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  1. Don't forget battle meditation! naw, you dont need battle meditation
  2. It says that it's restricted to DS, and it is if you don't put the <FULLNAME> crystal in the same lightsaber, which I'm telling you I've done while being LS. I just checked again, and it works. It doesn't tell you it'll work - it tells you the opposite - but it does. And I didn't cheat to do it either. ill have to check that out, but my point is they made a ds crystal, why not a ls one as well
  3. where do you get swoop racing on onderon?
  4. ive played k2 12 1/2 times and i don't remember this quote.
  5. yeah, im waiting till i get ps3 to play this game
  6. some people thing that kriea is Aren Kae, personally i don't
  7. no it says resticd to ds, or at least it automatically uniquippes the lightsaber its in if i am ls
  8. i wish k2 had a ls only crystal like the quxoni opposite
  9. 1. idon't think the movies run at the same definition as the rest of the gam 2. i didn't think the game itself ran at 1600x1200, mine only goes to 1280x something 1. The standard movies run at 640x480. And they are badly encoded, the quality is worse than FMV on Playstation games. Wether it's the same res as the gameplay depends if you play at 640x480 although you'd have to have a really crappy system to do that. The HQ movies are supposed to be 1600x1200. 2. Mine does go up to 1600x1200. The game probably doesn't detect your monitor supporting that high a resolution. All I want from someone out there is confirmation that these HQ packs actually work. Any side by side comparisons out there? Atlhough with the prevalence of LCD panels that don't go above 1280x1024 I'd imagine most of you don't even meet the requirements for the HQ movie pack... mine is 1440X900
  10. im confused, how did lucasarts know that the fist one would be a hit so they could make a sequel
  11. so the ewivalent of wearing nothing and only one single bladed weapon got it
  12. enter and then exit the reffugee sector often this will trigger the message
  13. yeah but the animations look beater on single bladed
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