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  1. If you really wanted to power game 2 paladins 2 ciphers 2 Rangers is probaly your best bet
  2. Interesting I would say swap the monk for a paladin 2 paladins is just so strong I personally prefer 2 ciphers simply because charm is so powerfull in potd
  3. Hmmm I got a item that gives me 12 uses of shadowing beyond and I can use it on any character I want the dup item ((, is there a easy way to trigger stronghold quest?
  4. From a not needing to rest I rate ciphers Rangers and rogues as top tier, personally I find paladins to be the best tanks now by far they just have sooone much utility, If I was going to power game 2 ranged ciphers 2 paladin 1 rogue or ranger Priest
  5. The ciphers I said are more powerful then 2.03 the current live build the reason being is they buffed whispers of treason mental binding and silent scream are all very very good now
  6. Andrea!!! Are you the person that made the huge list of builds on steam community? If so they are awesome!
  7. Guys Monday is national droggie holiday can we petition for white march part 2 to come out monday? To celebrate dragons plus huskies! It's a holiday for me so I want to play the expansion
  8. So my rogue needs a helmet for when white march p2 launches so thinking of going non godlike, I'm thinking make him a dwarf or a Orlan, or is there a better option for power gaming?
  9. When is he growing wings to become droggie the slayer of all beasties?
  10. Picture didn't come through I was told Rangers get a new ability summon droggie wtb new expansion!!
  11. Does fit his name of Carlos spicy pepper and his traveling antelope antelopez, how do you say antelope in spanish?
  12. Tonight I shall get storm caller plus cloud piercer it must be done!!! Seems good hmmm... btw is fido a good name for my antelope?
  13. Let's start a thread about secret talents you can miss, there are 2 in white march for starters These are from the knife thrower and gambler in the inn keep playing the games One gives you plus 4 account to daggers and stilletos, other gives you reduced critical when hit!
  14. I'm debating between a ranger with soulbound bow or dw rogue, ranger is kinda meh until level 12 then he decimates, vs rogue destroys everything from the beginning Any news on new weapons or level cap?
  15. id recommend just going straight ranger once you get lead splitter youll be one shottiing a ton of enemies its pretty fun look up at the ranger guide off of steam not to mention once you get the soulbound bow its incredibly good at level 12 you shoot like 4 arrows a shot with driving flight and twine arrows
  16. For potd I almost always do ranged control ciphers can certainly give you tips if you go that way, btw where do I find ryhons vambraces? ( random loot or quest?
  17. What's the lowest level I can upscale white march? Need my bow of explosive awesomness
  18. Ciphers have reclaimed there spot as min of 2 for anyone of my parties I'm running the cc build 12 might, 7 con, 19 dex, 19 perc, 18 int 3 resolve works pretty well with my updated ranger run! Goal is to get storm caller asap, wonder if I can get it at level 6 on potd....
  19. Puppet master is invaluable at higher levels simply because a instanew cast dominate is so useful Follow up question, does the dot on persistence generate focus?
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