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  1. Well, I know it can be a confusing issue. Luckily, since not much is changing on the development front (other than more focus on the game), it is easy for me to answer most of the questions.
  2. Hi Brandon. Just something out of my own personal curiosity. Do developers like Obsidian normally design the box covers of your titles or do you let the publisher do that? Or is a collaborative effort. Some of the box covers have been quite good in the past. It depends on the title, the developer, and the publisher. On Storm of Zehir, for example, we did the box art. On other games we have put out, it was done by the publisher. Some games required a lot of back and forth collaboration. For Eternity, we are still deciding how we want to handle it. We would love to have Kaz or Rob creat
  3. I can't predict the future, but I can't imagine why we wouldn't release a DRM-free version in future releases. If people want a DRM-free option we will likely provide one. I mean, the more platforms we can sell the game on, the better, right?
  4. No one was... You said you were uneasy about the partnership with Paradox because of how Paradox has handled DLC in their games. The only reason to be uneasy about such a thing is if you think that Paradox would have some influence on the DLC creation for Eternity. You are correct in your statement. However do we really need to go over the differences between 'influence' and 'forcing'? They are marketing. Come on, dude. Is it really that important that there be a Big Bad for you to rally against? Just to nip all of this in the bud, nobody is forcing Obsidian's ha
  5. No chance. We will still be delivering everything we promised to our backers.
  6. Option (3) would be the best, but it would be a change from Paradox's current Steam-only distribution policy. Obsidian's announcement says that Paradox would be dealing with all distribution, which means it would be solely up to them which stores (physical or digital) could sell copies of Pillars. We will still be selling the game through Steam and GOG like we had planned previously.
  7. DLC is one the thing that has me a little uneasy about the partnership with Paradox. Only because they have taken to the nickel and diming DLC marketing/additional content strategy for some of their titles in the last couple of years (which has diminished my opinion of them), notably in their Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings franchises. Another strike against Paradox is that they also forced some of their Crusader Kings 2 customers to go to Steam, something they had previously assured their fan base would not happen (something that greatly diminished my opinion of them). I very much hope
  8. We are currently talking about the package design. Once we have the final details we will let everyone know.
  9. To be honest, it hasn't come up in our discussions yet. We will do what we can to avoid unfair pricing, though.
  10. We will be providing both Steam and GOG digital versions of Eternity. The GOG version is still going to be released. The partnership with Paradox has not changed anything we have promised to our backers.
  11. I will mention to the guys that we should do an Aumaua update when we do another design/story focused one.
  12. We will try our best to work with those backers that have in-game content. I can't promise that we will be able to have a significant back and forth with every backer, but we will definitely try when appropriate.
  13. This is just a small sampling of the spells available to wizards and druids. You can bet they have some good non-damaging control options.
  14. We don't have the exact answers, but one of the reasons that we partnered with Paradox was because they understand fulfillment in Europe better than most companies. They will definitely do everything they can to make sure that everything is as smooth as possible for all of our European friends.
  15. This partnership actually puts Obsidian in a better position to create more Eternity content (DLC/Sequels).
  16. Sorry about that. I didn't mean for the YouTube video to have that title since Josh doesn't talk about it. I edited the title so the video makes more sense. To your question about influence, Obsidian still has 100% creative control over Eternity and any DLC or sequels spawned from it.
  17. I am not completely familiar with exactly what Deep Silver is doing for InXile, but it is probably very similar. We are partnering with Paradox so we can focus all of our time and money on development.
  18. Update by Josh Sawyer, Project Director Welcome to our second class pair update. This week, by popular vote on our forums, we will be looking at the folks who rain down death (figuratively and literally) on the masses: the mob rulers, wizards and druids. Before we begin, I would like to remind our backers to complete their orders on our website if you have not already done so. Many of our backers have filled out their surveys and we've been able to work on implementing their content. Not long ago, Kaz generated these portraits for some of our generous backers. Backer Portrai
  19. Obsidian and Paradox Interactive have announced that they’ll be working together to bring Pillars of Eternity to the masses, with Obsidian handling 100% of the development while Paradox assumes responsibility for all the marketing and distribution responsibilities. We’ve put together this handy dandy FAQ to answer any questions you may already have, and we’ll continuously update the FAQ to incorporate the questions you’ve thought of that we haven’t. Pillars of Eternity is still on track to be the amazing cRPG you asked for and backed, and we’re forever grateful to you all. Send us
  20. It's very likely that we aren't going to require a ring to view the stones. I would rather we spend the time that would be required for a decoder ring system on our other systems.
  21. Kickstarter Rewards: A plan is in place and we are speaking with a few companies about creating the rewards. We are also currently doing the basic layouts for the books. In fact, today I had a talk with Rose about this very subject. Game: It's a lot of stuff, no doubt, but I am confident that we will be able to wrap everything up in time. This game is pretty far along at this point. Even the portions of the crit path that aren't finished yet aren't more than a few weeks from being in and working.
  22. We are not going to be doing an update this week. They will resume next week as normal.
  23. Update by Eric Fenstermaker, Lead Narrative Designer Undead abound in Heritage Hill. Hey everybody. I'm Eric Fenstermaker and I'm the lead narrative designer on Pillars of Eternity. Before this I held the same position on South Park: The Stick of Truth, so if the dialogue in Eternity ends up being a long string of obscenities and fart jokes, you know who to blame. You can direct all hate mail to my work email account, brandon.adler@obsidian.net. I know we suggested last week that I was going to give you a lore update, but I thought, this is a crowdfunded project. Why not complete
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