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  1. One of the cowboys tore his biceps That must of sucked left one Go Giants!!!!
  2. Word! I'm Boba EFFIN' Fett. "People shouldn't mess with you unless they want their nuts chopped up in a blender."
  3. At least someone understands me.
  4. No, especially when they're twi'leks.
  5. That's pretty cool man, but...... BASS GUITAR FTW!!!!!!
  6. Gay rights!?!?! That's a funny joke! J/k j/k j/k I have quite a few lesbian and gay friends and i have no problem with them.
  7. How about you are a journalist for the Holonet news. This would put you in all the 'hotspots' of the era you choose to write about. Perhaps you could tell how you pursued interviews with the famous characters of the time. Or maybe you are a front line reporter who gets caught up in the battle. Or you are the one who stumbles across some huge galactic conspiracy that you become involved in. ps : or you could have the most dangerous profession in the galaxy - Paparazzi who try to follow and photograph the Sith hehe
  8. I'm thinking of writing an SW book, I'm just not sure who I want the protagonist to be. I don't want it to be a jedi or a sith because nearly EVERY SW book is. I want to do a bounty hunter book but b/c of all the Boba Fett books I'm sure this wouldn't be to original. I was just wondering if any of you guys had any ideas to share. Anything you suggest will be considered. Thx in advance.
  9. The only thing I REALLY hate is how they left Sev behind, effin jedi!
  10. One of the only things i don't like about that game.
  11. Who puts jam on their Luftwaffles?
  12. The Simpsons Movie Best.Movie.Ever. (Except for the Godfather)
  13. Jesus, people are seriously effed up in this world.
  14. I've seen this b4 but it's still funny.
  15. the ability to combine colors to make your own unique saber color.
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