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  1. Looks like you need to make your own game and show us all how its suppose to be done. Just a simple 8bit game showcasing your... uh... expertise in gameplay design. I mean, that is an AWFUL lot of criticism their buddy.
  2. I must admit that this fight was hard enough on standard difficulty. I cant imagine hard. I usually win just by blocking the greater sand with summons to buy time to take them out. Doubt this would work on hard.
  3. I think that single class characters desperately needed this buff. But if the late tier abilities are too powerful, players will be mightily upset that they get the same amount of abilities AND no access to these great high tier abilities as a multiclass character. The whole point originally was slower progression, power lvl and no access to high tier abilities at all, in exchange for more abilities of a lower tier with 2 classes to pick from, and most importantly, often 2 different resources for those abilities. (And lets be honest, sometimes you have to pick so many abilities of the same lo
  4. In my opinion, I believe the balance between multiclass and single will be made at high level. Its impossible to see if it is balanced until we see a single classes performance with its later abilities that a multiclass character will not have.
  5. You can MAKE companions from scratch for replay factor, or even 1 or 2 for your first run through...
  6. Looks to me like you just have 45 points of added stats lol
  7. Well ya. There are 2 things that are OP beyond doubt so far in Beta. Devoted and any multiclass combination/Soul Blade and any multiclass combination.
  8. I doubt they would change the mechanic of a class just because you went multiclass. Devoted gets the benefit of a single weapon type and penalties to the rest. Kinda of easy and simple to understand. That is a great step forward for POE2 across the board.
  9. Cast time for a spell that potentially hits tons of enemies with added effects- 3-6 seconds with 1.5 sec recovery. = 4.5 - 7.5 seconds. (But of course, there are also .5 second cast time spells and some spells with 0 recovery time. Time to hit with a 2hander on a typical warrior- .7 seconds swing time, 3 seconds recovery + 50% armor penalty = 5.2 seconds. (worse for heavier armor) (worse for weapon model) The issue with spellcasting is NOT the time but the accuracy and penetration. When they tweak the gains for power levels and spell levels... mages will be fine.
  10. I am sure that during your real campaign, your party would have much better equipment than what we start with for the beta. That will make a big diff.
  11. Try not coming straight at the enemy or wait until your target is engaged. With 8 stealth, you should not be having a problem though honestly. Maybe you cannot do abilities?
  12. Does anyone else agree with this or am I just looking at things wrong?
  13. Not all of us feel the same way. I already feel PoE2 is superior to the first one. Did you actually play Tyranny? PoE2 is not similar to it at all. The combat system is once again its own thing, just as POE1 was. I am not referring to the combat system being like Tyranny. I am referring to the rest of the game. Particularly travel, the layout and how encounters are made/found. Flags on the map representing encounters/areas of exploration with a picture of your flag/face moving about are EXACTLY like Tyranny and NOTHING like POE1. There is nothing wrong with this. But it is like Tyr
  14. I'm curious. What are the mechanics of Soul Annihilation? It adds raw dmg to your attack, expending all your focus reserves. It can be used as often as you have focus, gaining dmg for each point of Focus. If you miss, however, all your focus is wasted. You also have a lower Max focus and less starting focus compared to the other Cypher builds. Even with these negatives, they will probably have to nerf the dmg on it. Having your focus about 70% filled adds over 100dmg at lvl 6. That is borderline OP to be honest.
  15. The new system is definitely growing on me. My first impression has risen quite a bit now that I understand more about the classes and combat mechanics. Character creation is a blast. Multi-classing is a great addition to POE2. The different combinations can make for some unique and powerful characters indeed. I have had at least as much fun making characters as I have had playing the game lol. The graphics are beautiful all around. The player models are gorgeous. The scenery is lush and vivid. The weather effects are nothing short of breathtaking. I give credit where credit is due...
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