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  1. it will be good, if there are many BIIIIIG battles with lightsabers!


    Do we have a release date?


    No, in fact there is not only no release date there is no indication they are even working on K3 yet. (Pessimism to maximum) Come to think of it there is no sign that they are even thinking of developing K3 as of yet-just vage comments about not leaving the KOTOR series behind, which could just mean they have the title down for some point in the future when they run out of other SW crap to spew out.

  2. Have I mentioned fixing the swords > blasters nonsense?

    I don't care what era of Star Wars it is, unless you're a Jedi, you're not going to be carrying a sword anyway.


    Well real-world soldiers do carry knives for use in close combat, and I guess the logic would be that in the SW universe soldiers would carry knives as well. The catch is that SW is aimed at kids (of all ages ;) ), so I can't imagine them putting knives in one of their games. The last thing LA wants is some kid play-acting a fight from KOROR using their parents kitchen knives. Replacing knives with swords in the games is, ironically, safer if only because fewer people are likley have have a Katana lying around. Thus the kiddies will either use one of the plastic sabres you can buy, or a cardboard tube, if they get carried away and stage a couple of fights basied on SW.

  3. One of the main routes to the dark side is hatred, but most people assume that means hatred for someone or something else-for example Anakin hating the Jedi. But hatred can also be directed at onesself. In Anakins case his decent to fully becoming Vader was hatred at himself for killing the children. At the time he would have consoled himself with the knowledge that killing all the children was nessasary, but he was aware deep-down that he'd done something totally wrong and hated himself for it. It was that self hatred that fed his rage, and which lead him to commit more and more evil acts for which he hated himself even more until it was easier to hide his guilt and self hate behind the anger.


    Palpatine would have known this, and my best guess is that he sent Vader to kill the children for three reasons;


    1-It removed the Jedi as a threat both in the short term (by killing the older jedi in the temple) and in the long run (By killing anyone who could have become a jedi in the future-that is the children).


    2-It tested Vaders loyaltie and worthyness as a Sith Lord. Although Anakin had killed Count Dooku that could be considered a personal matter, since Dooku had cut Anakins hand off. And it was Palpatine who killed Mace Windu rather than Anakin. In order to be worthy of being a Sith Anakin had to prove he would kill for power or simply because he was told to.


    3-Control. Palpatine needed to get control over Anakin as quickly as possible. Had he given him time to think Anakin might have turned back from the dark side before he went to far, or he might have decided to attack Palpatine as a Sith. Either way it would be very bad for Palpatine, who'd just been in a fight with four Jedi masters and who must have been weak and vunable. By sending Anakin after the children in the temple he was directing Anakins energy to action, rather than thought, and away from the real threat (Palpatine himself). Afterwards Palpatine would have known Vader would have hated himself, and Palpatine could use that self-hatred to keep control of Vader in the long run. If nothing else if Vader had decided to attack his new master not all of his anger would have been directed at him, quite a lot would have been directed at himself which would have given Palpatine a far better chance of winning a fight.

  4. OK, the following is taken from a book I have. Its detail on Spartans is....well poor in general as it looks at battles in a general overview rather than in detail. But this is what I can work out;


    The Greeks adopted bronze armour around the 8th centure BC. The full outfit consisted of a helmet, cuirass covering the upper body and greaves covering the knees and shins. There would also be a spear, sword and of course the shield. This was the total outfit of the Hoplite....but it wasn't always worn this way.


    Since Greek warfair was more about defending their homes/cities Hoplites were expected to buy their own equipment-most if not all of them were farmers most of the time, and soldiers only when needed. Not everyone would have been able to afford the whole kit-it was expensive-and to have the full outfit was very much a status symbol.


    The Battle of Thermopyae did include 300 Hopilites under the command of the Spartan King Leonidas, but it also included one thousand plus other Greek soldiers, including skirmishers.


    This is just a guess, but I would say that the 300 spartans were Kings own bodyguards/royal guards. In which case they would probably be wearing the full Hoplite amour. The other troops probably didn't have the full outfit, and may have used leather instead of bronze or not worn any armour at all (I would assume that they would be wearing a helmet and carrying a shield-the former would allow identification while the latter was required for a Phalanx). In this context it is very likey that some of the Greek troops were oiling up, since many of them could have lacked armour. It could also be that the Hopites were also oiling their armour up-it would make it shine more and look better, and it might also make it harder for someone to get a grip on them. They might have even believed that oiled armour deflected blows better.

  5. What the hell? Bethesda? Ship combat?


    I'm thinking of the Pirates of the Carabean game they made a few years ago. The ship combat there was with sailing ships, but members of your party could influence the ability of your ship-such as increasing the re-load rate of the guns or how fast you could turn the ship. (The system is quite an old one, it dates back to an earlier game that Pirates was based on but it works quite well). This seems similar to the idea Zaxx Kredda had about party members influencing the abilities of the ship.

  6. If I'm reading the forums on the TSLRP correctly (and chances are I'm not lol) then most, if not all of the group, are doing exams and the revision etc will slow them down. I also seem to recall something about one of the people working on the RP being either Awol or having been slowed up for some reason. If that is true, and that is the person meant to be working on the minor issues it would explain why they haven't been touched for a while.


    As for your freind Xard-try hitting them over the head with a plastic lightsabre until they stop asking you about the TSLRP :yucky:

  7. I think that I understand what you mean, its a cross between Bethesda softwares way of handling ship combat and Freelancer.


    It is a good idea, and one I like. But I also feel that it is something that is unlikey to be included.


    To start with, being able to pick who goes in which position on the Hawk would require either a larger party, or the ability to pick who you allow to join you-otherwise you'll just end up using the same people in the same postions. A larger party, or more potential party members, would increase the size of the game, as in needing more plots etc and that would take more time to develop the game for what is meant to be a small part of the game. It would probably work better if you could buy or make items to upgrade the Hawk instead.


    The control system also bothers me for ship combat. However they did this the control system has to something that can translate to both console and PC versions of the game. I'm rather tired of playing PC games were it is very obvious the orignial controls have been ported from a console, and are next to impossible to get to grips with. The KOTOR series works well mainly because its just as easy to play on the PC and console versions.


    One thing I do not want to see is the random ship combat that was in K1. Being intercepted every five minutes by fighters quickly lost its appeal and became just plain annoying. (Thank god they removed that from K2). If they opt to put ship fighting in it should either be as part of a plot or something you can decide to avoid-either by running away in game or switching it off under the options menu.

  8. Why does the Destiny for the New character have to be that they have to destroy the true sith/major bad guy of the game? Maybe their destiny is simply to find the Exile and Revan and help them destroy the threat. I'm remembering Jolie's story about someone he knew having a destiny, but that involved being thrown into the main reactor of a ship and destroying it even as he died.


    *sighs* Well it seems like a good idea, but probably one that would be better as a story than as the plot to K3.

  9. Should the PC be a unique and special person who's integral to the universe and everyone know's them - "the chosen one" arch-type, or should it be someone who showed up at the right time, and have no unique destiny pointin them in the right direction - I rather like the latter more, makes it feel more realisitic in a strange way


    I like the idea, but given the way KOTOR works its unlikely that will be the case. Starwars has a load of destiny stuff releated to the force, so the Main Char is almost certain to be someone 'Special'. In fact I can't see how they could get around this in K3 even if they wanted to, at least not and stay true to the way the Starwars universe works.


    On the other hand there is nothing to say that the main char has to be some wonderful/powerful leader of times long ago (well, the mandolorian wars anyway). I'd rather like the idea that the main char just being an 'average' Jedi and being thrown into the deep end. It would be fun to wonder around with everyone asking exactly who you are and what you think your doing until you can earn a reputation-rather than starting with one.

  10. I've found most of the unique items during replays..


    I remember one very powerful gray robe that made my Sith Lord totally wipe the floor with anyone (can't remember the name though - but it gave me fast force reg. +4 wis + 2 cha and a bunch of other usefull bonuses)


    I think thats the Grey Jedi Knight robes. I once managed to find that on the Harbringer of all places.

  11. Why Canderous? I'm guessing in KotOR1 he is late 50's and then in KotOR2 probably early 60's. Therefore depending whatever time KotOR3 is set in, he'll be an old man.



    Well, when Kriea and Canderous talk on Duxn Kriea does meantion that Revan gave Canderous his orders before vanishing-regardless of if Revan was LS or DS it should be noted. I can only assume that those orders involved reforming the Mandolorans, in which case it could be considered logical to assume that Revan wanted another military force/army within Republic space. Given the reputation of the Mandolorians as warriors, and Revans history with them, it would make sense if Revan picked the Mandolorians for this task. Assuming that K3 follows on from the story of K2 and no one forgets this little bit of trivia then it would be logical to assume the Mandolorians have a role to play in K3. If they do Canderous would be the logical choice for the voice/face of the Mandolorians, rather than bringing in a totally new character who would be doing the same job.



    You are right about Canderous's age, but then we have no idea how long Mandolorians can live before old age kicks in. Canderous is a pure Mandolorian, and while they look human (and might be related to humans, if not just a sub-culture) they might be tougher and longer lived. Assuming they don't get themselves killed in battle anyway. Even if Canderous is an old man, maybe just living that long would gain him considerable respect and honor amongst other Mandolorians as it would imply that he has never been beaten in battle.

  12. The swoop racing in K1 was quite good-easy enough to get to grips with yet hard enough to be a challenge if you decided to play. The Racing in K2 was very poorly thought out, it feels like an idea someone dreamt up as being better than the first but which no one bothered to test properly. Its too hard to get to grips with and insanely difficult to play. I think someone did realise this at some point since racing in K2 was not required and there was no real help if you decided to have a race-unlike Pazzak which you could practice with Atton. I get the feeling that it was kept in as padding, but secretly everyone was hoping no one would notice it was there.

  13. Finally, I just had a random idea for a character - someone finds the destroyed remains of HK-47 (I know he's everyone's favourite character, but we can't have him AGAIN in the third game, neither can you have T3-M4 again)


    T3 destroyed is doable, but HK-47 isn't due to the fact that he shows up on Mustafar during the height of the Galactic Empire...

    SWG isn't movie canon nor EU canon.


    Even if it was HK47 could have turned up there long after events seen in KOTOR 3, after all the Galactic Empire was 4000 years later. I don't think any explination was or is given as to how HK-47 ends up on Mustafar-or at least nothing that says he wasn't involved in events after K2.


    I think that if you wanted to put money on which Characters are most likely to show up in K3 you'd be best betting on HK-47, T3 and Canderous. I have the strangest feeling that they will once again become Party members in K3.

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