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  1. Yeah, it really depends on what path you were following before the end of the game. If dark the Exile seems to stay there, if light the Exile flys of in his/her ship. So either way, I suppose, the Exile lives. Well that's just my theory anyway.
  2. I find it strange that some of these "funny lines" can only be heard on PC or console version. I mean, they're the same game aren't they? Why should they differ in dialogue?
  3. The Jedi Masters are rather annoying... It's like there's nothing you can do to please them.
  4. I had the same glitch, but with Bao-Dur. I got frusterated and eventually ended up starting over, never had the same glitch again... Touch wood.
  5. KOTOR II was alright, story line was way better, never would have guessed that ending, but I really, really hate the glitches and un-finished quests... If only Obisidian had more time!!
  6. Hey don't tease! When I first played KOTOR II, I had the same problem too. :"> I was soo used to the old KOTOR I saving/loading routine.
  7. HK-47: "Definition: Love is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope...Love is knowing your target, putting them in your targeting reticule, and together, achieving a singular purpose against statistically long odds."
  8. How do I prefer my lightsaber? Through the torso of a Jedi Master!
  9. 1) Well you get to see her alive and talking on the Jedi hologram T3 finds on Telos. 2) I think I've heard that line on my Xbox version game before, when he first meets the Exile (female) on Peragus.
  10. :D That's a great example of how much choice players really get in this game.
  11. Hmm, either a bug or an unfinished story. Thanks for your help, guys.
  12. Once you become strong enough you can talk to Kreia and she will talk to you about furthering yourself in your training.
  13. Yes, it seemed as if the Masters did stray away from the current threat... But they had to deal with the Exile's ability, before it had got out of hand.
  14. I didn't really think much about Bao-Dur after the remotes mission. I reckon that he would have lived, however. I imagine he didn't want to go out on Malachors' surface in risk of being attacked by the Storm Beasts or Sith, so he sent the droid to go do a mans job while he awaited for the Exile's return on Telos. Note: I would have thought the Exile's companions would have waited on Telos as the Exile travelled to Malachor V to face Kreia and Sion. I mean it makes sense and it doesn't kill off any of the companions if the Ebon Hawk were to fall into a... Crevasse.
  15. What do I look like, a magic 8 ball? Who knows if the Exile lives... The only way we'll find out is if there is a KOTOR III made and even then the Exile may not be mentioned.
  16. Both games were great fun, but I just wish Obisidian spent a little more time on KOTOR II and finish up on some of the things they missed and pan out some of those annoying glitches. But I had fun all the all the same. ( :D Also I love the post Jinger made two posts above! So true!!)
  17. I enjoyed the planets Dxun and Onderon. Mainly 'cause you got to meet up with Mandalore once more, found out what he did since the events of KOTOR I and learn even more about the ways of a Mandalorian...
  18. Vrook is most definatly the hardest of all the Jedi Masters to kill. I found planting mines on the ground before the battle helped, or using Force powers such as Stun to incapaciate him and hack into him.
  19. Hello KOTOR fans, NecroDOS here, new member with a question. I was exploring the minning tunnels on Peragus sometime yesterday when I found if you travel down to the main generators where Atton contacts you via the comlink and you being talking about the Maintenants Drones in the middle of that conversation you get a quick glance of what looks like Bao-Dur's remote watching the Exile from a distance. I'm kind of confused... Does this mean Bao-Dur was on Peragus? And if so, how did he and the remote escape it's destruction? Or am I wrong..?
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