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  1. Atris could also have sent the handmaidens off on a mission outside the academy, I would assume they had a ship stashed away somewhere since the Handmaiden managed to get to the station. (Although that does raise the interesting question as to where the ship was kept, since the only one in the hanger was the Ebon Hawk....)

  2. Before they changed their mind, Kreia was supposed to be selectable for the mission to the tomb of Freedon Nadd, either she or Visas would have got a premonition of the perimeter motion relay outside the tomb, and another one right before the closed door that leads to the crypt.


    I think someone pointed out that since Kreia had to heal Tobin and send him off to Nilias with the 'warning' about the Jedi academy, and since both missions on Duxn and Onderon are meant to be taking part at the sametime, Kreia shouldn't be avalible for the Duxn mission. After all she couldn't be in two places at the same time.

  3. If I recall correctly you get warnings on Duxn twice (Before running into the bounty hunters, and later if you take on the Zagrak). Once on Onderon (Before you run into the second load of bounty hunters there). Once on Dantooine in the caves and at least once on Nar Shaddar just before you come face to face with the squid face in his lair. The Ability gives you a cut scene with a wavering border around it, rather than something that says 'Warning'.


    But like you said, it is mostly useless.

  4. Indeed, she even says as much, I wonder why the Exile doesn't ask what's she gotta hide, but I figure that'd be pointless.
    Maybe the Exile did ask that question....but Kreia made us all forget :aiee:


    I have one last Disciple mystery. He makes a statement about the Jedi, then he says "but you know that", I answer "what do you mean", and I get the line about him not wanting to burden me with his problem. Did anyone ever get an answer about this, or is this another script cut?


    He is refuring to the Jedi councils desision to exile the, errm, exile in the way they did. More accuractly by failing to entertain the notion that maybe Revan and the Exile were correct to fight the Mandolorians rather than sitting back and waiting as the council did.


    Also, after three of your party fight the Sith on Dxun, there's a line for the PC asking the leader of that party what he/she discovered about him/her self while there. I've never gotten more than the answer that maybe they'll tell me later.
    The reason you never get to hear the rest of the conversation is because you were controling the character in question during that time. What they learned is what choice you made for them on Dxun-lightside or darkside when confrunting the Sith Lords. It was probably left out since you really wouldn't be hearing anything you didn't already know.


    For example, I never got Atton's line "are you an angel?" When did this happen?


    This is one of a number if lines that are bonus diologe-According to the official guide if you complete the game twice-once as darkside and once as lightside on the third playthrough you get some extra lines of diologe. The line above is only said if you happen to be female on the third time you play the game after completeing it twice in this manner.


    Sorry about all the questions, but every time I play the game it comes out different. For example, on several occasions I've gotten a hologram of Carth, either in the room where I confront Visas, or by the loading ramp. He helps me fight Visas, if he's in there, on the ramp he just stands there????


    The Hologram of Cath requires a very good influence with T3, seem to recall that you have to picked Reven as being female to get a message from him otherwise you get Bastila. I've never had him help with the fight against Visas though....its meant to be a hologram after all.

  5. 123 known issues left, we are getting there. This momd is going to be the best thing since

    sliced bread.


    But I would assume slighly less nutritious.


    One question I did wonder about, and sorry if this has been asked, is if the Mod will work with the basic game patches you can get from LA? Or if it might require a reinstall? Not a major problem since the game keeps the save games during uninstall, but I was just wondering. On the same note does or will the mod contain the patched LA files?

  6. Lets take an oil catastrophe as an example. Before it happens, nature is in balance, but once it happens, all balance is lost and animals and plants are destroyed. This is the balance Star Wars is about. In case of the movies, Anakin Skywalker brings the force back into balance by killing the Emperor, destroying the Sith and turning power back over to the lightside.
    To be more accurate Anakin brings balance to force not just by destroying the Sith, but also by destroying the Jedi order. As you noted;
    1) Balance between two things, equal to each other. This balance could be destroyed by one part getting weaker.


    The same holds if one part becomes to strong. In the case of the force and light side verses dark-side, good verses evil, they require something to define them-namely each other. At the period of time shown before the clone wars the Jedi had, as far as they knew, eliminated the Sith. This led to them having nothing to measure themselves against. There are a number of instances where Jedi have done bad things fully beliving that they are good before the clone wars. In time the Jedi would have lost sight of what good and evil really were, leading them to become something far worse than any sith lord-namely a group of very powerful individuals who would be capable of doing anything and fully convinced that they were doing good.


    All you offer is your own opinons, while I talk about evidence in the game.


    1. Kreia screaming of how evil the Force IS. ("I wield it, but it uses us all...")

    2. The Jedi Council talking of how powerful the Force Bonding is with you.

    3. Mira killing people...when she does not want to kill people.


    Contradict them if you wish, but you got no way of proving that you are right. Number 3 is the most interesting though, this is a person that hates killing and kills BECAUSE of the Force Bond that you share. It is the most compelling evidence we have here.


    Why not try killing an innocent person? Then your LS followers start screaming on why you did such a thing, very sorry of the crime that they have done, and angry on WHY they did it. This is by far how one can manlipuate others through the Force, and if you can do it...surely it shows the power of The Force.


    What strikes me as interesting is that the will of the force might be a side-effect of what it is. Yoda explains it as an energy field that passes though, surrounds and nurtures life. Kreia notes that echos can be left in it. Both lead me to wonder if the will of the force is really down to the force itself, or if it is a side effect of it passing through living beings and being in some cases altered by passing though living creatures. What is called the will of the force could in fact be the echos of all the living creatures that the force passes though.


    This could explain the reason the force is divided into light and darksides-Lightside; creating life, nurturing it and living peacefully. Darkside; Control, power destroying perceved threats. In both cases these are basic drives that all living things have-to create life and live peacefully, while at the same time having the ability and drive to control whats around you and remove threats in order to survive.


    It might also help explain why Anakin brough Balence to the force. If one side gets to powerful it would start to affect the way the force affects living things-even if they are not force sensitive. If the lightside gets to powerful them creatures may start to become less able to fight for their own survival and die out (And if the force is sustained by living creatures this is a bad thing). By the same measure if the dark side becomes to powerful creatures become to willing to fight, killing each other with the same end result-no life, no force.


    If the force does have a will, that will would be related to life and keeping it alive. The best way to do this would be to keep a middle or grey area. The best way to keep life alive is for it to stay as peaceful as posible, while at the same time maintaining its willingness to fight when it has to. After all a lion that stops killing Wilderbeast on moral grounds would starve to death.

  7. Now you can't get Tiefighter to work WITHOUT having win 95 specifically as the op system (trust me... enough of a fanbase exsists that they've exhausted EVERYTHING to get this sucker to work. It all failed)


    Yes you can, the X-Wing fighter collection includes both X-Wing and Tie Fighter, both will run on windows XP.

  8. What is the poem that Disciple is supposed to say? The one that replaces Mira and Handmaidens How to get a man, I think. Does it exist?


    I think you might be refuring to the Handmaiden rather than Disciple. If you compleate the game twice, once as Dark Side and once as lightside, then there are some extra lines of diolog in the game. I know one of them is you can get the Handmaiden to recite some Echani poetry....or at least thats what I heard. Never heard of Disciple doing the same though.

  9. ".....Jab him with a Bothan stunner, cuff him and starve him for a few days...Then Check to see if his bounty has increased..."


    -Mira to either a Female Exile, or the Handmaiden on understanding men. I really don't want to know what she does on the second date.....


    "Just because I saved her life doesn't mean I'm about to charge her up the boarding ramp"


    -(Male) Exile to Kreia, talking about Visas.


    "There are somethings I will not do, even for you"


    -Visas if you ask her to dance for a Voga the hut

  10. "Come on, let me shoot him in the back, no one has to know"

    "Atton restrain yourself, besides a nerve strike will incapasitate him without lasting damage"


    -Atton and Handmaiden on Nar Shaddar at almost loseing the Ebon Hawk.


    (Note-I'm quoting from memory, so that might not be exactly whats said)

  11. What they say about Morichro, if it even is what Kreia uses on Atton, kind of hints towards high levels as it's forbidden knowledge, entrusted to few Jedi, mostly healers.


    True, but since Kreia was once a historian she might well have had access to the Jedi Archives. If she was high enough in the Jedi order her access could have included information about Force powers not normally used by the Jedi-such as Morichro.

    I'd be wary about using what Kreia did to Atton (Or for that matter anyone else) as an example of forbidden knowledge, She was after all a Sith Lord at one time and would have picked up a lot of dark side powers during that time.

  12. What Kreia wanted was for more or less the destruction of the Force and none of her students accomplished that.  She may have taught them in hopes that they would realize that the Force is merely a tool and does not guide them as is believed by the Jedi.


    I think Kreia only wanted the death of the force after she was exiled for the second time, not when she was training Jedi. But if anyone knows otherwise I'd be interested in knowing.

  13. I think the implication was that all of Krieas former students joined Revan in the Mandolorian wars. It was, or is, stated that of all the Jedi who joined Revan in the Mandolorian war only the Exile went back to face the Jedi Council, and didn't Join Revan as a Sith during the Civil war.

  14. Good question. I would say it is based on the person, becuase everyone has their own limits to moral flexibility. A true sith would draw the line where ever he /she pleases. Think of it this way, if you had the ability to do anything, absolutely anything, such as kill someone or steal without consequence, wouldn't you be completely free. You don't have to want to kill someone or commit crimes because thats just sadistic, but it's the simple fact knowing there is no limit to what you can do. A true sith aims to achive this power over himself and the universe. Then it becomes his responsibility to draw the line where he sees fit and have others follow until another rises up and achieves a similar power taking his place and establishing a new line if you will. Example: Palpatine was in complete control over the majority of the galaxy and established a new set of laws which were to be followed, the crime of an individual against another would be severly punished. Palpatine set a line for the galaxy he conquered and removed any line(or restriction for himself). Palpatine therefore had complete freedom.


    But does a Sith really gain any freedom? As with real life power tends to corrupt, no matter how noble your intentions are when you gain-or set out to gain-power. There is always a point at which power becomes a means into itself. Instead of having any freedom all your actions start to revolve around power, gaining more and keeping hold of whatever power you already have. Anything that you think challanges your power, be it a rival or just a friend who disagrees with you, becomes something to be crushed or subjegated.


    It is a paradox that while the Sith believe that "The force shall free me" any power they gain limits their freedom. For example owning a car gives you freedom of sorts but at the same time it limits you-you have to pay for fuel, insurance road tax etc leaving you with less money to do things with.

  15. Since Kreia believes in viewing as many aspects of the force as she can it would make sense if she studied many different areas when she was a Jedi. It would also make sense if Jedi Masters who where given Padawans to train would first have to show a good knowledge of all Jedi abilities so they can pass the basics on, and I would guess that a historian might also need to have a fair range of knowledge too. So Kreia could know these healing abilities without having been a healer as such.


    Personally I'd never considered Kreia to be a healer, but then again I have no problem with the idea she once was. It's an interesting thought, and could explain how Scon learnt to stay alive-he could have been using a dark side form of some Jedi healing skills (Kreia was his master at some point, so he could have learnt the ability from her).

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