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  1. Hey! I'm working with a mod to add a new subclass and I'm trying to remove the "unfit for melee" -10 deflection malus from bows for this particular subclass. I found the statuseffect and the particular mod ranged weapons use. I'm quite a noob with modding and I've gotten quite far just with common sense but this seems to elude my brain.. I managed to remove the malus with a simple mod that changes the malus to +0, but I can't make it just for a particular subclass.. I just copied the Boolean ProgressionTableIsSubclass(Guid) from progressiontables. Aaaaand there I see the problem. It's not
  2. ..1 second of furious google found this http://www.notra.fr/portrait.php I guess poe2 uses the same portraits as poe1. Correct if im wrong. But anyways this could be moved to modding section..
  3. I was thinking a solo character trap/explosives heavy armored dwarf engineer with a shield and pistol. Decided to roll unbroken/rogue and soon realised that damage wise it isn't really viable. This mod gives me hope! I'll try unbroken/saboteur and see how it goes! Great job btw. Thx for your hard work.
  4. Oh man! You beat me to it! :D I'm testing a solo drunken master build atm. Nalpazca/goldpact. Your build looks really sleek, I like it! Pukestabber is the coolest :D
  5. I thought to make a conjurer with trickster. Doesn't work. You can't use the trickster illusion spells because they have the illusion keyword.. sadly
  6. Thx! I might give it a go. I'd like to multi druid for a solo run but haven't yet come up with a decent build.
  7. Wow. Just wow. Think ill drop the rogue and run that bad boy solo. Cant wait until evening.. three kids, two jobs and a wife keeps me quite busy
  8. cant wait for more info! first I was going to do a solo run but now I want to try your mesmer wiz with a sneaky rogue to stab them to death :D
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