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  1. Agreed limassol not even trying that fight against till everyone is level 12 plus was harder then most fights in white march
  2. Great guide on a side note is it virtually impossible to get gloves of mechanics now they removed the ability to rest at rodrica keep
  3. Just realized this on my playthrough rogues can go to 13 mechanics without the gloves! Just a fyi
  4. I gave eder the redeemer like to point out the mines are ridiciusky annoying with those teleworking spirits without having 2 ciphers to charm the sirens I'd be screwed, change paralysis and stunning is lameo
  5. Let's make a new guide! I still think the new mental binding is very good is the new soul bound bow good for ciphers? It's now as opposed as it is on my ranger but meh
  6. main secret to potd honestly is paladin + ciphers my strongest comp was paladin, melee rogue, eder as dps/off tank, durance priest and 2 ranged ciphers after the buff ciphers are ridiouclsy good
  7. Yah I put it on my paladin tank and gIves me easy dps boost for my melee rogue she has like 95 deflection at level 9 and takes no dmg once the debuff, sticks
  8. ( I feel your pain can we start a list of the 3.0 stronghold items? The belt is the best one I found so far will post what items I've found this weekend!
  9. So there is a belt from one of stronghold mini quest gives plus 2 con and anytime a enemy hits the wearer they get stuck applied needless to say open as hell
  10. i renamed my pc to carlos spicy pepper, on a fun note did all the side request in defiance now at level 9 and my rogue is starting to shine will get the bleak sabre froim white march tommorow question on enchanments vessels or beast? its a tough call i know the draggies are hard but lots of vessels in white march
  11. Think I should rename my whole party and go for Mexican theme hmmm... any suggestions? Rogue will be named roberto!
  12. Follow up questions gloves of accuracy 2 or melee dmg gloves which would be better assuming critical sabres?
  13. Is there a easy place to find vlathir brains to make my sabres exceptional? The party should be much stronger come 3.0 and cipher buff comming out any tips for dealing with brood mothers the bane of all melee?
  14. Interesting idea I think it will go better also once I get bitter and purgatory will help a lot with dps since my rogue is low int, I'm assuming I want to give him persistence for ranged dps? Might also pick up shadowing beyond for some extra survivability well see how things go tonight!
  15. Yah I'm just going to resort to using defiance Bay for a easy 5 levels then do the other stuff after that probaly make my life much easier
  16. also side note my a main pc ranger is like 10x more effective on potd so much easier to micro manage think itll probaly took me over 10 in game hours to find a way to beat brood mothers once i get to them in white march ><
  17. MY challenge to everyone is to give me a team comp that can rolf stomp potd assuming my main is a pc rogue tired of dying to stupid crap and perma losing a character. Current comp im running is moon godlike rogue, eder maintak, paladin with the dr aura as off tank, durance for buffs and 2 ranged wood elf ciphers. They seriously need to make ciphers like 3x more powerful then they currently are btw i hate resting with a passion in this game thus the ciphers any tips would be appreciated getting wrecked at level 5 by the cultist in dyrwood village
  18. Upon using any seal or trap all abilities from the character are disailed until you rest at a Inn please address as this is game breaking
  19. Race is alrdy set as moongodlike but great point on the resolve dropped might down to 12 and resolve is now 16 maybe I'll go splat less I just cleared Rodriguez and he's more then half my parties total dps yay rogues
  20. Ciphers are still good you just want to get greater focus early as you'll be starved otherwise, also I wouldn't go higher then 7 in survival this gives your team the 4 Dr reduction, you can't get 20 accuracy not sure if this is a bug?
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