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  1. Its missleading, if not wrong, to call anyone particular lightsabre form better than any of the others. All the lightsabre forms have their strengths, and their weaknesses which balance out overall-if they didn't then all Jedi and Sith would use exactly the same lightsabre form all the time. Vapaad (and Juno, from which is is derived) is an agressive form, and for a short conflict a very useful one. But the Vapaad user who gets into a long fight will be in trouble against someone using a more defensive form. As has also been pointed out it is difficult to say who is better than who because half the people on the list come from different time periods. In a fight between Revan and Windu Revan would probably win....not because Revan might be a better swordsman or intrisically more powerful than Mace, but because Revan had more experience fighting lightsabre opponents than Mace-who would have been more used to dealing with opponents who fought with blasters. Yes but vappaad doesn't really have a weakness and especially since you and deploy a super conducting loop to simply use the other forms advantage. There is no evidence that Revan even learned juyo and even if he did that does not mean he would master vapaad because he simply doesn't know it and must be taught (even though he can be taught fast). There would be noone to teach him and if they were to fight how they were with pure lightsaber skills it would be a hard decision because mace has vapaad and s super conducting loop. Still in the book of revenge of the sith it said mace could barley reflect palps powers nad revan may be more powerful than palps.
  2. Yeah I got alot of builds like that. I once hit a 389 damage in one hit and I hit 5 times per round with my rage. Enemyez defences are all that keeps me from htting higher. I average like 100 points per hit (500 per round) and can criticle with over 300 sometimes with 3 critical hits per round plus the other hits. Follow most of his guide on how to make a character. But here is what I use for gear. 1.Malaks robes upgraded with energy resistant so armor gets two 30 damage immunity bonus to energy and immunity tro atribute and whatever else malaks robes naturally give. 2. I use absorbtion visor. 3. I use physical boost d package for implant. 4. GNS strength belt. 5. dominator gauntlets. 6. with character armband and sith armband you find on korriban. put almost everthing into strength and get all feats that increase vitality, defense, attack, strength and accuracey. Maraduers can shrug off like 15 percent of all damage so they tough as **** once they all upgraded with stimulants and buffs.
  3. Meh vapaad is better lightsaber form so windu is better. Not only that but his lightsaber form can form a super conducting loop which is why it is so powerful other than the speed. But the conducting loop is what saved him against palps. Palps and yoda were pretty even in their sabers. Revan was easily just as skilled as any of them though. I don't know who would win in a saber duel though because of vapaads super conducting loop. No doubt though if revan had learned and mastered vapaad he would most likley own mace.
  4. For damage get character crystal with barab ore ingot, pontite lens, Expert fencing emitter and tolgern jolt cell mark III.
  5. I don't really like the party members gameplay wise for KOTOR 1. Nothing was special about them. Nothing really set them apart besides their classes. I usuallu go light guardian in KOTOR 1 and with me I take that bastilla and that ugly chick you save. KOTOR 2 I go. Lightside: Atton (jedi) Mira (jedi) Exile (sentinle jedi or guardian) Or sometimes Mandalore instead of mira and if I am male I take that chick from telos trained as a jedi. Darkside. Exile ( all classes) Hanharr Hk -57 or Mandalore DESTRUCTION!
  6. I did all that once and still didn't get em. It's a bug you shouldn't even have to do all that. The only thing he can do is reload b4 he gets there.
  7. Attons easy. Bao-Dur is the only one I have never got. Any advice? What must I do to train him?
  8. It's easy. But if your having trouble put game mode on easy, lay big bad mines, take stims, take buffs, put shields, use thermal detonators and attack. Make sure you upgrade your gear to.
  9. In order of what I want to see the most. 1. Level 50 assasin. Use stealth alot and sneak up on conversations and use sneak attack thing to deal lots of extra damage. If not that than a watchmen. 2. I would also like to see a lvl 50 maruader or mabey a light side one because of force enlightment and the fury. 3. Sith lord. And for your videos try and train all the jedi you can and show them all their builds as well and fight with them alot.
  10. Story line wise people not gameplay wise. Also yeah he was hunger which is weakness from a POINT OF VIEW but that didn't change the fact that he could kill a planet and THAT IS POWER. The jedi aren't gunna come back and be like ha ha you lose cause hunger is weaknes because he KILLED THEM WITH POWER and their DEAD. If nilihus existed in the movie timeline he would of just killed all the jedi in the temple instantly and drained the planet. THAT'S IT. JUST like that. THAT is power. To kill a foe using power is power.
  11. 1. Nihilus Reason. He was so powerful he could no longer even remain in human form. Here is your true Sith Lord of POWER not some stupid minipulation master that hides and lies to stay alive (aka overrated palpatine). Nihilus can drain a planet. He whiped out THOUSANDS of jedi all on his own. So tell me who can compare to him. There is no one who can. He is the absolute master of POWER. 2. Kreia/Darth Traya Reason. She trained jedi to become wounds in the force and trained some of the most powerful force sensitives ever. She has walked both sides has learnt almost everything there is to know in order to find out how to destroy the force. Her miniplutive powers are as good as palpatines but she had different motives and didn't care about ruling the galaxy even though she said she once held it by the tip of her fingures. She managed to survive against very powerful sith. She single handidly whiped out three of the most powerful jedi at the time by simply draining them so they were actually emptynesses in the force. She taught people like the exile and sion their techniques to become wounds and discover things not possible other wise. Really the only people a match for her at the time were the Exile and of course Nihilus. She has learned how to train others to become wounds in the force where they will steal the victims power once they kill them or simply mimick the powers by watching untill they gain so much power they can be like nililus. 3. Sion. Reason. He is a master of the blade. He is immortal however his base power is still not as great as kreia. His physical strength is nearly unmatched. For this reason he easily wins over malak. 4. Darth Malak. Reason. He was the apprentice of Revan and even passed his power level up. He mastered many things and resources around him. He is a master with the force and the blade. 5. Vrook. New basically all lightsaber forms at the time. He was one of the oldest and wisest within the jedi council and survived much. Master with blade and force.
  12. ... I'm sorry OPG but your deluded... the one year development cycle was HORRIBLY short and is the reason why most of K2 is unfinished. NWN2 has been in development for close to two years now. Final Fantasy has been going for two MGS4 will be running for I think about 4 years by the time it comes out. Warcraft Three was in development for close to 5 years Superman returns had a dev cycle set for (I think) a year and a half but that's been delayed. Fable was extremly long Prey has been worked on in various forms for close to fourteen years. Halflife two was going for 6 years (plus Delays) and Force Unleashed probably won't be out until winter '08 spring 09. the only ones that have a year long dev cycle are those that are either A) buggtastic B) using the same basic concept and engine consistantly (read most sports games and Dynasty Warriors) or C) games that don't require alot of changes to make work (lego star wars II.. uses everything like it's predecessor except with a few cosmetic changes and new level design) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Dude it took obsidian like 8 months to make the second one and mabey 1 year or more for the first. It's not like they always come out with the game right after they finish it. Most games are made in about a 1 year mabey less. Some huge projects may take longer yes but still..... Also half life 2 was not being worked on HEAVILY for all that 6 years. When you put all the time together they could of got Half Life 2 done in 2 years.
  13. first off even new video games on the new systems don't take that long. Most GOOD games take a year tops to make. Halo 2 was an exception and really I think it was done along time before released but they just wanted to get everyone hyped up so much that it sold 125 mil opening day. But seruisly I doubt it would take 2 years to make the game. Year tops. But still........ This is BAD news. KOTOR2 left us in the middle of something huge and now it may never be completed.
  14. Oh and for people who think a book can simply make something cannon. There was some guide book that said OFFICIALLY Palpatine learned every dark power known but in all the novels with him in it CLEARLY says he did not learn the electro magnectic torpedoe and we haven't seen him use many other force powers and we know there are many others he didn't learn otherwise he would still be alive. EVEN LUKE did not learn everything there is to know about the force. NONONE HAS! So both books argue with each other. Just comes to show you you can't just say well this book said this so it must be true. Look I can say something right here. I OFFICIALLY declare exar kun MORE POWERFUL than palpatine. That source book argues with the novel. So what's more cannon? It's obvious the only thing that counts is what the force user has shown and has done. None of this well this book said, or this person said makes any difference. If I was the creator of star wars I could say a mouse could beat palpatine. Doesn't make it true. So for those going by the source book that said palpatine learned every force power ever and was the most powerful ever read the novel and think again.
  15. They should both have special robes on the hide their faces.
  16. single is actually ok if you get the feat that focuses on single bladed sabers.
  17. I got pc version. Maxed all the characters out and mandalore and hk-47 are defently better.
  18. I don't want to debate it and especially in this thread. But I feel an urge to show everyone what these ancient sith TRULEY have done. Not some bs statement sidious acomplished more powerful feats than any other. EDIT: Man someone please lock this thread.
  19. Tired of all these palpatine fans coming in and saying in topics that don't even CONCERN him that he is all powerful and ancient sith lords are nothing. I was just going to post me thoughts on what the "true sith" were untill he had to start this true sith and ancient sith are not anythnig compared to palaptine debate.
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