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  1. They buffed a lot of the old items the gloves you get at the beginning of the game where the wolves are now give plus 2x, hermit hat went from plus 1 might to plus 2 int and immunity charm those are the big buffs I remember
  2. Hi all my ranger run went quite well for 3.0 was thinking running a melee rogue 19 might 8 con 18 dexter 18 per 4 int 10 res Moon godlike will be going for the dual sabers Comp Eder main tank, paly off tank, pc melee rogue, Durance and 2 ranged ciphers, I don't want to rest much but may switch ciphers to wizards come level 10 thoughts?
  3. Yep zealous endurance is amazing for my ranger party combined with lay on hands deflection boost and my fido, ie Antelope is a tanking machine
  4. So far entire team is about level 7 the only group that gave me any trouble was ogre druids in the ruins been running a rogue with borelain, ranger uses lead splitter, then have eder, Durante a ranged cipher and offtanking paladin, the dmg reduction aura is amazing for ranger pets I assume once my ranger hits level 11 is when he gets really powerfull lead splitter instantly deleats most casters btw pretty awesome I'm thinking finish defiance Bay and go straight to white march any tips on the comp to make it even more effective dps wise? Playing on the new beta makes the game even easier btw
  5. Yah it will make decimating dragins much much easier my ranger is level 5 and has base 75 accuracy with lead splitter and the buff it's stupid good and that doesn't include preist buffs or stalker
  6. For rogue you almost always want atleast 2 cc classes for potd the haste armor fromantic drywood village and a deflection ring give them plenty of survivability I would also recommend moon good like and a few points in stealth for positioning
  7. Thanks Andrea super helpfull, yah potd is much much easier now simply due to being able to stack rest plus camping and the giant heal from athletics per encounter, ciphers got nerfed but once he gets a decent weapon should be good again
  8. Survival is incredibly powerful now for tough fights being able to give all my dps plus 20 accuracy and tanks and extra dr made early potd much easier The only real issue is preist seals are now broken you can't use them at all as your spell casting will no longer work you have to removr the preist and put him back in party for spell casting to work again Side note is there a list of what enemies are categorized as somewhere? New up is a bit clunky but not that inconvient
  9. Follow up questions when building a full adventure party should I hire level 1 or 2 adventures at beginning of the game?
  10. Interesting thoughts going to finish my current run then going for the 2 pally 3 ranger line uprices with a preist for buffing should make for a fun run
  11. There is another expansion comming after white march called ascension was a article on rpggamer for it
  12. Thinking of a solid comp for ranged potd Leaning towards ranger death godlike, , paladin moongodlike for offtanking, eder, Durante for my priest Ranged rogue for mechanics, one ranged cipher for cc Think this would be a good group or should I change priest to a chanter? This is in prep with 3.0 changes in mind
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