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  1. Its pure luck-drops and equipment you find is, for the most part, totally random. This can lead to strange situations where you find Jedi Knight robes on the Harbringer, and blaster pistols everywhere else. I think that some of the items you find do require you to be at a particular level before they might turn up, but its still random.

  2. I must be strange, since as much as I want the RP to be finished I'm getting more and more impressed by the work they are doing. Why? If you take a look at the things they are editing its clear that they are attempting to make this as high quality as possible (given that there are parts of the programming they can't alter).


    OK, so the number going up is slightly annoying, but I'd rather the number went up because they are altering very minor things, than they released it full of small errors. Almost every mod I've tried for K2 either doesn't work, puts in more glitches or unbalances the game-somehow I seriously doubt this is going to happen with the RP.


    (Btw, can anyone thing of a better term than 'mod' to discribe the RP? Somehow that just doesn't seem to do justice to the amount of work they have, and are, putting into this)

  3. My ideas...


    1 Levels for the force/lightsaber forms so you can become an expert in whatever form you like to use instead of having equal skill at all of them


    2 Change it so that your attacks actually look different when you are using different forms, and so when you are doing 4 hits you swing that many times (instead of just twice)


    3 Have real time turn based fighting in space. You would have a mechanic class person in your party who could build a ship or just add on laser cannons and stuff. You could to fire lasers, torpedoes, tractor beam, bomb, or dodge. You might have anything from a starfighter to a capitol ship.


    4 Have a huge battle near the end of the game with hundreds of soldiers from both sides, like the battle of Geonosis, that you would have to fight through to get to the main boss. (Okay that might cause the game to lag, but it would be cool)


    1: That couldn't be done with the current rules as they stand. They would have to alter the basic rule sets for skills and combat, and I'm guessing that as good an idea as that is they will stick to the current rule sets.


    2; Agreed.


    3; While a good idea I can't see them doing that. Part is down to the work needed-in effect they'd have to make two games in one and if K2 is any indication the developer isn't going to have the time. I'd also guess that it would not be popular given the way KOTOR is played, and it could create major problems for the PC version in terms of controls-Space flight using a controler on the X-Box is one thing, but translating that into a useable system that relies on the keyboard and mouse would (again) require a fair amount of time to work out and implement, and probably be considered too much work for a minor part of the game. (K1 &2 were not about space battles this this manner, and I'd be truely astonished if they made K3 any different).


    A turn based system similar to the ground based combat in the game could be done, and be easier to translate between platforms, but again I think it would be considered to much effort for a minor part of the game-and something that might just annoy people and put them off the game. Unless they intend to make major changes to the way to navigate between planets space encounters would have to be random-as they were in K1-and that would quickly become annoying as it did in K1. I want to visit the planets and finish the quests there, not spend my time being jumped by ships everytime I wanted to go to a new world. If the battles were all scripted, and not random, then its a lot of work for something that isn't going to be seen or used that often.


    4; I don't think that would happen due to the limitations of the varying platforms. The large battles at the end of K2 were pushing the average PC as it was. A battle with 100 people would require potential players on the PC to have state of the art systems, and therefore limit the number of potential buyers of the game to a handful-Or in simple english the cost of developing a PC version just wouldn't be worth it, since very few people would be able to run the game on their computers, fewer would buy it and they'd never make their money back. I'm guessing that while K3 (if/when it comes out) will have larger battles they will not be in the 50+ numbers, I'd be surprised if the number of opponents gets near or over 20 to be honest. Even assuming the required system to run the game on is higher than the last two games they will not want to make them too high.


    Thats the PC version anyway, consoles might be able to handle more opponents but there is no way someone with any sense would develop and release a game on a console that lags.

  4. Ooh, old thread. Welcome to the forums, by the way. :ermm:
    Darth Caedus(Jacen Solo)

    Is that the competition winner then? I think we had a thread about this a while ago. How are we pronouncing 'Caedus'? Does it rhyme with 'Feed us!' or 'Hide us!'? Is the 'c' pronounced as a k or an s?


    Its pronounced as 'Lame'

  5. How bad is KOTOR2 without the 1.0b patch?


    The only major problem I had with K2 without the patch was a tendancy for a glitch to appear on Telos that kept the party apart, but then I was using windows 98 at the time, which seemed to be much more stable when running most games, so I have no idea what glitches others might have found on other OS's.

  6. Guns can do things, 2 hit kills. Though they shuold have made guns do a LOT more damage...seeing as in reality one shot could kill, your obviously not smart enough to mix the feats and gun skills to work effectively with them.


    Try fighting Sion or Nilius with blasters and see how long you last. Besides Lightsabre crystals can add to your stats, which can increase your force powers, chances to hit, damage you can do etc so they are the better weapons towards the end of the game.

  7. I meant like dueling with another jedi in the academy or in ur party to increase ur skill.


    That would be nice, but unless they intend to totally overhaul and rewrite the basic rules of the game I don't think they can increase combat skills that way. Like a lot of other ideas that have cropped up on here I have a feeling that while they would be good, who ever delelops K3 would consider that much alteration to be too much effort-or more likely would decide that they just don't have the time to do that much work on the game.


    More customizable characters feats race/color/face/eyes/ears/hair etc.


    Agreed. I've said before that I just can't see why they couldn't allow the same type of character building you can get on the SIMS 2-even a more watered down version shouldn't take that long to put in place. After all they must use something like that to create the faces of all the Characters in the game.

  8. Can play as a non-Jedi.


    I seriously doubt that would work in a KOTOR game. Even leaving out how many people play the games so they can become a Jedi, the KOTOR series is balanced so that lightsabres are the most powerful and useful weapons in the game (Due to the number of upgrades they can have, the feats you can use with them-including defecting blasters and not just their damage potential). A player who was not a Jedi would not have access to lightsabres, which would make the end of the game next to impossible to finish.


    I would think that the developers would take the line that adding the possibility of playing a non-Jedi would be an added extra that would take up time better used on other sections of the game.


    - Age. Be old like a Jedi Master or young like Anakin. Being older gives you limits on how much you can grow. Instead you are a great leader like Yoda. Your teammates are your best weapons, performing with awesome precision and gaining new abilities thanks to your teaching and leadership. Or if you are young, you have enormous Force Potential but in order to grow you must train yourself rigorously and the growth of your team is average-limited. You can also be an age in between these two extremes, like Obi Wan, giving you a balance.


    Thats an interesting idea, although I'm not sure how they would impliment that with the current leveling system. Like the above I suspect the developers would consider it more effort that it would be worth and stick with an undisclosed (Youngish) age.


    - Force Powers according to alignment. They should be powered according to your alignment with bonuses etc. Like a Light Side Buff for a true lightsider might be able to completely nullify/reflect damage. Force Lightening from a Dark Sider is harder to resist, does more damage. The number of powers/abilities should be simplified but their characteristics and system be made more complex and enhanced - the previous games turned it way too much into a typical magic system without consulting the films. Also separate mana into DS and LS points. DS powers only able to be cast with enough DS points and vice versa. Anakin has to kill younglings to supposedly get strong with the DS so the same should apply to the kotor Jedi.


    Some of what you are saying is already implimented to some degree in the games, in that it takes more FP to use DS powers if you are LS and vice versa. It would be nice to see you having some types of Force powers that you don't have to select if you have mastery (LS or DS). For example a LS mastery might give you a bonus to resist some DS powers or vice versa.


    I do agree with some of your comments on the force-power system as it stands, mainly that many of the powers you can pick have very little use and that there are far to many of them.


    I don't thing the DS/LS FP system would work, in fact I suspect it would only make life far more complicated than it needs to be. (Your comments about Anakin killing younglings to get stronger in the DS is not correct as such. It would be more accurate to say that he became more evil by killing children, and hence held back less when using the force-or was willing to go further to forfill his goals.) I'm really not sure how you could have a system for differnt LS and DS FP without preventing them from recharging only when you commit DS or LS actions.

  9. I dont know about when its coming out but I hope its not rushed.


    You and I think everyone else here mate :(


    But kotor 3 will have to fall into place with Bane's path of destruction and the 1-6 starwars movies.


    Why? Bane isn't going to turn up for another 3000 years or so and the Galactic Empire another 1000 years after that. To try and make too much of a link between KOTOR and the films, or Bane, would seem to imply that nothing was going on at all in 3000 years after Revan-which is unlikely.


    Some people say there not similar but it was kriea who predicted Jango (mandalorian) was gona die by a jedi=MAce Windu. She said'to easy as we saw in the movie. There has to be some kind of link up.


    Again, why? Krieas comments were a nod to the film but say nothing about exactly why the Mandolorians ended up with the last of their number being killed like this. It also ignores the fact that Boba Fett and, for that matter, the clone troopers, were clones of Jango and would be considered Mandolorian......In fact if you think on it harder there is nothing to say that the Mandalorian Kriea was talking about was Jango, she could have been talking about Boba Fett's ultimate fate.


    Oh and ship rides shouldn't be only 10 secs,make NPC's go to sleep,


    I don't think they would add this to a game since the idea is that you travel from one world to the next doing quests. Unless there are things that you really had to do while on the ship this would just slow gameplay down, which is why I'm guessing they never included something like in the K1 or 2.


    more characters awell as an expansion from former characters


    Unless K3 is huge-meaning something like five or six planets you can visit before you start the end portion of the game-then to many characters wouldn't allow you to pick all of them for missions. I think the current party number ( 8 ) is as large as you could get without having a ship full of people you never use. (which happens in K2 anyway). I don't think K3 needs more party members, but people who have some use to you-Hk-47, T-3 and G0-T0 were more or less useless in K2 and you could quite happily go through all the missions after Peragus without using them once.


    Former characters always create problems, since depending on how you played the first two games some could be dead and others might be overdone. Figure on HK-47, Canderious and T-3 being in K3, but others might work better as NPC's rather than party members. Otherwise its not really going to feel like a new game, plus there is not much new you could learn about former characters.


    customizable NEW CHARACTER


    If you mean not playing as Revan or the Exile agreed. Or rather that could be taken for granted.


    more into the sith background not just scracthing the surface


    Also Agreed.


    more training as well as lightsaber dueling


    Not sure what you mean here. Do you mean more force powers you can learn from training? Or other skills and abilities you could pick up from party members?


    Likewise on the lightsabre dueling. Do you mean you should be able to take part in fights for money-ie in a dueling ring? Or do you mean that you should be able to duel with other Jedi in your party to hone your skills in battle?

  10. Has anyone tried running scandisk when this problem crops up? If its a corrupted file that might sort the problem out without having to reinstall anything.


    Also worth noting, for those who are a little wary, that installing windows over windows shouldn't delete any files or programs since the install program automatically checks to see what drivers and programs are already on the HD. This can sometimes make a PC run better as well, since it will 'repair' startup files and the like. I say shouldn't, not will not, and its best to backup any files you really don't want to lose on disk and make sure you have the install disks for all your programs first.

  11. Has anyone seen this yet?

    Kotor3 coming soon?


    Yes, go back a page.


    The invaders are a combo Yuuz-han-vong and the "actual" Sith (Species) led by a Dark Lord left over from Exar Kuns little fiasco a few hundred years back.


    Exar Kun was defeated about 40 years before KOTOR 1, not a few hundred years before. Jolee Bindo took part in the war against Kun and he was not a few hundred years old, even if he sometimes gave that impression.


    What if, in Kotor III, there is an invasion from outside the galaxy by an unknown force that causes the galaxy to unite and become the weak Republic Palpatine overthrows thousands of years later?


    That Republic (Palpatines) was around a thousand years old, and was the one Darth Bane came close to destroying. Nothing to say that the Republic of Palpatines era wasn't the same as the one from KOTOR, but if it was that weak it would never have survived Bane. The KOTOR games are set around 4000 years before the films.


    1. Almost 100% of the time, when the game talks about the Sith as a species, they almost always say something like "havn't been seen in the galaxy for hundreds of years", "Sith were cast out", or "Their empire destroyed. it never says anything about the Species actually, with a 100% certainty, that they are all dead.


    Currently Cannon has it that the 'Real' Sith are an extinct species, having been all killed or interbreed with humans to the point that they are no longer an seperate species. There isn't, however, anything to say quite when they died out, and the idea that some of them are still around during the time of KOTOR isn't impossible. It's also unclear at what period they really died out *Shrugs* The idea has been mentioned several times here before.


    2. Not for sure about this, but there had to be at least a couple Sith Lords who didn't die in the Hyperspace War and weren't killed off by Exar Kun, Freedon Nadd ect. ect.


    Thats a given. You could be confusing the Sith of the Film era with those of KOTOR. Around 1000 years before the films there was a Darth Bane, who started the rule of two-That is that there should only be two Sith lords at any given moment in time. Before this anyone who had enough power could call themselves a Sith Lord. (It can be confusing since Exar Kun was known as the Lord of the Sith, and Qel Droma was his apprentice. But it would seem that this was more to do with them being more powerful than anyone else, rather than with them being the only two Sith Lords of that time). Palpatine was a Sith Lord in so far that he was one of two of his time. Before Darth Bane 1000 years earlier it would seem that Sith Lord just meant a Sith trained force user who was powerful enough to have a following, while Lord of the Sith implied a Sith Lord powerful enough that all the various fractions thought twice before attacking them.


    7. This is probably one of the weirdest theories I have, but here goes: Not Yoda particulary, as he is not old enough,


    Yoda gives his age as 900 in Jedi strike back. Other sourses (mainly the book of Revenge of the Sith) also give his age as around 900-he was born after Darth Banes time, and was taught by some of the Jedi who took part in that war. Nothing to do with your ideas, just an aside.


    No any similar Yuuzhan Vong crap ever again thank you


    I have to agree with this, lets see a totally new threat for K3 rather than falling back on lame ideas from the EU please. Your ideas have merit and are logical, but I wouldn't want the Yuuzhan Vong in K3 in any shape for form. (Or Gunguns, Ewoks or superweapons for that matter)

  12. I don't understand you people! We are all waiting for kotor III but when someone says that it will come out soon or shows some rumors you say: NO! Bull **** kotor III isn't coming out!

    Yeah, that's because we've seen so incredibly many rumours that have proven to be false, so that we don't believe anything of the new rumours that are coming up.


    Especially not when they are from sites like the ones dustin19 posted, most of us know from experience that it just can't be true.


    There is also a degree of logic involved here. If, as both sights are saying, K3 might be released around X-Mas that means that;


    A; Whoever is developing the game has been given something like 8 months to create it. K2 took something like 12 months and that was rushed, 8 months would result in a game so short you could put the kettle on and have a cup of coffee ready by the time you finished the game, and it would have so many bugs you could call it Knights of the Old Republic-the ant farm. The only way they could create K3 in 12 months and keep it a fairly good game would be to use the basic K2 engine as is. However, given that an X-box 360 release is almost a given, I would have to ask if the K2 engine would work on that platform, let alone if LA would seriously want to release a game on the 360 with such outdated graphics. This also takes no account of the possibility that K3 could be released on PS3 or even PSP, both would require extra work in addition to just making the basic game.


    B; The game has been in development for at least the last six months without anyone letting it slip. For the life of me I can't understand why LA wouldn't admit to having K3 underdevelopment for this long, nor can I understand how a project that would be this big could stay hidden for so long.


    There there other things that lead me to be suspisious of this rumour;


    A; There is nothing more than a rumour that there is going to be a KOTOR MMO game in the first place. What are the odds that information about a KOTOR MMO, which doesn't seem to have fired the enthusiam of anyone, would be leaked before K3-which has a lot of enthusiam, even if lots of people are reserving judgement about it until they've had a chance to see the reviews?


    B; Bioware has never indicated that they would be interested in making K3, period, let alone indicated that LA has talked to them at anypoint about any SW games.


    I'm not saying that K3 isn't being worked on, nor that it might not be slated for a X-Mas release. It is quite possible that LA has been working on K3 for a while, but decided not to repeat the mistakes they made with K2 and opted to keep quiet until the game was almost ready. What I am saying is that the rumor on those sights doesn't add up as has been given. Until LA makes a statment that they are working on K3 and have a release date I'm going to reserve judgement and work on the assumption that all the rumours are just wishful thinking.

  13. Hmmm... not a lot of progress durig this last week.

    I wonder why during some weeks the counter goes from 36 to 25 and why in other weeks the counter doesn't seem to change at all. :sad:


    Because it depends on how long it takes to alter things. Some alterations, such as editing a printed line of diolog, could take only 30 minutes. Others require that someone plays through the relivant section of the game and attempts to reproduce the bug, then they have to work out exactly where the problem is, then work out how to solve it (if they can) then they have to replay the section to make sure they haven't introduced a new bug. This is assuming its only one person working alone, and that they don't double check anything with someone else.


    In otherwords it can take a day or more to solve a single fairly simple problem, assuming they don't sleep, eat, go to the toilet or have another life.

  14. The PC game does not support gamepads or joysticks, nor am I aware of any mod or program that will change that. You'll have to get used to using the mouse-the only thing on the keyboard I use is the spacebar to pause and unpause the game-and thats not as hard as it sounds, just takes a little getting used to. But since this is an RPG game you'll not exactly be pushed for time using the controls.


    Btw, as well as getting the PC version for few bugs *laughs* you might want to check out the restoration project, which will restore missing content to the game when they are finished. They are only doing this for the PC version, not X-Box, so its worthwhile sticking around until they are done-Just don't ask when that will be.

  15. T3 should be in that room, and you should automatically have a conversation with him as soon as you enter the room. If you've been useing cheats I'm guessing thats screwed your game up.


    If you have one try an earlier saved game before the academy, and this time don't use cheats-K2 is easy enough that you really shouldn't need any.

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