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  1. Update by Rob Nesler, Art Director and Brandon Adler, Producer We showed you this concept that Polina Hristova had developed, back in Update #55: And here is the in-game level--about to get violent--as developed by environment artist Sean Dunny: We think it looks pretty good. Thoughts? -R Arcanum Playthrough This week, we have the second part of Avellone's two hour playthrough. Chris explores the Shrouded Hills Mines and dies to bandits along the road... multiple times. Obsidian Jobs Obsidian is putting the call out to enthusiastic game developers who are intereste
  2. Update by Chris Avellone This week? Companions. I have been designing companions. I lucked out, because I got to do companion design work for BOTH Eternity and Torment, so two birds, one stone. Or three companions, one lodestone? I don’t know. Eternal Companion Facts Some facts from our Eternity design documents that I wanted to say up front before going any further: thanks to backer support, Eternity supports 8, yes 8, pre-made companions and 8 hired adventurers (16 total). You can have up to 5 in the party at any point in time (the 6th/1st role is your player character, who,
  3. Bugs ate Avellone's soul. To all of those asking about Avellone's Arcanum playthroughs, that falls squarely on me at this point. Avellone recorded a large amount of footage recently and now it needs to be processed and cleaned up for the backers. Finishing up our vertical slice and getting the team prepared for our production phase has been my top priority over the past few weeks. That said, there shouldn't be any problems in having a lengthy playthrough for you guys in the next backer update.
  4. Update by Polina Hristova, Concept Artist/Nightmare Engineer and Brandon Adler, Producery Type Polina in her natural habitat. Hello, everyone. This week will feature an interview with Project Eternity concept artist Polina Hristova. While a Project Eternity concept artist has to be well-rounded in their skill set, Polina specializes in creature concepts. Enjoy. Q: Hello, Polina. What is your job on the Project Eternity team? A: I'm a general concept artist =). My primary purpose is to design what things look like (creatures, characters, environments, etc) and help get the conversati
  5. All of the programming inside of Unity is being done with C#, as far as I know. As for the documentary, we have been recording with them fairly often (several times a month).
  6. We will be using a typical milestone system. I am currently figuring out all of our assets, features, and areas, in total, for when we enter production. Once that is done, we will be able to construct our future milestones based on risk, priority, resources and time allotted. Also, I wanted to thank everyone for the warm welcome. It has been a blast so far.
  7. apples and oranges afaik. producers make sure everything is organized, while designers actually design stuff. This is pretty much correct. As a Producer I was dealing with project management - coordinating teams, creating schedules and other managerial tasks. For the most part, Producers don't deal with any type of content creation. They may help when the team is in a bind or give suggestions, but ultimately it is someone else's job to "create" the game. This is mostly a lateral move, but I will have to start at the bottom of the totem pole again - learning to refine my design s
  8. If funcroc is as good as I am giving him credit for, he should be able to detect that there is a thread going on about him on this forum.
  9. I think there are a couple of questions that even my friends here wouldn't be able to answer without some serious digging.
  10. So, you're saying it is ScottE?
  11. Okay, so as an Obsidian developer and frequent lurker of these forums, I have run into postings that funcroc has made throughout the years. Some of the stuff I see him post is completely obscure and information that is fairly unknown by the general public. I am constantly amazed at the level of detail that funcroc is able to pull out of seemingly inconsequential documents floating on the internet. So, I have come to a few conclusions: 1. funcroc is a machine and/or advanced bot - I am not sure how likely this is. It would explain the amount of data that he finds, but I am not sure that rob
  12. Well, most people here know about funcroc. I know I have had discussions with others about how he gathers his info. I still think he may be an Obsidian dev!
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