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  1. TSLRP? :x



    They do mods...i read up to "no mods for xbox" and i stopped

    If you have modded your Xbox it is possible to load mods for games.


    Metadigital forgot to add that modding an X-Box is illegal and not something he'd implying you should do. Its also why the TSLPR isn't doing their work for the X-Box version.


    Thought someone should add that before Microsoft starts shouting at Meta....

  2. I believe they're doing something with the HKs, since their last minor bug fix was something to do with getting a group of HKs to stand up straight, or something.


    Plus HK-47 puts in an appearance in Star Wars Galaxies, does he not?


    Yes, TSLRP is putting the missing droid factory back into the game. This will allow you to find out where all the HK-50's are coming from and finish that quest.


    Yes, HK-47 is in SW Galaxies I believe. I think he can be found on Mustofar, at least thats what I remember reading.

  3. The hilt of a lightsabre is mostly designed for holding, and for a two handed species the best shape for that is a long straight tube. Duku's sabre was intended only to be held in one hand-as noted this is because he was using a rare lightsabre form-while most Jedi and Sith tend to use sabres in a two handed grip for better control. The diameter of the hilt is based on what will grant the best grip-to narrow or two thick and a sudden jolt (ie-by deflecting/parrying something else be it a blaster-bolt or another sabre) could knock it out of the hand. The length of the hilt is likewise dictated by being able to hold it with two hands with ease. If its too short again it could be knocked out of the hands, if it is to long it could also result in less control as well as getting in the way. Duel bladed sabres have much longer hilts simply because you need to keep the hands further apart when fighting with them.


    It is funny that the reasons most Sabres in the SWU have hilts the size and shape they are is also the real world reasons too. Namely that the sabre hilts are intended to be used in fighting. Given that they had fencing champions helping with all the lightsabre fights it can be safely assumed that the current dimensions of hilts-approx 30cm long and 2-3cm in diameter-were chosen because they give the best control. Duku's sabre is the exception in being shorter and curved, but from listening to Christ Lee's comments on it it would seem that it gave loads of problems during filming as it was hard to keep a good grip on it during the fight scenes. By the same token the hilt of Mauls duel-bladed sabre was being used by someone who really does know how to fight. I would assume that the dimensions of Mauls sabre was also chosen as the best for the style of fighting that it was used with.

  4. 3. Bastila used battle meditation and allowed trask to escape bandon


    Carth states that he and Revan were the only two crew members left alive on the ship just before you take the escape pod. Meaning that Bastila wasn't on the ship but planet-side. (And looking for her lightsabre it seems). Making it very unlikely that she would have been able to use her battle meditation to help Trask.



    4. Trask killed or defeated bandon and became malak's apprentice, only to disappear and become the reigning dark lord of the true sith in KOTOR 3


    Errm, if Trask had killed Bandon then the latter wouldn't have been able to show up later on to get hacked apart by Revan. If he simply managed to defeat a Sith Apprentice then A; Why would he let him get away. B; Why would Malak fail to take notice of an untrained solider who was capable of taking on a Sith and winning.


    And none of this would explain quite how he'd manage to get off the ship when you took the last escape pod.....of course the same thing could be asked of Bandon. But at least he isn't going to be shot by his own soldiers on sight if he turns up on a Sith warship.



    And yes, I agree it would have been nice to have included Trask in your party. Although I did like Carth even with all the whineing.

  5. I would sooner play as Boba Fett doing missions for Vader....he could potentially have a lightsaber anyways.


    I seem to recall something about Boba Fett having fight Vader in a Lightsabre duel at some point, so I assume he does have a sabre or two in his private collection.


    (And in case you wondered, no Fett didn't win the fight but Vader let him live anyway).

  6. Luke Skywalker; 'Is the Dark Side stronger?'


    Master Yoda; 'No, quicker easier...more seductive...'


    The Lightside is not stronger than the darkside, or vice versa. Both take their power from the same source-the force-hence both are potentally just as powerful. A good analagy would be Uranium, which has exactly the same energy potential regardless of if you stick it in a warhead or in a reactor core.

  7. NOTE: This game has not yet been announced or officially confirmed by the publisher. Exact plans for which platforms this title might release on are also unconfimed at this time. Unofficially, the game is expected to be one of three next-gen projects in the works at developer Obsidian Entertainment.


    Which translates as.....meaning nothing what-so-ever. It just means that LA have the game listed for development sometime in the future....assuming that they don't change their minds and push it back, forget all about it or just decide against making it at all.

  8. The point is, with a game as highly anticipated as KotOR III, there's no way in Hades that there wouldn't have been leaked info about it somewhere by now.


    That depends, LA normally seems to insist that anyone working on their projects signs a disclosure agreement-meaning that if any one leaks information they (and the company they happen to be working for) will be sued for everything, including their first born. Given the pull LA has this could be enough to finish all but the largest developers, either by taking them for all their money, or by making sure no one will look at them for future games.


    There is another posibility in that LA is developing the game with a small or new company. If K3 was being made by a smaller company then there are fewer people in the know, and somewhat less chance one of them would let something slip-if only because no one would think to talk to them. And of course a smaller developer would be far more careful about letting anything slip since this could be a make or break project for them.

  9. As I said the same thing occurs in K1 as well, but the old problem was minor when I first played K1 on an Nvidea card, but is currently so bad the game is unplayable. I think the problem is more to do with the newer Nvidea drivers, rather than KOTOR, so for once this is not a glitch from the game(s) as such.

  10. You tell your master about this dream and he decides that you schould talk to the council of this enclave.

    i thought it was gud until this point . this was used in k1 when bastila and revan talked to the concil about the dreams they were havin . other than that it was gud but i would change that one part .


    Or keep the dream, but have no one you can ask about it. You could have a series of dreams that act as cut scenes through out the game and you have to figure out what the hell they mean all on your own.


    For example you could have the first dream that shows you something like an attack where you are at the end. The attack comes true at the end of the training level and its followed by another dream that shows something else that will happen in the future, or rather hints as to things that will happen. (Rather like the way Anakin used to get dreams of events before hand).


    It could be interesting, as a DS you might be trying to use the dreams to get further power while as LS you might be trying to make sure the events you see don't happen. Either way it could be a question as to if you are getting the dreams because the events will happen and you can alter them, or if by attempting to change things you make what you see reality. If the dreams are vague (Ie-they only show the first line of a conversation or the start of an event rather than the full thing) then maybe you'll never know.....

  11. Incidently lightsabres will not cut through everything-they can't cut through force fields, as can been seen in Phantom Menace (Qui-Gon and Maul can't cut through the force field between them) and in Revenge of the Sith (Grevious's guards are using shock staffs that use force fields to parry lightsabres).


    In K2 they can


    Well in K2 you can also parry a lightsabre blade with a wooden quarter-staff, so safe to say that they changed a few things for gameplay.....that or the SW universe has trees that bring a whole new meaning to the term 'Hard Wood'.

  12. Yeah, the above should solve the problem-what your experiencing is the Gforce graphics glitch, the power of your card is irrelivent as I think its a problem with the drivers rather than the card itself. Although you might be happy to hear that Dantoonine is the only place where it happens. Without doing the above, you just have to take your fingers off the controls when things start lagging then sit there for a minute or so and the game will eventally get back to normal. When or if your charactor gets stuck switch to someone else in the group and just run off with them. The main char will unlock to follow them as long as your not in solo mode. Note that this glitch will happen everytime you enter the Koonda area regardless of where you come in from. Also worth noting that this glitch is even worse in K1, in fact Dantooine is almost unplayable due to lagg there.

  13. I was talking about weapons. You see, "cortosis" is pure excuse in Kotor for gameplay mechanism that makes normal swords to survive contact with lightsaber.


    Cortosis predates Kotor, it was first mentioned in the Eu book 'I Jedi' where it was used for armour. The Cortosis in the rest of the EU however doesn't resist lightsabres but creates a feedback in the blade as it makes contract. This feedback causes the lightsabre to shut off before it does more than scratch the surface-so you can cut through Cortosis with a lightsabre it just takes forever.


    I like that they included this in K1 to explain why you can parry a lightsabre with a vibrosword, and I like the idea that it just resists the blade rather than shutting it off even if that was done for gameplay.


    Incidently lightsabres will not cut through everything-they can't cut through force fields, as can been seen in Phantom Menace (Qui-Gon and Maul can't cut through the force field between them) and in Revenge of the Sith (Grevious's guards are using shock staffs that use force fields to parry lightsabres). So you could create a suit of armour that will resist a lightsabre by adding a force field to it.

  14. Of course one of the better lines is;


    "Definition: 'Love' is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.

    Statement: This definition, I am told, is subject to interpretation. Obviously, love is a matter of odds. Not many meatbags could make such a shot, and fewer would derive love from it. Yet for me, love is knowing your target, putting them in your targeting reticle, and together, achieving a singular purpose, against statistically long odds." - HK-47


    But of course pantherus already knew that ;)

  15. Ideas;


    1; Better balance between ranged and melee weapons. Ranged weapons need to either do more damage, be more accurate or have a faster rate of fire.


    2; More intelligent AI for both party members and opponents. Special attacks and unique skills should be used by party members without you having to select them, party members should also have the brains to switch weapons when needed. I'm also sick of party members deciding that the best way to handle an enemy is to run directly into a mine-field.


    Enemies also need to have better tactics. Currently they either stand there and shoot at you, or run at you and start hacking. Opponents should, when they outnumber you, try and surround you or they should panic and run off if you kill all their friends in the first round of combat.


    3; The direction of an attack should influence how likely it will be for you to block, dodge or deflect attacks. No Jedi/Sith is going to be able to deflect a stream of blaster bolts that are fired at their back by a small army.


    4; Better use of Skills. As the game stands at the moment their are only three boxes/doors that a security skill of 4 can't open. While Skills are useful for creating upgrades they are almost useless in the rest of the game. More attention needs to be paid to having problems solved by Skills, which will also influence which party members you include if some of them have good skills that would help.


    5; Drops and loot. Needs to be both more random and more logical. While finding 20 blaster pistols is fine, suddenly finding 10 disrupter pistols the next time you play is pushing it. The drops should also take into account where you happen to be. More than once I've found Jedi master robes on Koriban....which seems a little odd to me-Sith Lord robes would have been more logical.


    6; If you can pick who to include in your party, and there are more potential members than you can take, you should have the option to kill/sacrifice some of those members before you get anywhere near the end of the game.


    7; NPC's should react to how you look and anything you happen to be carrying. If you are going DS evil they should comment on your evil looks. If they don't like Jedi they should react badly if you try and question them while holding a lightsabre (And they should remember that you were carrying one if you talk to them again). They should also be wary or influenced if you happen to be holding something like a military blaster rifle.


    8; There should be more quests that require you to travel around, ie-to other planets-to finish, that are not part of the main plot. This was tried in K2, but never really worked-mainly due to glitches that prevented you from finishing them. For example you might have the option to do some bounty hunting which would require you to find the person on another world.


    9; If there are groups out to kill you then changing the Hawks ID transponder should reduce the likely hood that they will find you. At least until you do something else that gets the groups attention again.

    10; The things you do on one planet should influence both what you need to do, and how hard it is to finish the next quest. For example if you save a planet then maybe you can find more people who will be willing to help you out on the next world. In other words you should be able to get a reputation based on your actions, even on worlds you have yet to visit.


    11; Trading, there should be some sort of trade-or at least a variation in prices-on different worlds. If a world you travel to is highly industrialised then heavy armours and some weapons might be cheaper.


    12; Background/history. The Main Character should have been doing something before they became a Jedi, or after they left the Jedi (depending on the fully back story) in order to pay for food etc. It was never explained in K2 how the Exile managed to afford to travel around without money or a ship before the Harbringer. It would be nice if you had the option to decide how they made a living before the game starts, and that choice can affect what skills/feats you start with. (For example if you decided the main Character had been working as a tech you might be able to get gear-head and a point or two in repair and computer skills at the start of the game).

  16. There are some good lines in K2. Such as;


    'Just because I saved her life doesn't mean I'm going to charge her up the loading ramp' (Exile to Kriea vis Vistas)


    'Men are easy. While there checking me out I jab them with a Bothan stunner, slap the cufts on them. Starve them for a few days and check to see if the bounty on them has increased' (Mira on men)


    (Atton) 'Did anyone understand that? All I got was 'very''


    (Buo-Dur) 'I think he wants us to turn the general over to his poorly trained bounty hunters'


    (Atton) 'So which one do you want?'


    (Buo-Dur) 'I'll take the stupid one who threated us rather than shoot us'


    (On Nar Shadarr when threatened by the Zuggs)


    (G0-T0) 'It is like a game of Dejarak where you can't see the peices'


    (Exile) 'Maybe you should try Pazzak?'


    One of more ammusing glitches that keeps croping up when I play is one during the cut scene with all the bounty hunters on G0-T0's ship. Nine times out of ten the droid will play the hologram into the wall while G0-T0 talks to the hunters with his back to them.

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