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  1. I kept my G0-T0 on the ship all the time. Never used that giant eight ball. Between the lectures and the constant harassment, I just left him alone. He wasted space, too.

    So did I.


    I just hated everything about him... And that voice he had... *shivers* :ermm:

    What was his purpose, anyway? Was there a plot? A secret little subplot just for G0-T0 that I didn't know about? Bah. It's not like I cared about him anyway.


    I think G0-T0 was meant to have a major part to play on the droid planet and droid factory (which given his special skill with droids would make sense). Of course both of these things were cut from K2, which left G0-T0's only role after Nar-Shadaar to hover around the Hawk and annoy you. Unless of course you play as DS, in which case you can get monet from him, but by the time he's in my party I really don't need the credits. And to be honest he'd have to pay me far more than he does to justify not letting HK-47 use the fat one for target practice.

  2. Don't forget that KOTOR doesn't delete the saved games during unistall unless you tell it to, so unistall and reinstall might clear the problem up. Bare in mind that the saved games might not run if they have been saved while you have something from one of the mods, but if they do load you might not have to redo half the game again.

  3. Out of interest have you tried switching to one of your other party members and seeing if you can move them? The graphics glitch on Dantooine does something similar to me-although not when fighting-and I can get around it by switching to a second party member and walking around with them. The main Character will unstick to follow them.

  4. Some of that sounds more like phycology than Sociology, but I can see your point. What I would be more interested in is the things that were considered acceptable to place into the game, or the things where you have to make a desision to get an outcome. Such things can tell you more about what the society who created the game is like-or that part of it that was responsible for creating it anyway.


    Actions which lead to DS points are those that the writers decided constituted to be evil, or at least not good. While those that give LS points would be those that they consider good and acceptable. As the laws of any country are dependant on what is considered good and evil by that society/culture it would be interesting to see the types of actions that were considered good in the KOTOR games.


    I think a sociological take on the game as it plays out would be impractical, since you can end up with two different endings to the whole game, and take two different paths you could argue at least two different things depending on how you played.

  5. A strength of 8 will result in a -1 penalty tohit with melee weapons until you get the finesse feat, and don't forget that it will be quite a long time before you get a lightsabre-which requires a seporate finesse feat to swords anyway. You should also realise that you'll do less damage with melee weapons with a skill of 8. Go for a level of 10.

  6. why would anyone mod a console? would not you have to tear apart the console, stick a bunch of incompatible parts in it, put it back together, and pray you didn't damage it irreparably?

    No, you would just have to update the firmware.


    The firmware is owned by Microsoft, and tampering with it without their approvel is technically illegal-at least in the USA. Thats is why the TSLRP are not doing an X-Box version, to many legal issues to get around.

  7. What you've found is bonus material you can get after finishing the game at least twice (According to the LA tips guide it should be once as LS once as DS but others tell me you just have to finish it twice).


    If you want more lines try playing next as a Male exile, you should be able to ask the Handmaiden about Echani poetry this time.

  8. Next, unlike in the first game, is it that INT Mod does not affect the number of skill points obtained per level anymore? Does a Jedi Sentinel get 3 skill points ONLY/level?


    Int does affect the number of skill points you get when you level up. Each class gets a basic number (I think its 3 for Guardian/weapon masters for example) Then you get one extra skill point for each +modifyer from Int; For example a Int of 12 gives a +1 Int bonus which translates as one extra skill point per level. Note that this applies to your bonus when you level up, it is not retroactive so if you level up with a Int of 13 (+1 bonus-or one extra skill point) and the next time you level up you bring your Int to 14 (+2 bonus-or two extra skill points) you don't get an extra skill point from the first level.


    Finally, I would like to you guys to criticise my skill build


    Awareness: 5

    Demolitions: 1

    Security: 6

    Computer Use, Persuade & Repair to the maximum


    Two sources in this forum said 4-6 for Awareness is enough, another said 15. I can't decide..


    Is 1 for Demo enough to get me through the first part of the game? AEon's FAQ at BioWare said to get it up to at least a 4, but 4 seems like a rather odd number..


    A source in this forum said a rank of 6 for Security allows the PC to open 99.9% of doors, lockers, etc. Is this true?


    Does having Persuade at 15 or 20 makes any difference to my dialogue options?


    Ok, assuming that you are starting out from scratch here and you are playing on standard difficulty;


    Higher awareness is useful as it can give you extra dialogue options from time to time as well as allowing you to spot mines faster.


    Demo skill of one is useless. I'll give you a free tip, if you can get Demo skill to 5 (Including bonuses from stats and equipment) you'll be able to recover any minor mines you encounter. You'll find that after Peragus you can often use other party members to cover gaps in skills btw-for the most part that means being able to find others who can recover mines for you. 4 might seem an odd number, but from what I can tell it seems to be the equivilent of basic training in that skill.


    A skill of 4 in security seems to be enough to open all but three locked containers/doors in the game. One of those locked objects is (relatively) close to the start of the game, and the skill level you need is beyond what you can practically get by that stage.


    Yes, higher persuade skill can give you more options when talking to people, as well as giving you the chance to convince them not to fight etc. Very useful.

  9. Well it's a 512 MB card and it was designed specifically for use with my 64 bit AMD processor. The errors don't appear to be graphical glitches at all, everything looks fine, the way he moves is just erratic, there appears to be something wrong with the way it responds to the movement keys. The character starts following paths that I never instructed it to go on, so how could that be related to graphics?


    Movement is handled by the graphics card-it translates what keys you are pressing into movement so if there is a problem with the card/driver it will often appear as problems with movement. I think KOTOR uses OpenGL for movement, so it might be worth while makeing sure that your drivers are up to date.


    Before you go off and get a new card there is one other thing that you can try. (Bare in mind I'm recalling things from two years ago here). Graphics cards can use different programs to render the graphics, in some cases games can run into problems if you are running the wrong program. There should be a control panel for your card where you can see and change which program your card is using-like I said I think its for rendering. If you take a look around the cards control panel and can find it try switching to a different rendering program (Just make a note of what it was before you changed it). That *might* help clear things up. I'm remembering this from a different game, which was totally unplayable until I changed the graphic cards settings.

  10. I've never even heard of your graphics card, and it's an integrated one. It doesn't matter if "other games" run well, it's below the minimum spec for the KotOR engine, so (sur-PRISE!) it doesn't work.


    It's below the recommended spec. However, I've run this game seemlessly on a computer that had a much worse graphics card, I really don't think the graphics are the issue.


    Some Graphics cards run KOTOR better than others. I've got a 128mb GeForce card in my PC and K1 is unplayable due to graphics glitches very similar to those your reporting. This is ironic, since I used to play K1 on the same PC with a 64mb card without any problems at all, and apart from a minor graphics glitch on Dantooine K2 runs just fine.


    Sorry to say this, but from what your discribing the problems are with the graphics card. Intergrated cards can have problems running some games, while being just fine with others. (And I've had strange problems with ATI graphics cards before now where games crash for no reason-Ironically I think they were all starwars games as well). The only real solution is to get and install a seperate graphics card in your computer, assuming your PC isn't under warranty or a laptop. Cards capable of running K2 are fairly cheap (Depending on what part of the world you are in) and installing cards is easy as long as you have a free slot for it. Even if you are not having problems with other games you should find that they run smoother and slightly faster with a separate Graphics card in your PC.

  11. 'My God, G0-T0's really let himself go.....'


    'Thats the last time we take directions from some guy called the Doctor...'


    'I told you Eni-meni-minei-mo wasn't a viable navigation system'


    'Opps, wrong triligy'


    'Lucasarts....we have a problem...'


    'I take it back, T3 you are a valuable member of the team....now unlock the Navigation computer before they see us'


    'So which one of you idiots said 'Nothing can stop us now?'

  12. What "unbalanced" the Force to begin with? The Exile?


    Nope, it was the Jedi and the Sith.


    Good and evil (Or LS/DS) are defined by each other. The Sith unbalanced the force when they set the rule of two and hid from the Jedi. By doing so they removed the major definition as to what the Jedi were meant to be about. Without this definition the Jedi were slowly starting to slide away from what the Jedi were and are meant to be about without becoming evil as such.


    For example Mace Windu was willing to kill Palpatine not because he had to, but because he didn't consider other options. Bastila on the otherhand didn't even consider killing Revan when she had the chance, no matter how dangerous she or the council considered Revan to be. Bastila's actions were, of the two, more in keeping with the Jedi than Windu's.


    By killing all (well, almost all) of the Jedi Anakin gave the 'new' Jedi a chance to rediscover what being a Jedi was really about. Of course by doing so he also brought the Darkside into asendance, but that in turn gave any 'new' Jedi in decades to come a chance to see what evil and the darkside were really about. Or in otherwords they had a chance to define what 'evil' really meant, and hence define what 'good' really meant as well.


    By killing Palpatine (and himself) years later Anakin was also resetting the dark side in a similar manner. With the Jedi having a better idea of what they really stood for, then any dark Jedi who turned up could look at them to see what the DS stood for. Both, in the end, had to rediscover what defined them, and in doing so they brought a balance between dark and light side back to the force.

  13. Sorry i haven't replied sooner. I havent installed any new drivers since I got the computer. Also, I'm kinda a noob when it comes to computer software. How do i use KSE?


    If you haven't installed any new drivers since getting your Pc chances are they are older drivers. You should download and install the lastest drivers for your graphics card if nothing else. Don't rely on Windows to do this for you, as the windows updater only seems to search the harddrive for new drivers, rather than the net. If you don't know what your graphics card is you can find out from my computer-control panel-device manager-system-hardware-device-display devices. (Note that the update driver option you can get does not, as I just meantioned, search the internet just your PC-so it might list the driver as being up to date when its not).


    If you installed the graphics drivers straight from a disk yourself then there should be a link to the location where you can download the latest drivers for your card. The information might be included as a link from the start menu, or in the read me file.

  14. This sounds somewhat like the glitch that can occur on Dantooine if you are using an NVidea graphics card, just on a larger scale. Are you using an NVidea/GeForce graphics card? That could be the problem-Check the FAQ thread here; http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=41038 for one possible solution. The other thing I would surgest is to make sure your graphics drivers are up to date by downloading the most recent drivers for your card. The Drivers you might have on CD are unlikely to be the latest, and windows automatic update program doesn't always bother checking specific drivers for grapic cards. It could also be the case that the graphics drivers are a default windows driver, rather than one written specifically for your card. Best to check and download the latest drivers anyway-reinstalling graphics drivers shouldn't create any problems, in fact it can sometimes clear up minor problems even if you are installing the same driver.


    Hope that helps.

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