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  1. I heard in France you try to avoid the english language as much as possible. I wonder how you did it in the Pirates of the Carribean movies. In Germany most of the terms (Like "Black Pearl" for example) were kept in english language, with a few exceptions. How's it in France? Disclaimer : I am not from France, but from Canada, Québec, a French speaking province. But as a rule of thumb, here, though I believe it is similar in France where they are somewhat more liberal on the question, titles from books and movies are translated, but trademarks and such are not. So, for instance, Pirates of the Caribbean, as a movie, is translated « Pirates des Caraïbes » everywhere. But everything inside the book or movie will be translated unless specified otherwise that it was meant to be in a foreign language or something. So, « Black Pearl » becomes « La Perle Noire », but every Spanish vessels in some of the movies are not translated ; the same for every bit of dialogues in spanish. But, in the case of Wallmart ; it is a trademark and such is not translated anywhere it is used. I am curious by what it would be translated though, because it is quite generic when taken literally. I guess one might want to translate it by « Le centre commercial Mur à Mur » or « Mur à Mur » for short, but that is just me Fun fact : Videogames are not restricted by law in Québec to have their names translated. I guess it is because of the fact it is considered a trademark, here, but do not just take my word for it, I have not done any Law School. So, Pillars of Eternity stays Pillars of Eternity and is not translated into « Les Piliers de l’Éternité », which sound quite nice actually. Oh ! By the way, for the original poster thinking about the poetic ring to some of the names, I thought about it : The Leaden Key could be translated in French by « La Clef Saturné », which would be exactly Leaden Key but with the added bonus to refer to the old discipline of alchemy during the Middle Ages, higher mysteries and secrets, etc. It would go quite nicely with the organization based around old secrets and will not sound as flat or weird as « La Clef en Plomb » or « La Clef de Plomb ». Though, perhaps something referring to Saturn, an actual planet from our own solar system, might not be the best, depending on what you are aiming for with your translation ^^"
  2. I won’t start translating all the game, but just for the term Deadfire Archipelago, already I feel like there has been a lost opportunity to translate it in French as « l’Archipel des Feux Endormis », or in English it would quite literally means Sleeping Fires. If I recall correctly, Josh Sawyer even stated somewhere that it was the meaning they were going for with Deadfire, because of the volcanic activities of the region. Seriously, I feel like they were handed the project and they did not ask any question or anything to Obsidian to try and specify the meaning behind specific terms, reading all of you about it. If anything, if I was Obsidian, I would ask some of my money back, because the work done seems to be very poorly done, not even close to be professional in nature :S
  3. Well, at least insofar as I am concerned, Aldris Blade of Captain Crow is the one weapon so far that I despise. The way it looks is just too over-the-top to my liking, which is a shame because of the effects of the blade. The clipping sure does not help neither. When it comes to armors, though, I feel like they could have done a lot better in terms of variety. A lot of the armors are not that different from their counterparts of higher quality. It is particularly true for robes and such. By the way, this game lacks an enchanted version of a captain’s cap like they added in the first game
  4. The suckling power of Eothas is only getting stronger as time goes by. By the time the Watcher is waking up in the cabin, he was able to suckle the power of his long lost, strong souled, friends, Edér, Pallegina and Aloth ? Truth be told, there is no lore explanation to it. Even in game, it is not exactly stated as such. You just barely escaped death, lose a portion of your soul, but it is not like it should affect your level overall. It affects the power of the souls you accumulated, that is for sure, especially since you… but for the rest ? It is, it seems, only mechanical in purpose.
  5. Actually, it works perfectly well. In fact, insofar as PoE I is concerned, the game is finally acknowledging and reacting to your actions in some capacity when it comes to your companions, in Deadfire. None in PoE I could leave you if you did not expressly ask for it yourself. So, it is logical for Edér to react, because according to his personality and your description of the event, the one at the beginning of the game, you go out of your way to steal from a group of people, worshipers of Eothas to make matters worse. It sure will not fly by him in that case. If anything, I think they are way too kind and lenient when it comes to Edér ; besides Eothasians and perhaps a few other instances I did not yet encounter, Edér sure lets fly by a lot of horrible decisions you can make, that affect the life of ordinary folks for no good reasons. In PoE I, you could basically be a genocidal maniac and still be friend with him… I am just saying
  6. Hi, so I tried my hand at modifying some images to have some watercolor variants. Here are some of them, just in case some of you might be interested. I will most likely try to help out a bit, in the near future, too
  7. Following the same idea, I could also say that six characters suck, because it is not seven. Indeed, I could start using the seventh character right away, no problem ! But wait, what about eight or nine characters in my party, would not that be great, too ? Joke aside, they decided to go with this number because of the amount of micro needed to use with every characters. Later in development, when they implemented successfully the AI Behavior system and thus alleviated the problem considerably, it was already too late to start changing things up. I remember watching a stream about it, from Obsidian. I think it was on Twitch, if you want to look it up. Among the most recent ones.
  8. I see, do you think Serafen can do good damage? because some people say he has a bad status for a cipher. Of course, he can. Sure, he is not maxed out in Might, but that does not matter, now does it ? Some of the spells the Cipher has access to inflict Raw damage anyway, bypassing DR and thus without anything to mitigate damage in the first place. On top of that, with something like 14 in Might, he is not lacking by much, if you truly wanted to max out an orlan in Might. I guess a lot of people like to mini-max the hell out of the game ; in that regard, they might even say if you do not drop Constitution, you are doing it wrong, because your Cipher should not be in harm’s way in the first place, etc. But since Pillars is designed in such a way that the only difference between any attribute score is only akin to a few percent, the power output is not affected by much. Thus, the companions, rather than being theory crafted beyond reason, to only fulfill one role and that is it, they can do a few things quite well. The stats are truly more representative of the characters themselves in that regard. For instance, Serafen can also turn your foes against themselves or debilitate large group of enemies like Aloth quite reliably. He has good enough stats for all those things. His is versatile ; he is not a one-trick pony. His stats are not too bad either if you want to go Witch (Barbarian+Cipher) or just outright Barbarian. So, truly, go with the character you have the most fun with, character wise. They all will get the job done, even on the highest difficulty setting. Especially right now until they spice it a bit !
  9. My guess would be to go either Maia or Serafen. My thought is that Maia is pretty good at killing and interrupting casters and far away enemies all the while Aloth excels at debilitating closer enemies but less so the further those are. Thus Maia fills in a nice gap in the formation in that regard. Serafen, being a Cipher, is pretty useful overall to control the battlefield. He has also some truly awe-inspiring single-target damage potential, if needs be. Paladins are nice and all, but I do not necessarily like as much as I did in the first game the unique variant of Pallegina. In fact, the Kindway Farer seems much more interesting because of the healing potential, to help alleviate some of the burden of Xoti. So, well, depending on your playstyle, if you have the Kindway Farer subclass for Pallegina and if you have some difficulty with the game so far, I think Pallegina could be a great help to your formation, then. But if not, I advocate to go with the two above.
  10. Hi, I would like to have those images into watercolor variants, if it is possible. I big thanks in advance !
  11. As I was looking into character creation the other day, I was wondering just how awesome it would be if we could get more cosmetic options, like portraits and character models, especially faces, but perhaps also hair styles, beards, etc. As of right now, it is quite limited in scope. It is especially striking now that we see much more closer to the models. I understand it costs money to produce, so I am just curious to know if I would be alone to be interested in them producing some high quality materials for us to toy with in the future under the form of a small DLC or something. Hopefully, at a fair price, of course. It would perhaps finally incentivize them to create those portraits the community has been clamoring for, like for the specific races of Eora, which are very lacking as of right now, especially orlans. But the character models could also use some love. I really like the game and I intend to play multiple times through it, testing builds, etc., but having so few options just feel sad. Anyway, I am just curious to know the opinion of the community.
  12. In Pillars of Eternity I, fellow companions you did not bring along with you saw their growth halted altogether – unless you sent them on adventures, that is. In the same spirit, in the Deadfire, how one goes about keeping all companions more or less on the same footing without painstakingly switch them in and out of your group all the time ? I might not have gotten far enough yet, so sorry if such is the case. But in the off chance I did not notice something, I am eager to have some answers on that. Thanks in advance, everyone !
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