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  1. Hey guys, got this male portrait i really like for MC - i tried to make watercolor portrait for it using GIMP guide on the forums but so far failed miserably. Any kind soul able to help me out here? I'm providing both portraits i used in PoE 1.
  2. You are probably right when it comes to priest and Arquebus. It's a good weapon if you want to fire it ocassionally now and then, but it will most likely fall off later on in the game due to fact how priest class work plus lack of talents that synergize with it. I guess i'll give Berathan priest a go. I think i'll enjoy the playstyle and kinda different approach to priest class. I like his dispositions too. This cipher you mentioned also looks promising. i'll have to think about it. Anyway thank you very much for all the ideas you've shared with me, it helped a lot!
  3. Thank you Boeroer for the answers you provided! I know you are pretty well oriented in builds and overall game mechanics i'm sure answers will prove useful. So best retaliation tank used to be cipher but not anymore. it's either Barbarian or Monk. Monk isn't really my style. I wanted a simple sturdy tank that uses heavy armor, one handed weapon and shield. I think i might give barbarian a go. I'm really glad that ciphers are viable with 2 handed weapons. Builds i've found so far are either builds for guns or 2 x one handed weapon. Guns I really like but it becomes kinda retarded later
  4. Hey guys! So recently i tried to finish another PoTD full run. Unfortunately i'm kinda stuck on creating character. I tried different ones - some work out better than others. Unfortunately the time you have to invest in a class in order to tell if you really like it or not is huge. Some classes get better in midgame or lategame which takes quite some time to accomplish. So i decided i'll ask here maybe someone more experienced will be able to help and answer couple questions. First question about retaliation - is there any class that works well with it using mostly retaliation items? I
  5. Hey guys, so as the title says - i was thinking of playing Retaliate Rogue using Sura shield and Ill Coat armor to stack some Retaliation. Does it work well with Riposte and Deep Wounds? How much damage can such Rogue do? Is it worth it? I know anything can work on lower difficulties but I'm thinking PotD difficulty not necessarily solo.
  6. Hey guys, really appreciate all the great ideas you shared with me regarding Wizard. i'll probably drop the ideas of putting 4 talents into Elemental Mastery spells and just go with one maybe two. Secrets of Rime and Scion of Flame seem to be good choice. I'll decide later on. I do realize I'l lose +3 Res on Gyrd when switching weapons - i don't mind really - still valuable out of combat situations in order to reach dialogue options through 16 Resolve that i can't get otherwise. Plus maxed out it's insanse boost to ACC - that wand has like 21 or something. I'll drop some AoE spells, kill a
  7. I thought of something like this : MIG ~16 (19-20 with any +3/4 item quite easy any headgear ring or belt will do ) CON 10 ( 13 with +3 Belt of Consitution) DEX 10 ( 14 with +4 Viettro Formal Footwear ) PER 16 ( 20 with +4 Mantle of Excavator ) INT 16 ( 20 with +4 Gwyn's Band of Union) RES 10 ( 16 with +3 Kerdhed Pames and +3 Gyrd Haewanes Stenes ) Looks pretty solid i think - i don't want to tank anything i just don't want to die to a single hit or so. Mind you i already have 3 people ( okay 1 Human, 1 Godlike and a fox ;D ) in melee and often fight in corridors etc. Not sure abo
  8. Soo - i tested out various build. I tried monk - despite the fact it's really powerful build i can't get myself into it. Roleplay wise. I also tried Boeroer's melee Ranger. And absolutely love it! Unfortunately i already play with Sagani and there are often situations when i can't DPS because of how many people are in melee already. There is me plus my pet, Eder as main tank, Pallegina as offtank and Sagani's pet. I'm playing without Wizard and Druid so i realized i'm lacking some sort of mob ruler. The thing is i hate playing a mage in every single game. I always prefered Knight in shining
  9. I presume the Long Pain works only with fists attacks right? So i fight mostly with fists and wear heavy armor?
  10. So, i tried Cipher - it's really great class with very powerful spells - especially paralyze - however it doesn't really seem to fit my playstyle. Mainly because i wanted to use 2 pistols - and two pistols only. I also play with Sagani and Durance in range. 3 of us use piercing type of damage. And as you can imagine it's a pain in the ass whenever there is an enemy with high defense on this type of damage. So i thought i would like to try something else - a sturdy melee with some crushing damage preferably two handed + ranged weapon when needed. I already have tank and offtank so i don't r
  11. Hmm.. I guess I'll go with Cipher then. Range DPS is a little bit easier for me to manage on PoTD + since i won't take Hiravias nor Aloth i will need someone to debuff or damage in AoE manner. Should have nice synergy between companions I'm going with. Zahua as main tank, Pallegina as offtank, Durance for buffs and off DD and Sagani as regular DD. Will see how it will turn out.
  12. Hey guys! So here is the case. So far i finished the game twice - first time at the very beginning in vanilla Pillars of Eternity and second time when White March part I launched. A lot changed since then - i tried various builds, various classes usually played for couple days to see what they are capable of. I would like to play one more time to close the story and check what happened with White March in part II. I'm struggling with the class choice though. Usually i have concept in my mind, play with it and end up dissatisfied with choice i made. I always play on PoTD wi
  13. Hey guys, just a quick question regarding hirelings and stronghold quests aka adventures - is it possible to create a custom hireling (or multiple) in tavern, leave him in Caed Nua and sent on missions whenever they appear? Or does it have to be NPC like Kana Rua, Aloth etc. If it does work - is there any downside? Like - the lower the level of hireling the lower success chance on mission?
  14. Thanks guys for the ideas, fortunately after browsing through archived topics i was able to find the one i mentioned. Mychal26 explained everything in convenient way If anyone is interested here is the topic i was talking about : http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/84356-too-fast-leveling/page-2?hl=%20when%20%20stalwart
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