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Found 2 results

  1. I will be upfront, I don't like Minsc. I find him loud, annoying, and very childish (not in a good way). I found a 10 second clip which sums up how annoying Minsc is. Screaming blue murder, acting like a weirdo and talking about squirrels. This YouTube video showcases how annoying he is (in a lighthearted way). I'll talk more about him in depth below. Why I dislike Minsc: He's seen as the face of Baldur's Gate. I don't like the humor around him, ''haha hamster crazy XD'', he's a little simple and childish, I can't take him seriously, highly regarded as being the best NPC, when in fact Edwin is more accurate. I'm not a fan of the ranger class. It's a nerfed fighter in my viewpoint. Perhaps other than his personality what I don't like most about Minsc., is his berserking. Whenever he goes Bersek he will attack his own party and secondly, when characters like Aerie or Nalia are in the party Minsc will take them as his ''witch''. I find that cool. Here's the bad part. When either one is Minsc's witch, if they fall in battle in other words die Minsc will automatically berserk. A fight, let alone a boss fight is difficult enough without your own party members attacking you. Secondly because of this, it makes me not want to take either Aerie or Nalia who are two interesting NPCs in a party with Minsc as they can cause him to turn on the party and ruin a fight! In terms of stats, Minsc is great. Very strong. I just don't want to ever play with him. Or see him in Baldur's Gate three. I just don't like him. What are your thoughts? Am I just being a stupid seal?
  2. I think this is the second topic i've ever made... anyways. After that sidekick topic i started BG2 again and Icewind Dale. Makes me think about a lot of the little things missing/glad to be gone in PoE! 1. Text by NPC's are limited to about 1-2 sentences per text box. In PoE, they often throw big paragraphs at you. Sometimes it's kind of demotivating. I like reading as much as the next guy but just seeing a wall of text makes me groan and want to skim read. In BG even if they have a lot to say it's split up in multiple text boxes, so you can't really tell how much they are going to say. Brevity is the soul of wit! I feel like I'm being a hypocrite with the previous comment... moving on. 2. This might seem petty but, actually clicking on doors and seeing them open. It might seem like busy work but I really do prefer it after playing PoE/BG2 back to back. 3.Ammo/Limited inventory/Spell Scrolls/Death OK so, Ammo can be a pain but I think we've lost something getting rid of it, and limited inventory. What I'm HAPPY about it spell scrolls, that is one thing that is a complete pain when they fail to learn, all I do is reload immediately. Death, there was a topic a while back about this and there were people in favour and against perma death. At the time I was in favour of it, but after playing BG2, the second any of my party dies I instantly reload even though I have access to resurrection spells. 4. Weapons/Armour Weapons and Armour are mostly dull in PoE, Sanguine plate and White Crest armour are exceptions. I've heard they are working on this for Deadfire, I don't want to be overflowing with magical weapons and armour. When you get a Full Plate Mail in BG it will probably be your armour for most of the game. I think enchanting and that should be flat out removed thinking about it, reminds me of reforging in WoW. More of a hassle than anything else. Can we think of anything we'd like to see return in PoE/ the new lot of CRPG's? What are we glad has gone forever?
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