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  1. That isn't an uncommon blended rate for a man-month. Those aren't the actual costs to the project, but that is the rate you use when determining the budget when trying to get funding.
  2. Also, writing in a traditional form is very different than game writing - especially when you take into account branching dialogues. There are lots of constraints placed on our narrative designers.
  3. I won't get into the debate about whether romances in these type of CRPGs are inherently good or bad, but I will speak towards costs. You are incorrect if you think that creating a good romance is less of a cost than a blacksmith interior. It would cost more in time and money - by quite a bit. Writing a good romance is not as simple as you think. Also, you are overestimating the ease of hiring a narrative designer that is a great writer, understands RPGs, and is technical enough to use the tools and scripting that is required.
  4. Update by Rose Gomez, Jr. Producer Hello everyone! My name is Rose Gomez - I'm the newest Producer on Pillars of Eternity. I'll be handling a lot of the Kickstarter related duties for the game from here on out. I've been working at Obsidian Entertainment for a little over three years now. My previous titles include South Park: The Stick of Truth and the Fallout: New Vegas DLCs. I'm thrilled to be able to work on Pillars of Eternity and can't wait to interact more with all of you in the coming months. For this update, we've got some awesome new character, area, and concept art that we're e
  5. The fate of Darren's character... http://instagram.com/p/kFyR2sJxy4/
  6. Update by Josh Sawyer, Project Director Welcome! First things first: if you have backed Pillars of Eternity but not yet completed your order on our website, please do so as soon as possible. Even if you have an all-digital order, we need information from you to make sure you get everything you are supposed to. If your backer tier includes an NPC, item, portrait, or other custom piece of content, an early response will make it easier for us to work with you on your designs and preferences. As always, we appreciate that our backers have made Pillars of Eternity possible and we want to e
  7. Jeff is on the project working on area design. Currently, he is going through Defiance Bay and helping flesh out the design.
  8. Yeah, it is getting slammed right now. Darren is on the case and it should be back up shortly.
  9. I will let Josh comment on all of the systems and where they are at, but I will say that the UI screenshot is fairly new.
  10. Update by Brandon Adler, Producer Hello, everyone. Like everyone here at Obsidian, I hope you had a great holiday season and were able to gorge on lots of treats and good food. This week I am going to go over a bit about the new Backer Portal (please log in if you haven't already), give a general update about where we are in our production, and show off some of the cool things that are happening in the game. In our next update we will be taking a more detailed look at some of the classes in Eternity. Backer Info Just a reminder to all of our backers, if you have not done so already,
  11. I just wanted to inform everyone that we are going back to our normal update schedule starting tomorrow. The update is already written and is going through the revision process. No need to fear.
  12. Hello, everyone. I just wanted to post to let you know that we have increased the character count for some fields in the item survey. Item Appearance has been increased from 375 characters to 500 characters and Item History has been increased from 500 characters to 1,300 characters. If you have already submitted your survey but want to change your Item Appearance or Item History, please let us know by emailing support@obsidian.net. We would be happy to change it for you.
  13. Hmmm? I remember it being mentioned back in the kickstarter and basically the idea was "if BG had it this game would have it too". It isn't a big deal to me either way. That said the reason multiplayer sucked in BG is because 1: It was LAN only. 2: The implemented it like crap. MP could work, they just have to actually design it correctly. With BG they didn't take the effort. No multiplayer in PoE. It will be a single-player experience.
  14. Functionally, there is no difference. Both of those instances are 2D. Our artists are creating these areas with 3D assets in Maya. We render out a screen of those areas (and the various passes of those areas) and use that. Some objects (pretty much anything that would need to move) are 3D objects laid on top of the scene.
  15. +1. Also, for how long will we be able to upgrade our pledges? Once you have finalized your pledge you will be unable to change it. We don't have an official date for locking down the pledges, but when we come up with one, we will send out an update about it.
  16. The only time you can add an add-on is when you are managing a pledge. At some point in the future we may try to sell the add-ons separately, but we haven't seriously discussed a timeline for something like that.
  17. Hey, everyone. I just wanted to apologize for the confusion. I have updated the tiers with what I think should be everything. If you guys happen to see any other stuff, let me know and I will make sure that it gets properly updated. Thanks for all of your help.
  18. Hey, you should be able to fill out this information in the survey after you complete your checkout. There is a section for the memorial stone text.
  19. This is correct. You finalized your Kickstarter pledge and started a new one with the new, retail prices for any pledges created after the backer portal was released.
  20. If something was listed on the Kickstarter for a specific tier, you will get that item. We just need to update our description.
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