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  1. Barbarian - I hate people with anger control problems. Chanter - bards are fine, but don't like summons.
  2. By polearm I mean any long stick weapon Pike, quarterstaff, pollaxe will suit. But in the absence of naginata, I think pollax will be the best choice. So, I will choose Monk/Cipher then, thank you.
  3. I think about multiclass polearm monk. The obvious solution for second class is fighter, but for roleplay reasons, I want ranger or cipher. How viable this builds would be? I'm not munchkin or power gamer, but don't want to play as a gimped character either. I'm going to play on hard or PotD, not decided yet.
  4. My bad, that was Durance. Well, in that case, I'll let Eder have one or two as pets and we'll be ok. I only ask keep that wild nasty monkeys in distance from me.
  5. Why? Not all animals equally good. Some are cute, some are tasty. But also there is snakes, frogs, rats, hyenas and possums. And as far I remember, Eder himself not a big fan of orlans.
  6. But there is no racism in Pillars: all human subraces are equal, dwarfs and elves are respected too. There is prejudice to godlikes, but it more like aversion to —Āongenital malformation, not a thing to pride, but absolutely understandable. As for orlans, dislike of animals don't make you a bad person.
  7. I'm a huge fan of warrior monks: sohei, hospitaliers, wushu monks and so on. This leaves little freedom of choice to my first character: monk or paladin As for race, usually I choose human, because it's hard to find decent elf or dwarf monk portrait.
  8. Aramintai, thank you. Now I don't know, which one I should use, yours or effinandy's They all are magnificent.
  9. Aramintai, could you make any of this, please? https://imgur.com/BZVvtwT https://imgur.com/QfcGWkd
  10. Technically no, there wasn't. But in fact there was. Interactions was written well, it's just might was considered as strenght. Broke the wall with bare hands? Can do. Grab some guy and lift him by the neck? Easy. There is two ways to fix this: rewrite all interactions with taking into account the character class or just split physical and mental powers. The second is much easier.
  11. You forgot how loud minorities can be. If you show their unsightly side, there will be SJW sh*tstorm. We don't want it for Pillars, are we?
  12. Iselmyr is rude, aggressive and impudent as stereotypical butch. So making her interested in women that would be problematic stereotype, not feminine Aloth being gay.
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