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  1. I think a great romance as part of the players story can be truly brilliant. The problem is that a "decent" or "okay" romance isnt good enough. Decent graphics? Sure. Okay combat? Thats fine. As long as the story, quests, characters etc are good and compelling. Those are the really important parts. But a great story with great characters would get a lot worse with an "okay" romance imo. So even though I'd love to see Obsidian pull of an awesome romance (they didnt in deadfire), if they feel they cant do it justice then it is definetly good they're not trying, and focusing on other things instead.
  2. All I know is that games for windows live was really terrible,and MS hasnt done enough to gain back my trust yet. Hopefully they will, together with Obsidian
  3. All I know is that games for windows live was really terrible,and MS hasnt done enough to gain back my trust yet. Hopefully they will, together with Obsidian
  4. I can think of some games were singleplayer was made by 1 studio and then multiplayer by another. Or a different studio coming in and working on a port. I want to recall some documentaries where different studios have exchanged a bit of expertise, too. But 1 game co-developed by 2 different studios? Dont think I've ever heard of that. Considering Obsidians and inXiles respective size and strengths, I guess its not impossible? Seems very unlikely though, imo
  5. I really liked this DLC too. Pleasant surprise, as I usually prefer larger expansions. The Bridge Ablaze part was particularly awesome. Hope DLC 2 & 3 are as good as BoW, maybe even better.
  6. Well considering how underwhelming they (or at least this one is) are in this game, I understand you entirely.
  7. I think it's a pretty weird one? I've initiated the romance, fed the bird and completed hasongo + Maias quest. When I speak with her I have the option of "ending" our relationship. But I have noticed no particular romantic relationship, it's.. just not there. Nothing's happended since those early flirts. I'm about halfway through the game. Is my relationship with Maia bugged? Or is it that any romantic relationship with Maia only has a beginning and an end? No "middle" in sight..
  8. Playing Horizon: Zero Dawn. Considering it's the devs first try at openworld RPG they really did a good job. Hope they make another one and put some more resources into narrative/writing, it could be fantastic!
  9. Some kind of Ukaizo DLC, fleshing it out a bit. A couple of good fights, some companion dialogue and a little juicy lore. Not gonna happen, but I wish!
  10. For me Deadfire was reasonably smooth sailing. Played more polished RPGs at release, but also played plenty worse ones including PoE1. Problem for me was that the (minor) issues I had with Deadfire were really annoying for me. Save import being funky, relationshipsystem not working as intended, companion dialouges not triggering. Small stuff really, but very immersion breaking for me who play these games for the characters, story and world.
  11. I was a little disappointed in Deadfires mainstory. Was expecting it to struggle with agency and pacing like most (all?) openworld games do. Was not really expecting to fight Eothas either. So I dunno what it is exactly. Maybe it didnt stroke my massive ego enough! Or like some mentioned, it's Ukaizo. Or the lack thereof. Either way it's a fantastic game nevertheless and looking forward to pillars 3.
  12. There's a lot in this game you can criticize, but Tekehu's reason for joining the party? Seems like an extremely nittpicky thing to scrutinize? I get that his character is not for everyone though.
  13. Always story and characters will be more important to me, but damn this is the most beautiful game of its kind. Adds so much to the world! They set the bar high for PoE 3
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