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  1. Cyril K. He paid for my rights with his service. He's not a celebrity, but he should be.
  2. Yeah, I'm hoping to finish it soon. I suppose losing a little sleep in the early part of this month will be worth finishing the game. lol Who needs sleep anyhow? I've seen some of the posts about Tristan and Jaethal and I'd like to finish the game with both of them, but if I can't , then she'll have to die next run also.
  3. I spent hours on the LAN with friends on Diablo 1. Spent almost as much time on Diablo 2 with friends. Finished the first box campaign or whatever for Diablo 3 and that was it. Never touched another Diablo game again. Not hating on it. Just not my cuppa. I don't know how much longer I have with Prey, but I suspect it might still be a while. I need to finish before the weekend is over or I probably won't get back to it for several months. I'd also like to finish Pathfinder. I'm getting the feeling I won't be able to do both before Monday. Aw well. At any rate, I recently found
  4. You people remind me how much I hate goblin humor. Ugly little runts that they are. Still, I feel sorry for Nok Nok. I guess if a participation prize makes him happy, I'll be happy for him. He still spends all his time back at the camp picking his nose. Except when I need to take him for his quests, of course.
  5. When I get back to it, I'll say what happened with Nok Nok. I finished his quest and he seemed very happy and Linzi's journal entry for him is positive also.
  6. So, There's someone impersonating someone else in Prey. He tried to put me in deep freeze, but I'm looking for some payback now. While I do place a value on human life, I'm not on a pacifist playthrough.
  7. ...Or pointlessly keep them to put in the museum... which doesn't exist in the game. I mean, you can build a museum, but you can't put all your excess junk in it. I still have mine in my stash, but I have had no use for since finishing that area.
  8. You guys should do a Cthulu game. Come to think of it, there's a lot of Lovecraftian stuff in Pathfinder, although I kind of like the 5th edition rules better.
  9. There was an old xbox game that BIS did that I liked. That wasn't really Dungeons and Dragons, but I enjoyed it. Anyhow, I'm in the Arboretum in Prey. Kind of confused, but I've done a huge amount of exploring. I finally broke down and did an interwebs search after some time of trying to find these neuromods that I could see through this window on one map. Then, when I went out and found where I figured they should be, I still saw the same neuromods through the window. After looking into it, turns out it's a weird map thing and the update on the inside map doesn't reflect what happens on the exterior map. argh!
  10. I agree. SCL was better than a lot of people would have you know. If I remember it correctly, I thought that it was basically a building blocks game and the initial campaign wasn't much but the modders would make stuff for it. If that's the case, it's an instant non-buy for me. I simply don't want to muddle through player made mods. ...But now I wonder if I had it wrong at the time or maybe I saw an erroneous post or something. EDIT: to fix stuff. Also, I've been playing Prey and I just got medicine for an old buddy. I trust neither January nor December. My brother is a rat bastard even if they manage to rehabilitate him in the later game. I'll probably shoot Connolly if he's still alive because he's such an arrogant prick. I also don't trust Morgan Yu, the main character. I think she's iffy as hell. Finally, it seemed to me in Dishonored that there was no moral reason not to take magical powers and they made the game much more fun and interesting. In Prey, I've gone straight human because I clearly can't trust the Typhons. I only say that because they've tried to kill me the entire game.
  11. I've been playing Prey so much I almost looked in the trash can at the Reagan Library for banana peels and qbeam charges.
  12. Happy Christmas, everyone! I've only been a member here for about a year and I suspect that I'll have to move on from here soon, but this is a great community. Whatever you celebrate, I'll hope and pray it's a happy occasion. God bless you all!
  13. Yeah, that's just non-sense. However, Jaethal has a visceris reaction if she's in the party when Tristan does his end quest. Also, even though there's a 'good' option for Tristan. The neutral option when push comes to shove is so much better written. I was genuinely touched at what they wrote for Tristan at that point. People want romances in games. Tristan's response is so nakedly sincere. If I'm looking at something personal and meaningful in a game, that's the direction I would go. In fact, most of the companion quests endings were quite well done. I hope to get the optimal ending for Jaethal next game, but I'm also willing to take what I have with the idea that not everyone can be saved every time. Anyhow, bud, thanks for sharing.
  14. I did the one ritual to access some sort of demon. The advantage in doing the three demon run isn't all that great. I managed to get a 'good' ending with all my companions except the undead chick. I don't know what I did wrong with her, but I'm going to try something different next time.
  15. In my game, I followed his advice about I caved it in instead (after I savsd and foind out what was inside, of course). Plus, I solved everything with him good style.
  16. We watched Bird Box, which was a good show. We enjoyed it. Last month, we watched Hill House, which was an excellent book, a mediocre movie, and a terrific TV show. I actually think the Netflix mini-series was better than the book. :prepares for the pummeling he may receive: We watched origin unknown where I figured out the one minor twist really early. At least I think I did. The whole thing was pretty lackluster and had a lot of holes. I'm assuming we had to fill in the gaps in the story-telling. On the other hand, I was so tired from recent festivities that I didn't bother changing the channel. There's a new comedy that isn't so bad. It's Happy Place or some such. We've watched four episodes and it has its moments.
  17. They just announced it not long ago, right? I wouldn't trust it even if they had a hard fast release date. There's no way they're hitting a solid target that far out. I mean, if Electronic Arts or whoever owns them set a hard date and said, "release it not, that's an order!" they might get it out on time, but I would be suspicious of the quality in those circumstances.
  18. I just couldn't figure out where the hell I was in space playing Prey, so I decided to see if I could find something to help me make heads or tales out of it. I get a youtube video and it did something that will make my life so much easier. It had health bars and location points and everything else. I'm like, what the hell is that?! So I played with controls and realized I can bring up the HUD and actually know where I'm going. Good Lord, Halleluiah!
  19. I don't know what it is, but I'm going to check it out anyway.
  20. Taking a break from Pathfinder to play Prey. I've done a lot in the beginning area and the lobby. So, I found some keycard in the lobby and went back to the beginning area where I found a huge bad guy with a couple of turrets. Brutal fight. I finally zap-wrenched the sumbitch to death. Damn near kilt me. Makes me wish I'd put points in wrench. I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but I'm having some fun doing it.
  21. Stayed home to recover from Christmas day.
  22. I really love the game and I couldn't complain if I put it aside and never played it again at this point. However, I've taken over a second kingdom and it seems like I have this fog event that came out of nowhere and I don't have any quests that apply to it. I have no events for it. I'm studying an item I got that might help, I've got an event for some miners that might lead somewhere, but that's about it. I've pathed to every location I can see and recently did a tour of every area with higher perception to see if I can find anything new. That helped me finish some artefact, but that's about it. I guess I can just get my general up high enough to deal with this fog problem to see if that helps. Right now it's a 40 DC and my best guy for the job only has +18. If it were my regent or treasurer, I would have had a chance already. I feel like I should be at the endgame, but there are some regions I haven't annexed and it seems like I should be eventually, so maybe I've got a lot longer to go. I dunno.
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