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  1. Recently through playing through KOTOR II I noticed how many glitches and things that don't make sense, so I thought I'd start up this thread where people can talk about glitches that they may have found. I personally found if you're travelling on Onderon for the first time, right before Ponlar and his mob attack, if you have T3-M4 with you T3 will tell you that they should support the Queen, but instead of beeping and booping as he does, he tells the Exile in a Biths' voice... Anyway, start you posting!
  2. Hah, I used to keep G0-T0 locked up on the ship, thinking he was a useless party member... He doesn't sound half bad... trading Jorran to slavery and all... I hate Jorran...
  3. You know it's funny: when the prievious owner told me about the secret compartments, I didn't look into it... Glad I didn't now that I know there's nothing to look for.
  4. :D Ha-hah! Yes, Alanschu brings up a great point there... Even the simplest of enemies can reflect a blaster bullet with a Vibroblade.
  5. The more influence a Jedi has with his companions, the more their alignment reflects his...
  6. That's not a bad set-up you got there... I have found it a brilliant tactic, while the enemy are focused on me the gun-slingers hang out at the back, guns at hand!
  7. Atton: "Did you find the emergancy supplies?" Exile: "Yeah, and there seems to be some clothes in here too." Atton: "Damnit!" Atton: "I-uh, good! There's no sense in you running half naked around the facility. I mean, it's destracting... For the droids..." NOTE: You can only hear this quote if you play as the female character.
  8. Yerp, I'd prefer a lightsaber over a blaster any day! Sure, blasters can be usful, but really.. If you're facing three dark Jedi what would you rather fight with, a clumsy old blaster or a lightsaber?
  9. Yes, the Republic's time is now at an end, let the Empire rise and take control!
  10. If Exile is female, then Handmaiden dies. It's the only logical thing that would happen, given the events that transpire (ie. she won't leave the academy if she's not in the Exile's party). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh yes, now I'm with you!
  11. You don't need to cheat Light-phoenix...
  12. I can't remember the Handmadian dying... [NecroDOS scratches his head]
  13. You better hope he wasn't repairing the ship while the Exile hunted down Kriea. 'Cause if I remember correctly on darkside the Ebon Hawk fell down a crevasse!
  14. Yes, now that you mention it - I wondered why Vrooks robes changed in the recording. I always natually assumed the robes changed because they looked better, more like the Jedi robes today.
  15. Xard's right. You cannot fully understand until you open your mind to the light and dark. :D
  16. No one knows what Baos' fate was, if you wish to follow the dicussion about it, follow the link the last two people sent. I'm also not sure why G0-T0 destroyed the little remote on Malachore, maybe he didn't want the remote to succeed in what he was planning to do. And to the navicomputer, I thought that was obvious: In right after the events of KOTOR I, before Revan went to find this 'new threat' he locked the navicomputer so no one could find out where he went. Hope that helps, although I did not really have much to answer on the first two questions as I do not have a answer.
  17. "Definition: Love is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope...Love is knowing your target, putting them in your targeting reticule, and together, achieving a singular purpose against statistically long odds."
  18. On Telos I must say Czerka was my first choice, they had a great offer while the Ithorians could not offer much else than this 'healing'. When on Dantooine the Mercs' seemed to have more muscule than the Khooda soilders, and they seemed like a muscule I'd love to be apart of, so I sided with them too. Then, when visiting Onderon I also sided with Vaklu. He seemed a man of action and was also offering me a great deal more than queen Talia could.
  19. Yeah he was pretty cool, too bad he had to die, now if a KOTOR III is made we all know he won't be in there.
  20. No I did not have lightsaber throw either. I thought and still think that power is usless compared to the Force powers you can learn. So like you, I had to fight him as he was even though he had a incredible advantage... The battle was long and I almost didn't win it, but I suppose luck was in my side.
  21. Once you have found the Ebon Hawk you will be able to come back to Telos whenever you want.
  22. I haven't come first in all, but I have come close in some tracks.
  23. I found the game very simular with both sexes the only real difference is the companions that may follow you during your missions or how others re-act to you. But other than that, the quests and plot are still the same.
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