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  1. Quoted your speech, corrected it, and used it against you.


    First, if you play LS in K1, Revan is no longer Darth Revan. Although he has an evil past, but he is redeemed, right?


    Second, if Exile went into Dark side, he will get rank of Sith Lord. No, I don't mean the class, I mean title. Like Revan never got rank of Jedi Master, but Exile achieved it.


    My point was that Revan was at one point known as Darth Revan, a sith title regardless of how you play. The Exile was never known by a Sith title before playing, only as 'General'. Yes the exile *might* get the title Sith Lord if you play as DS, but that does not mean they could be considered a Sith.

  2. As well as the standard types of lightsabre they could also add wristsabres-these are sabres that are strapped to the wrist and have a much shorter blade than normal. (Think like the claws Wolverine has in the X-Men films, but with a sabreblade rather than made of metal). They wouldn't be as good at deflecting blasters as normal sabres, but great for hand-to-hand.


    They could add some other extra types of weapons that are placed on the wrist like Mira's rocket launcher or a short range flame thrower like Boba Fetts, leaving some chars with the option of increasing offensive power while decreasing their defence by carrying fewer shields (Or none at all).

  3. What about starting as a newly discovered Jedi who's on their way to get training at the new Jedi order, but the ship crashes. Leaving you with the job of finding help for yourself and the Jedi who'd found you. You could start the game using that Jedi's sabre-one that you can't upgrade-and have to make your own sabre later on when you reach the academy.


    The Jedi in the ship could act like Kreia did in giving you advice from afar, while using a sabre you can't upgrade would balance things out-If it was a short sabre it would be more or less the same as starting with a vibrosword.


    The level could either be a prelude to getting further training, or it could work as a way to discover the threat of the game you have to face. In the latter case you'd only get the option to start making your own sabre when you reach a particular level or location. Maybe adding in a small quest to find the parts after this would work fairly well too, better and less annoying that KOTOR 2 since you already have a sabre to use until you make yours.

  4. KOTOR 3 -- you start off as someone who is about 20 years old and who has been a Youngling in training most of your life.  you have access to lightsabers from the beginning of the game but creating one yourself is an important rite of passage and you cannot graduate without it.  oh, and if you want your apprentice to have a lightsaber, you gotta find the parts and make one using your own feat to do so.


    Since the Jedi order was wiped out between KOTOR 1&2 that would mean that KOTOR 3 would have to be set nearly 20 years after the second game.

  5. Sith Lord is a title like Jedi Master, its used as a general indication of an individuals power/experience/abilities not as a direct reflection as to what those powers might be. For examples both Vader and Palpadine would be called Sith lords, but Vader would be closer to a Marauder class of sith, while Palpadine is closer to Sith Lord as a class.

  6. Well i have No mods in the game currently, and the only save is the one like 5-10 min before i enter the academy, 

    when you enter the academy on the first scene are atton and Kiera there with you? or are you alone?

    And should i dialogue with the handmaidens first then go see atreis? or vice versa?


    just seeing if playing it out another way will help?



    Atton and Kiera are there with you since you can't pick your team at that point. You *should* have an autosave from just after the cut scene where the shuttle crashes. If not you'll have to do the whole bit again, but save the game just before you enter the academy. Sometimes this will clear the problem up, if not you can do whats already been said-ask "Who are you?" when challenged by the Handmaidens then "All right, I didn't come here for a fight" (or whatever the option is).



    ok so i am have sorta the same problem.

    i have updated the game i dont have any mods but when i enter the ebon hawk after i get t3 back and i have talked with atris and i want to go to dantoonie the screen loads but then goes completely black and i have let it sit for over an hour and nothing happened i have restarted the game from a previouse save and the same thing happens and i have restarted my comp to see if it would change it and it didnt

    so what the hell is going on?

    i even reset the graphic to the lowest posible settings and nothing happens(i know my comp doesnt need that cuz i have amazing hardware)

    help please


    Errm, thats a first for me. Have you tried going someplace other than Dantooine? See if the same thing happens if you pick Nar Shadaa, other than that I can only think to uninstall the game then reinstall it and see if that works. Don't worry about losing the save games as the uninstall program gives you the option to keep them.

  7. It's a glitch, its happened to me as well. What *should* happen is that you enter the academy and are challenged by the handmaidens then it should cut to the conversation with Atris. Sometimes though the cut to the conversation doesn't happen, even with the patched game.


    To clear this up you'll have to go back to before you enter the academy, this time when your challenged by the handmaidens ask who they are, instead of just handing your weapons over straight away. You should have Krea make a comment about there being no danger, then you can hand your weapons over and carry on. That should get the game running correctly....I know this quite well since it was doing the same thing to me this morning lol

  8. The easyest way to make Bao a jedi is to go to Dantooine, take the quest to find the sensors, thank him for his help when you get him to examine them, then pick the LS ending from the quest-taking less money. The only catch with this is that some of your other companions might have something to say at your choice which stops you having another conversation with Bao. (Krea and I think Atton are the worst for this, no sure about Visas as I've never had her at this point. Easy, takes all of two minutes.

  9. I tried the same thing with the contrents of boxes and discovered that you always get the same thing each time around. I'm guessing the answer would be no, but it is worth trying. The short sabres, btw, are great in the off hand as they are balanced weapons, the penalty for having two weapons is therefore lower. If your having problems getting sabres I'm guessing you'd either have to start the game over, or reload before you take that planet-I'm not sure at which point the game decides which items you'll get in each location. (Saving before you leave the Telos academy might be worth trying)


    Oh, and if you really want a couple of sabres try Dantooine when you already have a sabre. If you change the scavengers will and hand that in you'll normally get a sabre or two, and rescueing the guy from the lower levels of the academy then buying the items he offers off you normally gets you another sabre. The same thing will get you the components needed to build a sabre if you don't have one on Dantooine.

  10. Taris was the better of the two as while there was still a main plot there were plenty of other things you could do-such as fight in the dueling ring-that gave it added depth. Peragus wasn't a bad level, but the problem was that you only had the main quest to finish, the secondary quests were not stand alone ones giveing you the impression that the only choice you had was what weapon you killed the droids with. It didn't help KOTOR2 that following on directly on from were two more locations, Citidel station and Telos, where there were few or no side quests (Four if you include the academy as well). Thats almost half of KOTOR2 where you don't really feel as if you have any choice in your actions, and which feel as if there is no real point in doing them. In the first game it at least felt like you were going somewhere before the main plot kicks in and you start jetting off around the galaxy. When Taris was destroyed I was sad after getting to know the world, when

    Peragus was destroyed I couldn't really care less.

  11. You can get loads of lightsabres, talking to (or killing) most of the masters will give you at least one. If you have a sabre on Nar Shadaa then you can pick up another from Voga's locked room, likewise if you have a sabre when you meet Visas you'll get another one when you beat her. There are also at least another 3 sabres to pick up on your second mission to Onderon-two from the temple and another on Onderon itself.

  12. Well, the package doesn't do a great deal really but it can be fun for the conversation you have with HK-47 after its installed....priceless....I should note that you can also pick up a load of good stuff from Greeda after you compleate those two planets and talk to her anyway, so its worth taking the mission and going back after Onderon and Dantooine have been compleated just to see what she has. You might as well get the package while your there, not exactly out of the way. :bat:

  13. On the PC version you can get lightsabre parts from compleating two of the refuge quests-one where you reunite the split couple and the other from the guy whos the top refuge, Husef I think?, after you've helped the refuges out. You can get another part from Voga the Hutts store room.


    Note that this is for the unpatched PC version, once it was patched my version of the game no longer was quite so helpful-specificly Husef no longer gives you anything.

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