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  1. How are your temperatures? According to the reviews I've seen for that Notebook you might end up thermal throttling and should look into undervolting the CPU and/or repasting the system. Well my temperatures are ok. I don't check them but not to much heat and game runs fine. The fan is a bit noisy, but I use headphones and listen to the game world etc. Here is the thing though. Nvidia 1060, 1070 and 1080 are all better then my Nvidia 1050 Ti 4GB DDR5 graphic card in performance. However in less temperature and less power consumption my Nvidia 1050 TI 4GB DDR 5 slaughters CLEARLY even Nvidia 1060. Short answer I think there would be more possible problems with same cooling system if I would have a faster and more warm graphiccard. What settings do I run POE1 with? I have installed sweetfx third party software that gives more colors and extra shader effects to POE1, but increases system requirements. Despite that I run FULL HD, all settings maxed POE1. Yes I don't get 60+ FPS in every part of the game example Defiance Bay is a bit more demanding but this is not a first person shooter. I am ok with the performance though in theory it could be even better perfomance. All maxed and with extra sweet fx third party effects and FULL HD I ran POE1.
  2. No I am not ALPHA to POE or POE2. I even joined later in year 2017 because before that I had not good enough computer. No I am not poor in fact I am landlord and dream of early retirement (realistic dream) and thinking of buying Obsidian version of POE2. I joined Neverwinter MMO that is a Dungeons Dragons game in early stage like closed BETA. It was very good game but eventually I got bored on it. Careful there about ALPHA. Wolves have ALPHA in the packs. Wolfnumbers have fully recovered in my country Finland Europe and lately they have become little bit more brave and more aggressively. Of course we kill wolves on hunting season to keep their numbers in check. The Howling Reborn Werewolf Transformation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjW09R47rGs There you go the most nasty youtube ALPHA video:) On more serious note you talk about some alpha strikes or how game works in early stage of development... whatever I will be content with what they develop and as for strategy how to play that remains to be seen.
  3. Thank you for best answer available at this early point! Finally sorry I spelled wrong the topic! You can not edit topic name later. Whatever we got the best answer so far and thanks!
  4. I am from Europe EURO zone and from Steam this game Obsidian version can be ordered for roughly 70 euro. It includes: Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Base Game Digital Explorer Pack:Official Pillars of Eternity II Soundtrack In-Game Pet Special In-Game Item #1 PoE Pen & Paper RPG Starter Guide High Resolution Game Map Digital Guidebook Vol. II Deadfire DLC Content PacksDLC Pack #1 DLC Pack #2 DLC Pack #3 I never bought White March 1 and 2 and I bought POE1 year 2017 when I bought my budget gaming laptop with I5 4 cores 3,5 GHz turbo, Nvidia 1050 Ti 4 GB DDR5, 8GB RAM Therefore please excuse me if this question sounds like a newbie question and perhaps it is that, but some other potential buyers might want also clarification. My question is what is DLC Pack 1, 2 and 3? Will DLC be similar expansions of new areas like White March 1 and White March 2 i.e expansion packs. If so I guess these might be released much later like year 2018-2019 and maybe even year 2020 time frame. DLC = DOWNLOAD CONTENT even though my mother tongue is not English I get that. I can watch Hollywood movies without resorting to need to read subtitles and POE2 I will play in English language. Yes it is to late to edit topic name correctly, but please answer. Correct topic name would be: Question about Pillars of Eternity Deadfire Obisidian Edition includes
  5. Ok it is great but seriously playing through it now and this is my second group the first one finished it on to easy challenge level and in addtion I want a little bit more reputation to transfer to POE2. 700h? Oh my god? You know this is not World of Warcraft MMO or Neverwinter MMO which I have both played more then 700 hours. I did not buy WM1 and WM2. I only need to buy POE2 and expansions and I have enough to play in year 2018. I enjoy more movies and TV series nowadays and real life and have not played any MMO that is TIME SINK for years and do not play any MMO at least currently. The reason I bought Pillars of Eternity year 2017 is that I had bough budget gaming laptop and then I began checking what they sell. The White March 1 and 2 I did not buy but POE1 i got for less then 30 euro. POE2 this time though I want to buy with expansions but I doubt I will play it so much you have played POE1 and yes I am aware that POE2 is bigger. It is slighly fun with factions that are not evil but more like left wing (sosialistics for the poor to have better time The Dozens) and those who are that good cause should be defended no matter what costs and decisions should be best left to the noble and more capitalistitic right wing noble faction Crusible Knights. I chose finllay Crusible Knights mainly because I am landlord in real life though not millionaire. I did one quest for Dozens and in real life I also have friends from the left party so to say.
  6. Argh played way to much this game. Granted I have holiday next week but I want to do some sports and not only play and need to do something useful. On my replay time for better reputation for POE2... the rest in spoiler tag do not read unless you already have finished the game.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HISBol9014A my The Custom Portraits
  8. I am from Finland Europe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_Finland "Prostitution in Finland (the exchange of sexual services for money) is legal" There are Prostitution in PoE , but I did not see any nude women so what I did was... well I will not but them (my The Custom Portraits) here. This forums are not 18+ etc.
  9. Well I give Pillars of Eternity 9.5/10. The only problems I have with 8GB RAM is that sometimes if I have played for many hours and have also web pages open RAM is not enough but a reboot fixes that. Please note I use third party sweetfx have installed it that gives more colors and shader effects which increases system requirements and I play at FULL HD with everything maxed. Hardware? Intel I5 4 cores maximum TURBO boost 3,2 Ghz, Nvidia 1050 TI 4GB DDR5, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10 64 BIT. No I don't get 60+ frames everywhere for example city of Defiance of Bay but I don't care this is not a FPS game. Another thing Dungeons Dragons 4th edition is in my subjective opinion the most annoying Dungeons Dragons version released. Granted I never played the first version and tried 2nd as a kid none adult, but Dungeons Dragons 5th edition went to back to its root also due to lot of criticism of 4th edition. POE1 rules reminds me as an adaptation of 4th edition rules. Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 are based on Dungeons Dragons 2nd edition a rules system more to my liking. Dungeon's Dragons 3.5 was great and 5th edition is better then 4th edition in my opinion the most bad of Dungeons Dragons editions released so far. Despite all that criticism I give 9.5/10 and POE1 is best game that I have played with my budget gaming laptop bought year 2017.
  10. Yeah well my mistake I never killed Adra Dragon that is Master of Endles Depths. I only went there to get the Blade of Endless paths. I confused with Sky Dragon in Act 3 that you can enchant a couple of weapons to Superb. In addition understand this. Getting that Blade pieces the first time I played was very challenging I was what level 10 then roughly I think. The game when I first time played through it and when I bought it was spring 2017. AI is smarter compared to 2015 release and monsters don't dumbly always rush your Fighter. The game works now that when you come to point of no return so to speaking so my level 11 party got huge amount of exp and all of them was leveled to level 12. Thanks for that gamemakers and I think they want to ensure that nobody comes to underleveled to the endfight. This second party that I have created is different from the first... This is my second time I play through it also because I want to get more honor/reputation to POE2 transferred. Yes I believe you that Adra Dragon fight might be the toughest fight without expansions in POE1.
  11. Yeah well things like that happen well if you are interested the first time I won on Hard the Adra Dragon. Haven't tried Nightmare on that fight. My second party this time have not yet entered Act 3.
  12. Yes with White March 1 and White March 2 that increase the level cap to 16 I can believe this might be possible. Try that as I with no WM1 and WM2 and level cap 12 and no equipment no more Dragon eyes from expansion... and I think Nightmare is to hard solo. No before someone on the forum call me poor well I am not a millionaire 1000 000 euro+ netwealth, but I am landlord that dream of early retirement (realistic dream) and I will buy POE2 with all expansions. I am not interested to pay for WM1 or WM2 now thought not saying it is wrong to do that. You probably get a little bit more reputation to import to POE2 from WM1 an WM2. This post is not meant as criticism for people who bought WM1 or WM2. My point was it is harder to solo finish if you are level 12 and no access to expansions.
  13. For what level do you suggest Act 3 if you have no expanisons White March 1 and 2? In addition what NPC do you suggest for ENDFIGHT? I am replaying second time now through Pillars of Eternity and first time found the end fight totally IMPOSSIBLE on the hardest challenge levels... I don't want to finish the game on Easy or Medium the endfight. I will not buy the expansion for POE1 but actually thinking of getting Obsidian version POE2. Level cap without any White March is level 12. In additon those Dragon eyes you need to enchant for Superior you can only get 2 if you don't have expansions (in which you can get a total of 3 including none expansion area). In addition they have made so that if you are level 11 and come near endfight place you will get lots of exp and probably level up to level 12. I dont want to go to ENDFIGHT with some of your LOW CON builds that annoy me for me a classical Fighter does not have CON of say 10. Instead I min max usually the INTELLIGENCE to very bottom for Fighters. My main is a Fighter, I have then created a Paladin and a Druid so I will have 3 of my builds with me. After that I want to have 3 NPC to the end fight. I take with me the Chanter Kana Rua that is better then the Eder Fighter... then I want the Cleric Durance... I am litte bit loss who to have to endfight but this time I don't want the Wizard Aloth and either I have Pallegina mes Rèi so a second Paladin or the Druid Hiravias... that I have 2 druids. The Druids in this game seem powerful to me... i want advice on NPC choosing to endfight. In addition why I replay now is that you can IMPORT your reputation with factions to POE2 though you start as level 1 and I wanted little bit better reputation with some factions/groups. In addition I also enjoy replay. Sagani the Ranger? My main was a Ranger in first game and I could not even finish endfight on Hard with Sagani in a party with 2 Ranger and Aloth was not my top favorite in that endfight last times. I don't want answer like my level 16 character boosted with White March 1 and White March 2 with CON 3-10 did solo win the endfight at hardest difficulty level. I am restricted to level 12 and do not have access to level 16 or White March 1 or 2. I plan to buy all expansions for POE2 though. PLEASE DO NOT LOOK AT THIS SPOILER ABOUT ENDFIGHT UNLESS YOU HAVE PLAYED IT THROUGH:
  14. I don't care one bit if multiclassing companions is not available much as it should be for balance reasons. I tested Pillars of Eternity. Sigh I need to remind me of this system which is different sigh from Dungeons Dragons 3.5 and the worst 4th edition is most close to it. Fighter taking one level is beneficial to get that Endurance regeneration. Here is my experience with Pillars of Eternity my level 2 Ranger get slaughtered by a wolf pack guarding a corpse up. The one with one BIG Wolf not only young wolves. I tested to create a Fighter took Pale Elves race since they get elemental fire and cold resistance so no benefits vs wolves from the race. My Fighter level 2 not that it was very easy still slaughtered that Wolf Pack on Hard Challenge level which my Ranger level 2 failed with.
  15. Based on Sawyer's response, it has nothing to do with ensuring that the only multiclassing options for characters are those which 'make sense' for them (as if there were only one or two possibilities for each companion that could fit that bill). The only reason cited for the change was technical challenges in designing the UI and progression for the initial selection. Ok I am fine with that and I stand my point to much multiclass allowing would anyway be over the top powergaming. In pen and paper I would be considered powergamer. However I don't rush out and copy a superbuild here instead I prefer to do my own build and I am not GURU with POE1 or POE2 as I would be Dungeons Dragons 3.5 edition.
  16. Yes good answer. Of course you may choose factions and get allies and rewards and possible enemies according to them. In the big gain of the view sometimes you don't have much choice either you get eaten by somethings or you are doomed if you don't fight or you get simply attacked no matter what diplomacy you might try. I think PoE1 did it well and PoE1 had great story and I consider it as an excellent game though not perfect in my taste. The only personal issue I have with PoE1 is it is based loosely (not exactly) on 4th edition Dungeon Dragons rules then changes to them and I think 4th Edition Dungeon Dragons rules is the worst released Dungerons Dragons version out there. Despite that with third party sweetfx for extra shader effects and more colors I rate Pillars of Eternity 9.25/10 as excellent game!
  17. This makes only sense. It is to much powergaming already on this forums. I applaude this choice. Of course they don't want a group of only multiclass characters. Live with it and then maybe multiclass your main character as much as you want. I wonder what I will create I usually like to play Ranger or Cleric if thinking of single class but in this environment likely multiclassing my main character... well you must also like your character. In World of Warcraft I liked that my Druid could shapeshift for faster movement.
  18. Well I have never liked the system in Pillars of Eternity 1 really not my choice of Dungeon Dragons rules not for a long shot. They are not Dungeons Dragon's rules and if so based on 4th edition which is the worst released version of Dungeons Dragons Rules. That said I did not buy any expansions (get more exp get easier) and did finish Pillars of Eternity 1 on second hardest challenge level in year 2017 when AI was smarter and I had to try then end fight more then 10 times to win but I did win. Paladins have class specific abilities. If you think of traditional old school multiclassing and not on some new powerbuilds here then Fighter/Mage if not for else then to use Plate Armor with a Mage etc. sounds better to me. Good question remains if you really want to multiclass a Cleric then with what class?
  19. Beyond The Gates (2016) + Retro feeling. 80ies tapes before DVD time. + Horror a bit. + Mystery. Neutral. The actors are ok, but not super. - Very low budget My vote: 5.75/10 interesting and watchable if you are into Horror/mystery and don't mind very low budget. Green Room (2016) + Brutal violence. Realistic "horror". + The enemy is fairly cool. + I like some things about it... - Well not my kind of music. My vote: 6.5/10 ok/good movie. In movie theatres: Dunkirk 2017 + War! + I guess realistic and based more or less on real events. + Nice battle. - You kind of hope for more battle. My vote: 7.5/10 good movie. I must say war movies are not my favorite genre, but this one was good movie for me. Annabelle Creation 2017 + Horror. + Retro back into the time of early 50 ies which is decades before I was born, but very interesting to watch. + Girls can be nice and fun to see what they do sometimes. + Beautiful girls the oldest look like a young beautiful woman age 16-20 I guess. + Have faith and believe in God... a slap to face for atheists.. + However if there is Good there can be Evil... - a bit boring and long movie. My vote: 7.75/10 good /very good movie.
  20. Please note actually it is weeks ago I did see this in the movie theatres in Finland, but I have been so busy with other real life issues so now writing this feedback. Wonder Woman 3D (2017) + Gal Gadot main actress playing Wonder Worman. She is very beautiful and she is former Miss Israel the most beautiful woman in Israel! She is 10+ years older in this movie from the date she won Miss Israel title (she won at very young adult age), but looks very beautiful indeed! It's not only that she is training martial arts for real and I have gotten silver medal in Tae Kwon do at 17 years age (none adults local tournament with 16 participiants that I competed against) and I do know she can martial arts for real! + I liked the main male hero actor. + Well there is some kind of background story. + It is serious enough you can not guess easily exactly how it is going to end like in Smallville TV Series where you always know that the main actor will survive. + The Brittish and the Germans in World War I. A moron wrote about NAZIS in IMDB review. There existed no nazis in World War 1, but Germany started also World War 1. + There are some slightly fun scenes. + Interesting time historically seeing how it was etc. + Adventure, Action, Drama, War, Scifi (unrealistic) whatever you want to rate it as, but I liked it! Neutral: WARNING SPOILER Neutral: The main actor seems smart enough for sure, but yet I find that while ok that he did not fit this role perfectly. I would have preferred to have that (not spoling if male or female) actor to be in this movie, but perhaps a different role and having main villain role played by another actor. - Realism. Well this is after all a superhero movie a la marvel. If you want super realistic movie perhaps you should stick to other movies. My Vote: 9.25/1O Excellent! This is the best movie I have seen in movie theatres during year 2016-2017. Best movie I have ever seen? No I have actually voted 10/10 for some movies, but that is very rare.
  21. Yes, but that showed the scenes in the movie, which the previous link did not show. Here is new K-POP tune that I like and found.
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTcfnnpIlD4 This one music actually showing best scenes of Collateral where an Evil Elite Assasin attacks (Tom Hanks actor). Same music is also used in Bourne Identity the original English music version.
  23. Well I finally got back to Battlefield 3. I finished single player campaign on Easy today. I must say that genre is to realistic for my taste. I think that I would try a Call of Duty would be better for me. There is still cooperative multiplayer and PvP multiplayer undone. The Cooperative multiplayer we are going to play at slightly harder like Normal difficulty level. However we will not play now BF3 and when it suits us both. Violence and graphics are good enough, but BF games are to realistic for my taste. I give single player campaign 7.5/10 vote. That means playable, but not what I would call a really good game though it had its good moments. Graphics/system performance is very good I get 60+(or much more) fps in Battlefield 3 with maximum settings FULL HD resolution. This was my gaming laptop. Acer Aspire VX5-591G 15.6" GAMING LAPTOP (black) 15.6 inch screen easy to carry into airplane even if you move to another country. CPU: Intel Core i5-7300HQ This particular Kaby Lake is 4 cores and 3,5GHz in TURBO MODE. Graphic card: Nvidia GTX 1050Ti, 4 GB DDR5 Memory: 8 GB DDR4 RAM 1 TB HDD Operating system: Windows 10. I do have separately a 24 inch gaming monitor with 1 ms response time and Flicker-free , TUV Low Blue Light technology.
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