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  1. there are more polite ways to prase your point
  2. i aggee that an npc consolar from soldier is wierd and unhelpful, especially sense we allready have kreia
  3. ...no...sun..bad..hurts...must't look at...the light but seriously i only got that high of a count because i let my game run, all night and day when i play it, it was really probably about 75-85 im a sukker for extra content mods
  4. i think thats is called the black screen of death
  5. i was actually talking only k1 or k2
  6. that is probably what it is, reinstall don't patch and see if it works this time
  7. is it possible to post the error message or a verbatim of what it contains.
  8. Also check your key mapping in options,I have had the odd crash in both XP and Vista where it would reset the movement controls,reconfiguring the movement keys in options fixed the problem for me. my keys are sensitive if you push them hard it will craSH
  9. disciple is interesting it would have been more fun if there had been more dialog for him but i liked the idea of a republic secret agent/jedi from my past.
  10. several words in there i didn't know we could use on these msgboards
  11. thats good two but also two much kind of like k1
  12. not hk, but you get a saber, a couple on onderon/dxun
  13. there is a mod that turns mira to mission?
  14. well you cAN get a light saber anywere, but nar shadda is best for hk parts
  15. out of the three of them i like here best, though possibly handmaiden
  16. try switching some of these graphics options to 0, grass, shadows,anisotrophophy
  17. check the faqs also this should be in another topic
  18. umm shouldn't it be a zero or a one? idk
  19. try reinstalling your game that always helps me
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