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  1. Lol @ the ridiculous bow with glove. All of the characters are pretty strong. The only one I can't puzzle out is Sajan, but I hear he's amazing with someone who knows how. It's a mistake to put them in tiers. Harsk for example is terrible solo, but very useful in a party. This sort of tier thing works for something like a 1v1 fighting game, but not for Pathfinder.
  2. I have the blessing of Cayden. I don't really remember where it came from. Treasure chest, I think.
  3. I found it to be an easy scenario with a party of 4. Most of the game is easy with good cards and characters maxed to explore and bless.
  4. Please don't publish unfounded negative rumors as if they are fact. That's highly toxic to the game community.
  5. I'm always informed that I have no challenges to collect, even when I have completed them. I have not already collected them.
  6. Every time my quest mode characters level up, they get two card feats. Same bug I'm sure; didn't want to start a new topic.
  7. I found the scenario to be an easy win on legendary. However, my deck is designed for fast exploration, and it makes almost anything an easy win. Four characters. If your characters explore quickly, and use things like scrying and the feather and spyglasses, then there is nothing challenging about the scenario. First-try win even with a large party. Depending on your party build, the math could go either way on what is easiest. More characters means you are able to sift whole locations uninterrupted, and good planning means you'll never run dry even as the villain is wasting turns. That said, I was mad that the villain only wasted 2 turns the whole time... yet I won handily on my first try. Didn't see that coming honestly. Edit: it should be noted that there are 3-4 allies in each location, not 2, so the math being given here is not really accurate.
  8. The tutorial says "when you encounter a villain, your characters may attempt to close locations." It then goes on to explain the normal consequences of defeating a villain. Once you start monkeying around with the basic principles of what a villain is (One per scenario? Three?), defeating it (erm no, in this given scenario you defeat it twice using the poison trait and hold your mouth kinda like this while tapping your heels together), etc., then it's reasonable that people will have questions. I am glad we have a forum to discuss them. Not all of us have a tabletop group and discuss the rules on a regular basis. Thanks for the helpful links. The snark is childish. Kind regards.
  9. I would like to note that I was thinking of the wrong location: the rules for the vault of greed state that an item is banished when one is acquired, not encountered. Does it seem strange to you that the developers left out a whole game feature when building this engine? Is it intentional? They haven't replied to comments and requests about it yet. There are some things that cause you to acquire cards that do not trigger powers properly. I'm thinking of cache encounters here. This is an issue that needs to be addressed.
  10. I have also noticed the card modifications becoming permanent. I was not aware that this is unintentional?
  11. Not having access to any kind of rulebook, I did not know whether locations are closed for specific encounters only, or for a characters' turn. The question is answered, thank you!
  12. I'm sorry for the rules lawyers and people disappointed by the results of their own bad planning, but the location's function is explicit: you banish the card upon encountering a boon, not upon attempting any checks. You must banish a card before taking any other action, and that would include declining your check if/when that feature is implemented. In other words, it functions correctly and the proposed feature would not affect the function of the location. Edit; the location rules also trump any application of the general rules, even though rules about accepting or declining a check, as quoted, are in fact irrelevant. The location's power is not tied to any check performed.
  13. Should we have to temporarily close locations again on the second boss encounter in the same turn? I think not. However, I know that we do in 4-3 at least. Anyone have a rule clarification here? I don't know if this is working as it should be or not.
  14. Here's one for you: why are you punished for succeeding a check, on automatic recharges and the like? I forget the example, but there is one location where you must recharge a card every time you succeed a check. When Seoni automatically recharges a spell, or Kyra automatically recharges a blessing, it counts as a successful check and forces the player to recharge a card. This seems like another instance of the same failure in coding. And yes, the card is recharged INSTEAD of discarded. In these cases, rules for discards never take effect. The wording matters. If the description is "automatically succeed a check to recharge" then that's completely different than "recharge instead of discarding."
  15. Also, when I see people complain about the gold needed to acquire new characters, I realized that they have not given any money to the developers, and yet they are here complaining loudly that the game is too difficult and they cannot acquire everything easily. Go purchase the game. You have already spent dozens of hours on it, yet you're here whining and moaning about the difficulty and not giving money to the developers. I didn't pay enough attention to notice which post were from which user, but there was at least one that fits the description above. You have no right to a voice in how the game is developed if you do not contribute to it financially.
  16. I beat it three times in a row with my "sub-optimal" party of Kyra, Merisel, Seoni, and Valeros. It was annoying to have to beat the scenario extra times due to the bug. However, this claim that it is somehow horribly difficult seems to be absurd. My third try, I beat it with nine cards in the blessing deck. I think that people make bad decisions about how to build their deck, not maximizing the number of blessings and allies they can carry for exploration. I have not worked my way up to legendary in scenario five, but I almost never lose on any setting in story mode. This "you'll beat it in five or less tries" statement seems silly to me, because I beat it the first try almost every time. I've never played any similar game on table top, nor on iOS obviously. I'm just saying this to illustrate that the game is not really very difficult. The only things I have not done are max my characters in quest mode, and play scenario five up to legendary. I'll get there, but my time is limited. If I can consistently dominate this campaign, then I bet you can too. It is a shame that we can only build character sheets by grinding through the campaign again, though.
  17. The only workaround I know is to have only one character at the location where you defeat the final villain. You must also have one location only temporarily closed. You will be prompted to move the victorious character (probably with no dialogue), so move them to the last open location. End their turn, then finish the last open location on the next turn. Voila.
  18. Topic. Seems to happen when I discard the wand to use the sorceress special abilities. I think this last time, I buried it to use Fortune's Herald. At this rate she'll have a whole inventory of them. Although I've started throwing them away!
  19. That's the issue indeed. The game does not end until all locations are closed, as I ended it on my third try by closing the last location. Two turns after beating the last villain. The "freeze" problem comes with being forced to move after defeating a villain, without a pop up or any guide text to let you know what is happening. If you do any kind of soft reset (perhaps thinking the game is stuck), then it can become truly stuck. But it seems the workaround is to leave one location not permanently closed, defeat all villains, move the characters as required, and then close the last location to trigger victory. There are definitely UI problems here along with at least one bug in the victory conditions. Operating system latest iOS. 6+.
  20. Somewhere in all of this confusion, it is possible to get the die and also end up with the card after the check, still fully functional. Happened to me today.
  21. The game definitely has memory leaks. Resolving those will go a long way toward fixing many of these bugs.
  22. Both times I cornered and defeated Arazen (I think that's his name) the Lich, the game became stuck. My player's turn never ends. The first time it was when I won, and the turn never ended (no victory!). The second time was at a different location when he was the second to last boss. With most of the glitches I have found workarounds, but this one stops me completely. As long as I have a topic open, the ally tamed dragon glitched out the first time I rolled a 1 and triggered the betrayal. When the ally later appeared, it was glitched again and I could not obtain it. It also had no graphics. There have been other non-fatal glitches that seem to occur along with the very complicated rules of the later stages. I have screenshots of each time my game froze on Thassilonian Sins. The location closes and change it's graphics as usual, but my character is left with no actions, and no option to end turn. It's just like what happens when you win a game, except in each case there was no victory script triggered, so I was just stuck. It may have something to do with multiple Villains and/or multiple characters at the closing location. I am going to try to win without ever having multiple characters exploring in the same location. Wish me luck.
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