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  1. I don't know whether this is a coincidence, but after completing that and not seeing my third set of those dice, a second Festive Wool Hide has appeared in my Unclaimed tab.
  2. Lunar (Chinese) New Year http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/91350-lunar-new-year-update/
  3. I do both, but we don't let it bog down the sessions. This has mostly led to discussions about how certain mechanics can be extremely annoying when they show up in the app (e.g., location with a penalty for all failed checks including recharging). and showing the others special cards such as the Ugly Sweater Festive Wool Hide promo card or the variation on the Shopkeeper's Daughter. I am reminded of this comic: http://www.overboard-comic.com/comicoct1910.html
  4. So, to confirm that this will help with my problem: On my iPhone, I have had difficulty getting the app to connect to Game Center ever since the 1.2.6 update. The and patches have not made much difference. I've tried entering the app directly, entering from Game Center, force closing all apps first, and even a few iPhone restarts. The one time I got that to connect, the app became non-responsive as soon as I got into Options > Settings and tried tapping the Link button. Fortunately, I made a note of the PFID before the update (and was able to confirm it the one time it connected to Game Center). So, would that offer mean that I can go ahead and buy the Steam app, note its PFID as well, and PM both to you? (Even without being able to get a link code, I do have a record of all the cards I've gotten from chests, if that will help verify.) Edit: Yes, MrBishop's offer applies to the situation I described. Advice to anyone else: Resist the temptation to infodump all your history with the app. Too much clutter in the PM might obscure the important details, such as confirmation that you've already tried the documented link steps.
  5. The daily challenge rewards are instant now, and the Pickup Rewards tab is only for rewards you have earned but not yet picked up.
  6. Although I didn't get realtime updates of the daily challenge, exiting the app and then returning gave me the correct tally. I assume I got the 100 gold on completion, because of the current silent distribution of challenge gold and I didn't keep track of my gold before and after. Assertion of same reported description anomaly and above progress workaround for 12/26-1/1 weekly challenge Black Friday Gloom!
  7. What apparently should have been the procedure: Complete 4 daily quests this week. Under the Challenges popup, select Pickup Rewards to actually collect the reward. (optional) Look at your Gallery or Vault for P armors that you own and see the Festive Wool Hide. Eventually encounter that at a location and acquire it. Besides the problem with the one daily challenge, a number of people (including me) have run into 3a "See no new P armors but you have an extra treasure chest". So they have replaced 1&2 with "Upgrade to" (see Compensation Bonus thread in Announcements and News), and they might want to hear if that doesn't actually work. Number 4 should be limited to once per party, but there are techniques with multiple parties to finesse that. (One technique would amount to "Acquire it, pass it to the party member with the most pathetic Craft/Fortitude, go questing with the remainder of the party, repeat.")
  8. Followup: Hotfix seems to have corrected the "give multiple cards in one turn" bug. And I now have one Festive Wool Hide (from the compensation bonus) which I have seen in a location deck once already and one treasure chest (from just now finishing the weekly challenge and running into the other reason for that compensation).
  9. Isn't that supposed to be limited to once per turn? (I ended up handing several cards back and forth myself.)
  10. I noticed that too, along with the game allowing me to gift multiple cards per turn (isn't that supposed to be just 1)? You mean like free gold and getting the Festive Wool Hide anyway?
  11. Probably really fortunate timing between the new patch and the challenge rotation. The patch announcement went up around 2PM EST on Monday. That would have given those players almost 5 hours to get the first daily challenge. The new daily challenge Monday evening would have let them get a second one, followed by a third one Tuesday evening. The rotation about five hours ago then clearly allowed for a fourth completion.
  12. Furthermore, that matching can be turned off, although you would hardly ever need to. Instructions are at https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/90116-patch-notes-for-115-is-up/ . (Also, you can manually alter the skill selection if the particular blessing causes the game to default to a bad idea.)
  13. I experienced much the same thing after the 1.1.6 patch. Merisiel and Kyra completed two normal scenarios in the Quest area, remaining at level 18, and each one got a card feat for each completion (bringing both up to 3). Pass&play and permadeath are both off iPhone 4s, 9.3.5 VER-740-20161214 PFID-1836FD19888D4518
  14. This may be a strange pair of questions, but how many of that card are in your vault, and how many were already in your party? I had that happen with the level 9 Amulet of Fortitude, for which the answers were "1" and "1".
  15. I just thought back to what I actually did when I ran into a similar problem. What happens if you look through the power options for all the characters before you start choosing any?
  16. That looks like a problem I recently had with just the Powers selection screen at level 15. What finally worked for me was on the screen before, with a separate quest reward description and Continue button for each character, I hit the button for the last character rather than the first.
  17. I was worried that was just me, and I tried restarting the app several times to see whether it was an issue with my iOS Game Center login.
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