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  1. That's it. Alpha Protocol is a Field Agent game, with the possibility to play it out as a stealth game, a straight shooter, or a gadget focused tech'n'slash. It's not an Espionage RPG. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, But I too was waiting for an espionage rpg. Mostly the intelligence gathering, going undercover type of game. (Like the original Casino Royale or the move The Agency, something like that) Instead we got a Jason Bourne, Quantum of Solace, 24 season 5 like game, which plays out well, but not, in any chance an Espionage RPG. But I can live with that
  2. Alan Parker- 9 Albatross- 12 (+1) Ali Shaheed- 10 Conrad Marburg- 10 Grigori Pazinhov- 7 Henry Leland- 9 Hong Shi- 11 Konstantin Brayko- 13 Mina Tang- 9 Omen Deng- 15 Ronald Sung- 9 SIE- 14 Scarlet Lake- 16 Sergei Surkov- 6 (-1) Sis- 17 Steven Heck- 15 Yancy Westridge- 6
  3. More espionage. I mean the espionage-style espionage, gathering intel, going undercover, being a mole at the heart of the enemy. Varied up with the shooting-stealth-etc. missions, it would make a great addition.
  4. Not true. Raithe did it while he befriended her, without 'bedding', I did it while Madison, me (and a whole lot of people) were... emm... exclusive friends.
  5. Touche, I was thinking the same thing. BTW, I've finished the first book and now reading the second. Those books are simply brilliant. Yup, those are some excellent novels. As for Sis, she's more of a 16-kind. The way she acts and reacts, accompanied by her expressions suggest that she's younger than... the age that would be legal. She's more like a 'sis', hence the name, I guess. If she was a romance option, I'd still avoid it, and not because I don't like the character (I do), but because she's still a bit young for this dirty business. And when I wrote it down, it made me realize what is her charm.
  6. Coming to think of it, I went to Rome first too on the playthrough I was able to kill him there.
  7. Well, the RPG blend works like this. If you get up your assault rifle or pistol for example, at master level you have near perfect aim - 1,5 seconds to carefully aim (which is shorter than you'd expect irl), then you can start raining death on your enemies. If you're untrained with it, it's much harder to get the precise aim, and you can't aim precisely the same range, etc. As for the Sniper, I agree completely. Anyways, what I wished to add: the inventory slots themselves are bugged sometimes. Messing around with items (usually occurs when you change 2-3 upgrades/gadgets on the same slot) sometimes causes the game to not acknowledge the change. The first item you put in the slot remains there, but you can't get it out (not with changing it to something else, neither with unequipping) without quitting and entering the inventory again.
  8. Same here. But it helped a great deal that I was always suave with Marburg himself.
  9. I just finished Rome while I had 10 reputation with Marburg. The entire conversation changed, and I really liked how it played out. He didn't want to fight, (the fight was unavoidable anyways), and not out of fear, but because he didn't want to kill me, nor the authorities to get me. (Overconfident much? ) Again, it showed another side of the character. And that's a wonderful thing about this game, every different reputation level shows a different side with whole new conversation sets. At some cases, at least.
  10. Oh really. That's reactive communication you're talking about. And it works great with her character, but as a Protagonist... Well, it could work, for an adventure game maybe, or something like that. But as a protagonist in the next conspiracy-driven field agent game? I'm not so sure. Dialogues are an important (an extremely important and non-dismissable) device for telling the story. So as much as I like how her character was written and played out, I can't think of her as the protagonist for a sequel.
  11. Skill-mapping is an excellent thing to mention, on the PC it was breaking the immerson whenever I stopped to switch. Also, the Surkov-embassy mission seems to have a bug (I guess in the end there would have been an assault vehicle attack, but it seems to be cut. At least against the VCI the report mentions defeating a Stryker assault vehicle which was only present as an environmental detail). Enemies are respawning, that's great, but this way you have no chance to kill all enemies (against G22 for example, to impress SIE). If there's a counter for the enemies there (and the mission ends after, let's say, killing 20), then the respawner device could be triggered to stop after spawning the 20 of them. Or something like this.
  12. It's a glitch, in the report (well, if you do all the other objectives too) the game will fix itself saying all objectives done. The report also acknowledges saving Mina, so don't worry about it. It's a minor bug.
  13. Woohow! A conspiracy theory in a forum dealing with a conspiracy-based game? It's far-fetched in my opinion, things tend to be much more simple. In this case, look at the reviews of Gears of War, God of War or Modern Warfare 2: They praise those games. Let's be honest, those games are simple as a rock, and we're speaking about a really flat and uninteresting rock then. Alpha Protocol is much more complex, but some reviewrs and gamers simply didn't bother to comprehend it. That's about it. I didn't get any money to write my review in a degrading tone
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