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  1. Bitch (2017) + Comedy yes I rarely laughed. + Drama it is a bit sad... + Thriller... you know can it became dangerous? + Cute fun kids. Neutral: I don't know but the big boss pretty much is an Avatar of a nightmare boss, but I guess it was not going good for the company so perhaps there was no choice. - does not evolve to some super story. - cruelty. My vote: 6/10 ok movie, but a bit strange movie. Lunacy, craziness...
  2. You know, it is one thing to not be attracted to a certain race. That is perfectly acceptable. But calling them ugly because they are of that race is incredibly ugly in and of itself. Thankfully it is rare to see such blatant discrimination here on the forums. So, welcome to the forums, try not to be such a racist. African mumbo/jumbo I described the supernatural magical aspects... did not fit so well with SCIFI I think. There is a line here I am not racist in that regard that I hate all black people. There are simply my personal taste in women. For example some might absolutely prefer they want one black woman with no hair if they want that then it is fine for them. I have an Iranian friend he is from Teheran. Do not worry he does not hate Americans. Basically he has said that he dislikes his goverment policy but there is nothing he can do about it Iran is a police state and not a democracy. If I have such a Iranian friend we became friends in year 2017 why would I be such a super racist? Finally I rent apartments to all kinds of people a few apartments and their race does not matter really but I do check background i.e good renter etc. With my newfound Iranian friend that speaks fluent English we plan to do a trip this year to southern Europe together... he is well educated studies in university and works part time job. I have my taste in women. Of course I have other friends but they are really not into travelling except one friend but he almost always seem to have to bad budget and travels are more fun if shared with other people. We have plans to play football in the spring later and by the way Iran is also among countries to qualified to World Cup Football 2018 that will played in summer 2018. We do sports together, see movies together, talk how to get perfect wife and everything else you can share with a good friend. He also plays Magic The Gathering with me and my friends. I have also a couple times tried now real Persian food his race is Persian.
  3. This game is not for me. First of all system requirements not optimized well. Second of all sandbox game go figure what to do. I tried also Elder Scrolls games including Skyrim and best thing with Skyrim was that you can install addons community created content like nudity.
  4. Yes I might also watch it but not that they show that in movie theatre's in my country.
  5. Well the movies they mostly show in my country more or less suck so I decided to see Black Panther. +Black Panther... the main characters morals are likeable. + Duels one vs one were interesting. + towards ends it became better. Endbattle could have been better but was ok. + Action and lots of it. Neutral: Unrealistic on many levels. - First half of the movie with exception of one duel was so bad that I almost walked out from the movie but stayed. - Ugly African women. Lacked any beautiful main woman actor really. - African mumbo/jumbo. - I am traditional like to have women with long hair ugly African women with their hair totally taken away. Even with hair they would be ugly to me. My vote: 5.5/10 average/ok movie.' Actually I did see this movie like 10 days ago but started now writing the review since you mentioned it. I don't know but Death Wish and Red Sparrow might interest me were not on cinema when I watched Black Panther.
  6. Here is my advice still if someone else might want to have not Windows 10. I bought a laptop budget gaming laptop in year 2017. With it came Windows 10. However you actually can install software that re installs Start button to left corner so it looks more like Windows 7. It is however then a mix between Windows 7 and Windows 10. Main advantage with Windows 10 vs Windows 7 are: A. Windows boots faster if it is Windows 10. B. I guess modern games optimize drivers etc for Windows 10. I am not in love with Windows 10 and there is a bit learning curve but still way better then Windows Vista and Windows 8 that I have avoided. Interesting I paid 840 euro for my laptop with it included a external DVD drive... that I simple wanted. Oh don't you dare call me poor.... I am landlord. However I truly hate my job and dream of possible early retirement and live very frugally I don't own a car and bought a budget gaming laptop. You know I have had driving license since 18 years age but I have never bought a car... I do love Fast and Furious movies and I do respect car owners. My brothers and his wife that has 3 children have 2 cars but car becomes much more necessary immediately if you have children. This is my performance/price gaming laptop: Acer Aspire VX5-591G 15.6" GAMING LAPTOP (black) 15.6 inch screen easy to carry into airplane even if you move to another country. CPU: Intel Core i5-7300HQ This particular CPU is Kaby Lake generation and is 4 cores and 3,5GHz in TURBO MODE. Graphic card: Nvidia GTX 1050Ti, 4 GB DDR5 Memory: 8 GB DDR4 RAM 1 TB HDD What no SSD? Does not affect gaming, but Windows boots/starts slower. Operating system: Windows 10. I do have separately a 24 inch gaming monitor with 1 ms response time and Flicker-free , TUV Low Blue Light technology. This external 24 inch monitor I bought it like a year before the laptop and its price is not included in the above mentioned price. I dont remember what i payed for monitor but price is roughly 1100 euro if you include that 24 inch gaming monitor with top technology TUV Low Blue Light technology.
  7. Well can't you enchant that Medium armor in Deadfire to make it better? I have not played any Beta. I don't know if enchanting ingredients are more hard to get in POE2 Deadfire.
  8. Well once upon a time existed a fairy taile about system requirements. Specially so if you use third party software sweetfx to get more shadow and color effects. I did run all maxed with FULL HD resolution+ third party sweetfx POE1. I would not call Defiance Bay all areas so smooth performance in POE1. Well it was playable.
  9. The funny thing in recent years at least a few headhunters have tried to recruit me to South Africa to work there. South Africa is such a **** hole I would never visit it neither as tourist or move there permanently.
  10. Yeah well something that scared the **** out of me when I was kid and watched it from TV.... you know I don't get it it is not rated as Horror movie on IMDB but I consider it more scary then many Horror movies. Warning Sign (1985) Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller + Scary effects. + Realistic could be tomorrow future. + Drama + Thriller + I certainly consider it Horror. + Ok actors. You can notice fear and rage! - A little outdated old movie. - This movie feels slightly dragged out... My vote: 7.5/10 good/very good movie!
  11. Naah nobody died in the trainwreck. No human casualties:)
  12. Well I am from Europe Finland. I have never visited Spain or Catalonia. As for the video. I am PRO prostitution as legal in Europe. That said of course there are sadder stories like that pimping etc but lets not mix legal with illegal prostitution. If you visit Europe from America you really should check in what countries prostitution is legal if that is your thing. As for Catalonia really getting independence from Spain in future I don't believe it though many Catalonais will certainly disagree with that belief. For example compare to USA. In America different states may have different laws regarding many things. Europe is pretty much divided in what countries prostitution is legal and where it is illegal.
  13. I did not mean as rant... rarely we Middle Class people can brag about anything unless it is some talent like sports, music or whatever... To be clear I respect you. I am on holiday and have seen these movies therefore lots of time to do that and normally I have only part time job+landlord. The Maniac (2012) + Cool very rarely + Nude women + Horror slasher... Neutral: Same character that played in Lords of The Ring movies but I think he fits less good for this role though not bad either. Neutral: Insane in the membrain... one can ask themselves should they feel sorry for the end. - nothing special - repetitive My vote: 5/10 average movie. Please understand that I do respect insane people and I hope insane people get best treatment available. I did not mean to insult anyone with insane in the membrain no rather point out that I do recognize patterns when someone is really insane.
  14. Well so you are saying you are not into such things as nudity or at least not prostitution as customer? That is perfectly ok. My brother has 3 children (and beautiful wife) and knowing him I know he would not be interested in Red Light District Amsterdam. Everybody have their own interests. Intern? Ok it is also a budget thing. Of course getting a girlfriend for free can be cheaper depending on the girl or it can be more expensive. I will try Tinder as new customer and lets see how that goes... I also dream of beautiful wife that is 10+++ years younger. As for budget I would consider me uhm correct term would be Upper Middle Class (speaking of net wealth google Upper Middle Class Financial Samuraj). As for age difference get this. Finland President that is 69 years old had a child with his 40 year old wife. The story goes that his ex wife died in an accident and he has children that are adults and he is also grandfather. Finland President is what I consider Upper Class a millionaire. I would not say his private life has made him less popular. In fact he won election and was again voted as President recently with crushing majority of votes none could seriously challenge him in the elections! He had crystal clear victory in the elections in fact elections became boring because he was to popular and nobody could challenge him. Knock, Knock (2015) + Likeable main actors and the women are beautiful. + You dont know how it will end. + Thriller or Horror depending on your view. If you think how cruel it is and everything that happens I would say Horror. + Nudity you will see breasts etc. and I certainly pay attention to them. + Realistic. - Well it is not a super movie and a bit simple story. My vote: 7/10 good movie
  15. Cool thread. I am not in BETA or backer but I will buy Obsidian edition. I will avoid spoilers and do not comment anymore on this thread but it is interesting reading your builds. The thread name is excellent : "The strongest beta build" sounds like the best of best builds competition and discussion.
  16. Good old games? Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 Enchanted version exist. ****ed up by an ultra feminist who have introduced new characters like a gay and a transvestite that certainly try to hit on your male character... and not subtle as all. Sounds like an evil feminist plot. No thanks to enchanted edition. BG1 and BG2 with widescreen mod? Yes it looks better but still outdated graphics and the above game is also. It is not only that I remember very clear how BG1 and BG2 ends... and most of the things in those games. That being said.... Baldur's Gate 1 and Baldur's Gate uses Dungeons Dragons 2nd edition rules set. 2n Edition DD rules are much better then what POE1 and POE2 uses which seems to be an adaptation of the worst edition released DD 4th edition. DD5th edition is the newest and they went back to its roots after DD4th recieved negative feedback. Basically DD5 the edititon is a bit simpler and more user friendly and easier learning curve.
  17. Hehee maybe because you have Red Light district in Amsterdam that you did not pay attention to that. Your profile states Holland Europe. Ah I certainly did not meant that as an insult. In my country Finland (north east Europe) prostitution is legal but not so visible or common as in example in Germany. Amsterdam is also known for roses and culture and the list goes on as reasons for popular tourist visitation place. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (2012) SCIFI Action movie .... based on the computer /console XBOX game Halo... or rather as an introduction how it all started and the start of it. + Ok actors. + Ok effects... + It does have feelings like honor, duty etc. + Beautiful women. + Action. + War, but is it so simple as you might believe? See and see how plot unfolds... + Drama who if any will survive? - Some of the actors specially in the beginning feels a bit to young like young teenagers take some time to get fond of them but the more it continues you understand how important roles they have preparing and training to be ready for war. - the story is not super since it is based on a video game franchise, but still fairly ok simply don't watch it witch expectation of super movie. My vote: 8/10 very good movie.
  18. https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/battletech/14513 Yeah well my graphicard and CPU can handle recommended well enough. My laptop has 8 GB RAM. 16 GB RAM recommended? Oh and then I met a stupid none game from my workplace who said that I have lots of memory if I have 8GB RAM. 8 GB RAM is minimum amount I would say and many gamers use 16 GB RAM. Well some use also 32 GB RAM.
  19. It is nothing wrong with nudity and I am pro prostitution and prostitution is legal in my country. However you are correct many also lower budget movies use nudity. Well true some movies with nudity are bad but the nudity does not make them bad. I have seen good and bad movies with nudity. I did recently see Daylight's End (2016) and it was my taste. 5.3/10 currently on IMDB but for me it was 8/10. It has both Action and Horror... and certainly enough Action. In addition also coolness.... if you know you are going to die anyway why not go out in style in one last grand battle... oh and that is spoiler see the movie and see if anyone of them survives. That movie has no nudity but it is more like an Action movie then a Horror movie.
  20. An ex laptop of mine not using that anymore my current is much cooler became so warm that you dont want to hold your hand on certain point even 10 seconds. Well not so warm that you get any burn damage. I would say that laptop did run to warm for my taste I even felt the whole room becoming warmer from that laptop a freaking heat source for the room. This laptop goes cool it does not generate much heat. I have never felt anything even close so warm from it as my ex laptop. Cooling system is not perfect though the fan becomes noisy if I play Pillars of Eternity the city Defiance Bay all maxed settings+ third party sweetfx installed that gives extra shader and color effects to the game but does increase system requirements. I run with FULL HD resolution so not using 4K resolution. Same thing if I run something that is more demanding FPS example Battlefield 3, 4 etc. No it is not perfect this laptop can not run all games fine. However in COOLNESS and less power consumption Nvidia 1050 Ti 4 GB DDR5 is crystal clear better then Nvidia 900 series, Nvidia 1060, 1070 and 1080. Yes Nvidia 1060 6GB DDR5 is better performance, but runs much warmer. I dont stress with testing temperatures unless I have so serious that laptop crashes due to temperatures etc. Well as a default you need better cooling systems then what I am using if you use Nvidia 1060, 1070 or 1080. I never bought any extra cooling I use the factory default cooling on this laptop.
  21. Thank you! I did honestly not know that. Well again you are certainly one of the best GURUS on this forum and this has been proved again.
  22. Congratulations. Grattis Norge! I speak Swedish fluently.
  23. Well something best forgotten. My country Finland failed with shame performance in Winter Olympics and I am glad that I did not watch it much. Womens ichockey team took Bronze and Finland got gold in men skiing 50 km. Other then that complete failure. The reason trainer was not fired was that he had said before the event that he would quit his jos immediately after Olympics.
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