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  1. Sad But True-Metallica. I believe it wont be developed by Obsidian which is a bummer, but it was been "confirmed" that it is a Bio/LA which pretty much means EA/LA. But like Jediphile said Star Wars games dont usually come 5 times a year the are frequent and usually follow the release of another.
  2. I think we're looking for canon/any kind of movie or game character here. I have never heard of him and I know my Sith Lords, so definately he is fanon and ive checked out the link, he is still in developement meaning not even released yet.
  3. Sounds kind of like a resolution error? or even it wasnt installed right... Since you havent played it yet I recommend reinstalling.
  4. Theres actually some paticular movies that cause most intel's to crash. They are usually The first peragus scene,the onderon scene, and the dantooine scene you could try experimenting with flipping on movies and off to see which ones crash. Or you could just turn them off.
  5. It helps to use the Search Topic feature.
  6. Heh heh moderators love doing this stuff just make sure you know where your posting before you post. And I find making signatures is quite easy once you learn the basics of whatever png..jpg (or whatever)kind of picture editor you use, including Gimp 2,Paint.net,Adobe Photoshop, and many more.
  7. Heh joke or serious statement? I enjoyed some of the sounds but some of them were also really distastefull.
  8. Actually that is what it is ment to do, but I mean I own the product already I submit my analysis which obviously states I own the game. It was the final nail on the head for my problems, I currently have vista and it took me a while to figure out that this could be a possible solution.
  9. He was a pretty well thought of character, but as everyone else has said he was relatively useless in combat.
  10. Heh, the link I posted is provided by SecuRom it is no by no means a no-cd crack.
  11. Agreed, KSE offers a quick and easy solution that usually causes more problems than it solves.
  12. Why would people "who hate MMOs" play a MMO for it's single player? The future Kotor game has been being called a Kotor Online game.. What does that mean? Usually games with those titles throw in a story line that can be played solo or in groups... for example : Phantasy Star Online, World Of Warcraft ONLINE, (theres more but Im really tired so sorry).
  13. This is interesting, as you echo almost every KotoR I and/or KotoR II: TSL player I know - something that makes me wonder who the MMO will even target. Will they try to go after the very people who are against the product? I highly doubt that considering most Kotor fans who hate MMO's will play the Kotor MMO hoping for a single player story.
  14. Ive see countless reports of Lucas/Bio employess realasing cut up comments on the MMO but I dont know If I can 100% believe it, right now im at 75%
  15. You have no idea what your talking about! ( well just a bit) the new kotor2.exe fixes 60% of the buggs and glitches.
  16. Its always fun having goons that are easily disposable. And I think itsquite fun when some of the enemies are a minor threat and you have fun just plain schooling them Kotor style, it is funny watching your enemy miss a block and groan falling to the floor. But I believe there should be some instances where it is quite difficult even if its on easy, so aspects of kotor 2 were far to easy imo.
  17. I never said it was, Ill leave that to the people responsible for it. And I never said it didnt meet the requirements its just a compatibillity issue.
  18. I didnt critizice him, just merely trying to figure out more information.
  19. Well my stickied thread points out what to post exactly, but Ive been hearing alot of recurring problems with Intel cards, so if you get the game dont expect it to be just Put Cd In>Download>Play>Finish..
  20. Did you also download the new kotor2.exe from SecuRom? You could check gamespy or one of those gaming sites for pc saves.. on onderon..
  21. Yes, disabling the videos for that part should do the trick, you could always watch them on youtube.
  22. Ah... another intel problem, I hope someone including myself can figure out a solution, to bad i dont have an intel to mess with..
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