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  1. kinda retarded good i got a new cloak that gives me escape per encounter and converts grazes to misses also got gloves that give me insane buffs per kill im level 9 my rogue is over 100k dmg next closest is eder at like 30k. dual sabers op the real question is what item should i duplicate given the expansion hmm.. im wondering if 2h rogues are worth once you get the warhammer of opness?
  2. The real question is does the process on the dagger get increased by death blows I'm thinking mace plus dagger chargeeee, or is double sabre still best dps for melee rogues?
  3. 1. How do I trigger stronghold adventures I assume it's by completing quest? 2. How do I pass turns I assume once again by completing quest? 3. You can save scum to get the quest you want just a fyi
  4. I'd argue melee rogue or ranged ranger both are super fun and extremely powerful to play
  5. Anyone got a link to the crossbow? Debating how good the dagger would be for my melee rogue
  6. Generally I always dump int on my rogues less it's a ranged rogue build where you want to use tall grass or borelain for melee rogue I typically go 13 might, 8 con, 18 perc, 18 dex, 4 int, 18 resolve I prefer moon godlike for meta gaming but Orlanot works well too
  7. with the stronghold changes i usually recommend a new game and unlock stronghold asap to maximize unique items you can get btw how do i pass turns i assume just by doing quest?
  8. I want level 15 abilties thx for awesome post hmm I wonder if the new ranger modal does more dps then twined arrows model
  9. You have to free the dwarf from the ice to find the stash of 8 ingots I belive
  10. There is no martial love oh well I got the gist of the new talents chargeeeee I want to play
  11. So starting a new run tonight Pc will be a godlike moon rogue melee Eder will be a 2h offtanking Main tank moon godlike paladin Durance for caster support Debating between x2 cipher or cipher plus ranger any thoughts on which would be more effective? Happy expansion day!!
  12. Rogue ftw the real question is are helmets good enough to justify giving up moon godlike to become a fury rodent err, hearth orlan
  13. Where's the new martial talents :( Rogue ranger paladin in particular thx for your awesome post!
  14. Guess I'll have to resort to petrifI scroll spam, questionnaire for potd melee rogue moon godlike or heart Orlan for meta gaming?
  15. got a badass cloak tiges + 25 to all defences for 20 seconds on kill 3 dr reduction and + 30 max endurance i call it making my rogue a tank!
  16. i found only 8 dugan steel pretty sure there is another 8 in a secret stash but its not there in the 3.0 beta anyone else have this issue as is it a known bug? i have 14 mechanics so should be able to find it in the mines
  17. meaning it dosnt come out until tuesday at midnight or it comes out around monday at midnight?
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