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  1. I miss Baldur's Gate where I really can ascend into a god, I thought Tyranny or POE2 will allow me to become one again
  2. Ydwin didn't lost her soul, she detached it from her body and from the wheel, now her soul "possess" her current rotten body.
  3. Nope, she probably has more memory problem than the watcher. She used to question her order even she choose to follow it. She knew it is not right, not ethical and even not profitable in long run. But now she just knew to bark Perfecto! Perfecto! Perfecto! like a good bitch.
  4. The interaction between companion is VERY GREAT However some of their backstory and characteristic are not 1) Eden and Aloth is very plain, as if the dev assume they die in POE1 2) Pallegina suddenly become arsehole *I hate that what path they chosen in POE1 do not have impact at all, especially Pallegina, I thought after she will changed after refuse to follow order, bur her brain wash worsen. 3) Maia just an ordinary soldier, her story is short and uninteresting 4) Serafan, Xoti and Tekehu are good, their stories are longer and much more interesting. Their characteristic also much more appealing.
  5. I'm curious, for those who completed the game, is there any different between save import and legacy? I started the game and completed it with legacy because I can't remember some of my choices, but I'm sure the dev didn't put a lot of option in legacy. For example the eyeless, there is no tempered or non tempered variation. Of course the result is, Abydon do not mentioned much about it. And I think there is no eyeless hunting you, they totally ignore that possibility, if not there is no keep for Eothas to destroy Throughout the whole game, even some of the mentioned choice in legacy have very insignificant impact. Since they only put POE1 symbol in dialogue, I can't remember or understand why the result is like that, this make the impacts even more insignificant These make me wonder, is all unmentioned details being totally ignored? And I heard some players who started with save import having bug. There is no point to start with save import?
  6. Here are what come into my mind: 1) Corpse Eater Barbarian, I saw special dialogue option in Splintered Reef 2) Skaen Priest 3) Bleakwalker Paladin 4) Chanter who focus on summon undead or demon 5) Cipher who torture soul If you going to pick any two of these, which will you choose? Or what other class do you think is evil?
  7. Yeah, there's a little too much of that in this game, imo. I get that it's interesting for characters to be flawed, but it's frustrating that every potential faction leader has at least one totally irredeemable quality. I missed the presence of at least a few mostly decent or mostly evil characters. Grey area can provide for some much needed nuance in RPGs, but too much of it engenders player apathy. I prefer old school good and evil, black and white choice. Then video games start to have grey element, I'm ok with that at first since it really make story more interesting. But nowadays games have too many grey element, I can't fully enjoy because I can't get satisfaction I want. If writers just care about telling their own story, don't promise us "freedom" or "choice matter" then slap our face.
  8. I guess I haven't talk to her enough to realize she was a vampire. Honestly kind of ignored the sidekicks outside of netting the achievement. Thanks for answering! She never says a thing when I click on her, so I assume people are referring to what she says when you recruit her. Yes, before recruit her she tell you she did experiment with her own soul and successfully remove her soul from wheel. Because of that she is neither dead nor alive, similar to Fampyr but different, it is a hint of possible solution for wheel destruction.
  9. So I decided to support Huana, but before accept her final quest to blow powder house, I complete Honor Among Thieves first, killed Aeldys, trigger A Dance With Death, get the Fonferrus, go back Dunnage to KILL FURRANTE and other council members who stay there.( Oddly A Dance With Death did not failed ) Then I do A Vote of No Confidence, side with Director Castol during Trial then leave him. Finally I go Brass Citadel to reject RDC final quest, all of them turn hostile, I KILLED BOTH HAZANUI KARU AND ATSURA. After that I talk to the queen, she skip final mission so we sail to Ondra's Mortal immediately, I thought no one will stop us but Rauatai Navy show up( guess I have to blow the powder house then kill them ). Next I deactivated the machine, go down and found ATSURA ALIVE! And during ending slides, FURRANTE ALIVE! I thought after I killed both leader, Two-Eyed Pim will become the leader and transform Principi into transit company! WTH?!
  10. Only the horrible persons among us get nice things, those who go around sacrificing companions and feeding lost souls to themselves. No wonder I don't get anything Btw, did anyone save your crate during Prologue? What you get?
  11. Now come to think...why she was not absorbed by Eothas?
  12. Now I realize the branching point of faction route is too late, I can easily experienced all faction ending in just one save. Even though I can play as different race, origin or class, but I feel there is not much different, dialogue mostly influence by passive skill, and the outcomes are similar as you pick race/origin/class option. And one of the main reason is, it feels bizzare that I knew what my watcher race,origin and class was, but now I can change them to anything even those setting are "opposite" of my previous one.
  13. Yes there is, but the dungeon is moving and there is no entrance. Seriously, why you need to open 2 thread for same topic...
  14. If there is a Eothas fanatic cult act as main antagonist throughout main quest, who responsible for manipulating factions conflict, then it maybe better.
  15. To be honest, my mindset now is deeply influenced by Mass Effect series when it come to sequel which continue the story. So far, I am not satisfy because most of the previous decision does not have much influence to this sequel and its ending( I know, please don't talk about ME3 ending ). Hel, I just end one Hollowborn crisis, now I have to stand and watch another bigger scale Hollowborn crisis!
  16. I don't think there will be a priest for Galawain, because he represent nature, druids are the one who worshiping him. If you said you pledge to Galawain, then you should sacrifice Hiravias, consider it as a trial for Galawain follower.
  17. Nope, and most of the location in this game is not interesting compare to POE1, especially last one...
  18. Actually I kind of hope: 1) Eothas is trickster god, he lie to you about the true goal of wheel destruction, therefore the story continue or 2) Eothas plan does not go well, unpredictable result show up and the story continue
  19. Btw, it's interesting how people say VTC is pro-slavery, but actually it was just Castol's idea to work with Furrante, cuz he was looking for quick money to fund his research projects. During his trial he can even get banished for that, because officially VTC is against it. It's a good idea to kill the slavers and Furrante beforehand if you want to keep him in his position. Yup, if you read Castol's letter to Furrante, they not really in good term. Castol not really want to involve into slavery, in fact he is not directly involve in slavery itself. he just helping them by providing safe passage for Furrante and get the fund from them. Now I think he might even force to help them by his corrupted superior, Master Kua sounds very influencial yet he insult him in his letter.
  20. I hope at least Beast of Winter is after ending, perhaps Rymrgand will try to end the world when gods and kiths are weaken after wheel destruction.
  21. I get your point, but what about players who enjoy overpower? Is nerf fair to them? I don't know how hard to do it, but i think difficulty setting should alter some fundamental of gameplay such as class instead of just adjust number and those should be optional such as expert mode instead of all nerf base on difficulty alone.
  22. I also want to go alone, but seeing without any faction take control Deadfire will throw into total chaos, I have to choose lesser evil who will bring benefit to Deadfire.
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