confirmed Lucas said was the most powerful Jedi ever before post-RotJ Luke Skywalker, suggests what he meant by power is his strength in the Force.


    Fair enough, I wasn't really questioning your word as such, I was just curious as to what 'Most Powerful' meant in regards to Sith Lords-That is if it implied only their strength in the force or included power from other sources. I guess the Sith would say thats the same thing-ie that strength in the force dictates how much power you can get from other sources.


    Know this to. I don't care what GL says. He can't back it up. I could make a movie about godzilla vs ant man and say something like oh ant man is canically more powerful and it STILL WOULDN'T BE TRUE. That's pretty much all lucas is saying when he says that. Palps is an ANT to Nihilus who could cosume ALL LIFE AND DESTROY IT ALL at some point if he wasn't stoped kreia said. NOW HOW [is] palps gunna compare to him. Comparing simple food to a planet devourer. Ant vs Godzilla. That's what it IS and what it WOULD BE. PEROID! Anyone can talk. Yes GL has a mouth. Doesn't make what he says true. The true power is what the acomplished through their stories. WHAT THEY DID. What the were able to do and all logic and fact points to sidious being an average dark lord of the sith (above average minipulater) in a time when much knowledge was lost and destroyed over thousands of years.


    No, the ant man is canonically more powerful, because you

  9. The Sith Lords after Darth Bane were different to those that came before-instead of acting openly and attempting to take over the Republic from outside, they acted from behind the scenes and attempted to take over from within. Palpatine would be the prime example of this type of Sith-he used deception backed by force rather than force backed by deception.


    It would be hard, therefore, to state that he was more powerful in some respects than Sith Lords before Darth Bane-he'd run rings around them when it came to concocting plans and keeping everyone guessing, but they'd flatten him if it came down to a show of strength one on one simply because they'd be more used to that type of conflict. (As evidenced by the fact that Palpatine was powerful enough to not only hide himself from the Jedi so that they never realised he was force-sensitive, let alone a Sith Lord, but also dampen the Jedi's connection to the force for several years at the same time. Yet for all this power he had real problems dealing with Yoda when it came down to a one on one fight).


    True Sith were a specific species, and if memory serves had red skin and tenticles on their faces. As a species True Sith are extinct (at least by the time of the clone wars) so Palpatine wouldn't be a true Sith in this context, but could be considered heir to their pholosophy. Having said that True Sith did interbreed with humans, so its not impossible that Palpatine had a true Sith in his family tree-admittidly this would be at least 4500+ years or more ago...assuming LA doesn't decide that some of them went into hiding somewhere.

  10. 6. Obi-won was not as skilled as anakin with a blade merely more in control and aware as to what was going on because his form was perfect against Anakins. Many books even state that Anakin was one of the greatest saber fighters of his time. He owned duko and obi-won didn't even come close.


    Obi-Wan was considered the master of his form, so that probably does him a slight diservice, but I can't fault the logic. Obi-Wan did have better situatinal awareness than Anakin, which could have been in part down to his form being less focused than Anakin which might have allowed him to pick up on what was going on around him better.


    Palps was NOT more powerful than revan and skill results in POWER anyway. If your more skilled using a saber than your MORE POWERFUL using a saber because you will win. End of subject.


    And I said;

    Likewise, for all we know Palpatine was far more powerful than Revan (And the fanboys can stop shouting, this is an example not a statement) but less skilled with a sabre, which in a duel would have left Palpatine headless.
    Note that I did say this was an example, not a statment of fact.


    I also said that;

    In the context of lightsabre forms the strength you have in the force is less important than the skill with which you can use a sabre
    I said, I thought clearly, that an individuals strength in the force did not automatically mean they would be skilled/powerful with a lightsabre


    You give the same thing two meanings. Bottom line is the one who wins in the saber duel is the one who is more powerful saber duelist enless their form is giving them rare advantages.


    No, I'm not. And the winner of a duel is not always the most powerful/skilled. Luck and experience can count for a lot, as can misjudgements in how you face a battle. Using a form that relies on movement while in a confined space puts you at a disadvantage regardless of how good you happen to be for example.


    And the bottom bottom line is the fact that Mace CAN DEPLOY A SUPER CODUCTING loop AT WILL (don't confuse this ability with shatterpoint) and THAT will take care of his defenses.





    Thanks for including a link that just proves Juyo and Vaapad are listed as the same general form-form VII and are hence both agressive forms.

  11. 1. That was what I was getting at. No one can teach Revan the form so it's a disadvantage to him.


    I meant that comparing Mace Windu's lightsabre skills against anyone before him-ie Revan-is a little pointless as he'd have the advantage of using a style they wouldn't know. It would be better to compare him to Jedi/Sith who were alive when he was, and would have at least heard of the style if not seen it in action. You could compare other Jedi of Mace's time to those before, since they would know the same forms. From what I can tell the lightsabre forms didn't change much over the years (which seems a little odd to be honest), what did change is which forms Jedi/Sith tended to use-For example Jedi at the start of the clone wars tended towards using Nimian form, but those who used it on Genosis were also the ones who got killed so it quickly fell out of favour. If the forms didn't change, then it could be assumed that both Jedi and Sith would have picked the same forms in time of war if the threats were of a similar nature (Ie mainly blaster wielding opponents or lightsabre opponents). Which would allow a comparison between Jedi/Sith of different eras.


    2. Wrong. He could control it. Also it could deflect MORE than just force powers if you read ANYTHING about the fight between him and palps he used palps OWN speed, agression and power in the saber duel as his OWN with the super conducting loop. Mace CAN deploy a super conducting loop at his will. In this area you are completley wrong. Read the book for more info.


    '....Vaapad is a channel for darkness, and that darkness flowed both ways.......He reflected the fury upon its source as a lighsabre redirects a blaster bolt.....The darkness had no power over him. But-Neither did he have power over it. Vapaad made him an open channel, half of a superconducting loop compleated by the shadow...there was still only the cycle of power, the endless loop, no wound taken on either side, not even the possibility of fatigue. Impasse. Which might have gone on forever, if Vaapad were Maces only gift.....he only had time to slip back into Vaapad and angle his blade to catch the forking arcs of pure, dazzling hatred that clawed towards him. Because Vaapad is more than a fighting style. It is a state of mind; a channel for darkness. Power passed into him and out again without touching him. And the circuit completed itself: the lightning reflected back to its source....."Anakin, he's too strong for me-"....lightning speared from the Sith Lord's hands and without his blade to catch it, the power of Palpatine's hate struck him full-on.....Dark lightning blasted away his universe. He fell forever.'


    (Snippet from StarWars, Revenge of the Sith book, detailing the fight between Mace Windu and Darth Sidious)


    I quoted this since it says, quite clearly that Mace could control the loop only in so far as being able to activate it-meaning dropping into the Vaapad form. It also indicates that Vaapad has limits, and its ability to deflect force lightning replies on having a lightsabre in hand.


    Its also helpful since it makes the point about Vaapad I was trying to make last time-namely that Vaapads strength comes in part from whoever you are fighting. If they are being passive and defensive there is less for it to work with, so it becomes less powerful.


    3. They were killed because they lacked the skill not because the weakness of their form but because they never took it to a high enough level.


    You could also argue that anyone who lost against another lightsabre opponent did so because they didn't take the form they were using to a high enough level. In Mace Windu's case he is called the Vaapad master, meaning that he had taken that form to the highest level he could and no one was better-but he still tells Anakin that Palpatine was to strong for him alone.....


    4. WRONG. It could EASILY penitrates defenses with blinding speed nearly invisible to the naked eye according to the books.


    Jedi and Sith don't reply on the eye, they use the force; 'Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them-Obi-Wan to Luke Skywalker in Episode IV'. I'd also note that fencers can wield a conventinal blade faster than the eye can follow without using the force, and they can parry blows at that speed too. Trust me....I've failed to see it....


    5. Wron again. You speak of juyo! VAPAAD is NOT juyo.


    No, I wasn't talking about Juno I was talking about all the agressive lighsabre forms which, while including Juno would also include Vaapad and Makisku (Dooku's form). And Vaapad is derived from Juno btw, which I think I noted before.


    Besides NONE of this matter because with his lightsaber form he can deploy and super conducting loop for defense



  12. Although, Darth Mortis' idea almost would seem like what it would actually be, as it would play out so perfectly. I wouldn't mind simply seeing a little bit of the end of the Mandalorian Wars, like the beginning of the game being a cutscene from Malachor V, and as Mortis said, something happening to the main character, and so on. It would seem to me that Mortis' idea is probably not going to be far off from the final product, as I said before, it fits so perfectly.


    Lets hope K3 is like this-it would give a much greater scope to the overall game, and be the kind of ending the KOTOR series deserves.


    (And, BTW if LA or the developer of K3 reads this I am open to reasonable offers if you want to use this.......:yes: )

  13. Tell me this, if Nihilus became the inhuman planet eating monster that he was in TSL simply because he was a normal force-sensitive fella who became so powerful, then why is Darth Sidious, not Nihilus', canonically the most powerful Sith Lord of all time, as Sidious could not drain the life of an entire planet? :yes:


    I'd like to know where it says that Sidious was the most powerful Sith Lord, I'd also like to know if you mean pure strength in the force or if your also including the power he could draw from other sources (ie; Allies).


    If you mean most Powerful in the force your wrong-that would be Vader-at least before he lost most of his limbs-since he had a midiclorian count higher than any recorded before. Plus Sidious tells Yoda that Vader will become more powerful than both of them-indicating that Vaders strength in the force was greater than his masters.


    If you mean power including allies etc then Sidious would indeed be the most powerful Sith Lord ever, since he could call on the resorces of the entire Galactic Empire at will.

  14. just thought i would add that there are 26 bugs left, the translation team has been working for sometime now so hopefully there almost finished translating and we can get that out of the way

    Actually the translation team doesn't even have anything to translate yet as I'm just getting over a nasty sinus infection ;)

    Also given that they were just brought aboard less than a week ago I very much doubt they would have been close finishing within 2 weeks :p


    The best way to get over a sinus infection is to stay indoors, keep warm and keep the mind active.....say by working long hours in front of a computer ;)


    As for motivating translation teams I've always found that needless violence arbitrarily handed out for the smallest mistake or slowdown in production can work wonders......


    More Seriously, hope your getting better mate :)

  15. Of all the planets in the two KOTOR games some are more likely to show up than others;


    Taris; Unlikely, while there *could* still be a few who survived the bombing there wouldn't really be anything to do.


    Dantooine; Probable, even though its been in both games and there is not really that much there. If I had to put money on one planet being included in all three games Dantooine would be the best bet.


    Tatooine; Probably not, I have a hard time believing that they could find anything to do here, unless your following Revans steps from K1....which lets face it would be dull.


    Mahann; Maybe, there is nothing to stop this world from turning up again, regardless of how you played K1.


    Wookie world (yes, ok I can't remember how to spell it...) ; very unlikely. The problem here is that if you pick Revan as being a LS'er he would have freed the Wookies, and they then refused to allow outsiders to land there (Revan aside). They'd have to come up with a viable reason why the Wookies would allow you to land-without the fur balls being invaded and enslaved again, which would lead to missions here almost identical to those in K1.


    Korriban; *Sighs* probably (as much as I'd rather not see the place again). The Sith could have returned here regardless of how you played the first two games.


    Yavin 4; Possible, but unlikely given what little is know about the world in the EU-namely that no-one settled that world after Exar Kun and everything he had of value down there was destroyed.


    Starforge world; Its possible, if they write things so that the Rakatans have some connection to the growing threat or knowledge of it. This would, however, create problems since Revan would have eliminated at least one of the two groups there. Not a major problem, there would be ways around it, but it could be more effort than it would be worth.


    Peragus; Worryingly this is possible-the station *could* have been re-built depending on how much time has passed since K2. Very unlikely though, apart from anything else even LA might think twice before putting such a dull planet into K3.


    Telos; Possible, although since the world could have been left as a wasteland if you played as Dark-side unlikely.


    Nar-Shadaar; Quite possible unless they add Cororsant to K3-the two worlds would be too much alike in someways to get away with having both in the same game.


    Duxn/Onderon; If the Mandolorian's play a major part in K3 then quite probably-at least Duxn since thats the new home world of the Mandolorian clans.


    Malacore; No, simply put if the Exile was LS the world was destroyed-so including this world would be a waste of time from a development prospective as it wouldn't be there to be visited in some games.

  16. Calo is a major pain no matter how often you play. The only way I've found of killing him with minimum hassle is to get everyone buffed up before the fight, then to start lobbing plasma granades at him before closing in. Even then you have to keep an eye on your party-for some reason they keep changing targets from him to some two bit bounty hunter who's not really going to hurt them.

  17. in k1 canderous said that they fought a "living asteroid that spat lava" and if any of you are familiar with the new jedi order series then you would no that the yuuzhang vongs ships were "living asteroids that spat lava" and that they lost there connection through the force thousands of years ago and then in k2 if u get t3 to display the messege of bastilla or carth sayin reven went to unknown space were the yuuzhang vong came from coincidence i think not this is possibly were the game is heading and not to the world you speak of such as naarshada or corrusant and the such


    If the Yuuxhang Vong turn up in K3 I will, personally, track down every single person who worked on the game and do things to them that would make Darth Vader look like a small puppy.


    Yes, Canderious did say that, but like many elements in KOTOR it is a nod to later Starwars stories, not an indication of where things are going. I'd also like to note that 'Unknown regions' simply means areas of the galaxy that the Republic hasn't explored-and even 4000 years later thats a huge area, most of the Galaxy in fact.

  18. Check the FAQ section of the forum. But I don't think this is a Vista problem exclusivly....I seem to recall getting that error message under Win 98 before now on other games. If you still have the Vista disk you could try reinstalling Vista if all else fails-it shouldn't delete anything other than your current window settings, as the install program checks to see what programs you already have installed on your computer. Of course if you try this and it fails don't blaime me, I will take no responsibilty if it decides to format your harddrive.


    Anyone else with technical knowledge know how to solve this in a simpler way?

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