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  1. so new sword + new soulbound dagger dont seem to be that much dmg vs durgan steel sabres wish i could do some more testing this is for a melee rogue btw
  2. I typically do act 1 unlock the stronghold asap, then defiance Bay all side quest do the first main wurst of defiance then do drywood village quest, card nun 1 through 5 then all the bounties then white march you can always upscale act 3 hope this helps!
  3. Pro tip you can save scum the adventures just reload till you get the adventure you want anyone want to update the wiki with adventure rewards? These are some of the best items in the game
  4. My tactic is to use dominate effects I run x2 cipher in all my groups open with a mind wave then control 2 of the stronger targets you really need cc and prone dominate effects to deal with them
  5. So I've been save scamming to see what items I can get As far as most powerful items 1. Binding rope Plus 2 con stuck on hit 2. Mourning gloves On kill for 20 seconds Plus 5 Def Plus 30 con Plus 15 interrupt Plus 10% attack speed Plus 15 endurance 3. Glass gloves Plus 9 Def daze for 6 seconds when you hit a target 4. Magma charm from Grand quest Summons a magma blight pretty awesome one per rest 5. Mourning amulet Plus 3 con on unconsious give plus 30 are attack speed one per Encounter 6. Cloak from nyard the the if Have high reputation of house daemays Cloak has 10 percent chance for grades to be misses Escape 1 per encounter Any other ones you guys have founderstood to be good or useful? To save scum the adventures save before you turn in a quest that triggers the adventure most of them alternate between usually 5 adventurestars Completing quest causes the turns to pass minor quest 1 turn major quest 2 to 3 turns. Feel free to post your stronghold items!
  6. Mourning gloves from one of the strong hold quest give you plus 15 interrupt on kill should put your interrupt rating around 60 plus, not a weapon but great for a interrupt build
  7. It doesn't ((( noooooo, I wonder do weapon process trigger it? Ie returning storm from storm caller hmmm...
  8. yah just got better gloves from the glass glove grand quest .like omg they are good + 9 deflect and has daze on hit my rogue can trigger deathblows by himself now its pretty op
  9. Yah I got awesome gloves from a quest just can't remember the name Plus 5 to all defences per kill Plus 10 percent attack speed Plus 20 concen Plus 15 interrupt Plus 15 endurance -1 resolve it's 20 seconds per kill each kill extends the duration awesome for my melee rogue, think he has like 160 end at level 8?
  10. How hard is the dagger to unlock? On a dual wield rogue is what I'm looking to use you guys recommend dagger plus soulbound sword or dagger plus the mace hmmm
  11. Hey drop man Ranger 18 might 8 con 19 perc 19 dex Dump int Leave res alone Pet wise antelope name it Bambi Beginning of the game get the disappointed and put a dmg ingredients enchant 1 on it that will last you early game Race wood elf Build 1. Wounding shot 2. Resilient companion 3. Vicious aim 4. Ruffian 5. Penetrating shot 6. Defensive bond 7. Driving flight That will get you through the beginning of the game your goal is to get to white march asap and get the soulbound hunting bows it's extremely good on ranger Hope this helpa
  12. ( well we will see how I progress tonight working on unlocking the soulbound sceptre almost done! Royal pain with durance who wants to test the dagger for me???
  13. As being brand new I'd recommend paladin cipher or ranger as easiest to play, ciphers or ranger if you prefer a ranged style paladin for melee or tany style
  14. anti sabres racist game ( can someone tell me if the proc on the dagger is increased by deathblows?
  15. Nooooo k (( what do you guys think of soulbound mace plus soulbound dagger more dmg then rest plus purg?
  16. The new rogue distraction talent is extremely good as anytime your flanking it now enables deathlows
  17. Yah seems like a different version of escape that's lame didn't even think about death blows! New cloak btw you can get by having high faction with house Damaris when you get the the if either a bounty on his head you get a option for the house to help him gives you 1 use of escape per counter and 10 percent of grapes are misses
  18. Wonder how the dagger would compare to resolution and purgatory dmgs, any new sabres in white march p2? I want a soulbound sabre BTW what does the final upgrade of the soulbound sceptre do?
  19. So I decided to get the new flank ability instead of finishing blow it is very very good for big targets the new ability makes it so they can't engage your party while the rogue is flanking I also got a cloak that gives me one use of escape per encounter seems fairly strong What do you guys think of the new rogue items talents?
  20. Generally you can always blind a target prone stun or paralyze so I use eyestrain mind wave mental binding the level 4 stun and amplified wave. The new tank buff is insanely good btw
  21. just a update the adventures are proposes to you upon completing quest also each quest completed moves the stronghold via one turn just a fyi i abused save scumming to get some awesome items, the npcs that come to your stronghold can give you some very good items as well with the new update if you select the right options
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