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  1. So, because they've had bad history you think they can decide which store their game will be sold? When they are owned by Microsoft and the publisher is basically Take-Two. In which universe do they have much say in the matter? Because I sure as **** don't see them having any voice on the matter. They will do as they are told to do. They DO have a say in this, but it would require a spine, so I guess we're out of luck.
  2. Controversy brings them sweet clicks though. Ah, those freshly minted fully jebaited clicks, what wouldn't I do for those clicks.
  3. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/OEIDLCSurvey1 Anyone else got an email from "newsletters@obsidian.net" for a DLC survey ? I got one, but I am unable to complete the survey because it requires a password. What gives ?
  4. Hello, my name is trulez, and I have a problem... Let me start by saying the game is very enjoyable. It manages to tickle my curiosity by introducing mysterious new worlds full of fresh citizens with variety of different background stories and problems you can dive into. I have no problems with reading huge swaths of text the game represents me throughout. BUT After the 10th time you read almost the same exact description of a new numenera you've just found, it kinda starts getting jarring, and I start to skip some of the lines because they're almost word for word identical to the one you've just read in the previous area. You know the one, where it goes something like this: "In front of you is <insert shape here> made of <insert material here>. The surface seems smooth but you see <insert control scheme here> and object seems to <insert audio/visual/telepathic cue here>. With some effort you might learn how to access it."
  5. I'm preloaded and it says it unlocks in about 2 hours Played 4 hours yesterday, IMO the best Civ on release, remains to be seen if it's best overall. I might have already botched my playthrough because I didn't focus on anything but tried to dabble in everything. After I wipe England from my continent and research seaworthy vessels I'm exited to see how much behind I am compared to the AI on the other continent. This is on Prince btw, it's been too long since my last Civ game to go any higher.
  6. Really? for me Civ 6 looks bland, boring, cartoony, mobile friendly UI and I am huge fan of civ franchise :/ well, different tastes probably, enjoy I agree with everything both of you said. The game looks very bland, but I still can't wait to get to play it.
  7. Technically Fig doesn't throw anything at the project. It's the investors that invest through Fig that contribute the 40% of the goal.
  8. c) Guy who goes out of his way to inflict more pain and suffering when ever he can even if none was warranted, and often even when he shouldn't.
  9. I don't like the fact that I don't know how well I'm doing, is 50% Avatar track completion at my current stage bad/average/good, are my troops getting upgrades fast enough. I feel unnecessary pressure to move forward really fast because I don't know if I'm falling behind.
  10. -Isometric -Sci-fi -almost carbon copy of Fallout Tactics I could probably just say the last bit, because I would play ANYTHING that had the tactical combat & character development of Fallout Tactics wrapped in a new setting/story.
  11. I failed to find anything news worthy, or is the departure of single employee really that important to the project ? I doubt it.
  12. This is good to know, I've been putting my seconds play through on hold because of some other games, but I'm eager to start the D:OS DC as soon as I find the time.
  13. One very simple way to do it would be a check if the player is standing under a roof tile, then turn of the radgain from radstorm.
  14. Checked her office at Diamond City ? Also, if she's simply hiding then you could build the Bell at Red Rocket. When rung it will summon everyone to it and you'll find her.
  15. You want a "two-shot" weapon or a weapon with explosive ammo. What do you mean by "two-shot". I usually carry a fat man as backup for those beefy baddies. I don't like missile launchers because I find them quite slow compared to damage provided. It's one of the legendary weapon specialties, the weapon will fire two bullets instead of just one, making it twice as potent per shot. I personally prefer the one that does double damage to enemies with full health. Makes single shot kills while sniping such a breeze.
  16. I think that WL2 is the best [ersatz] Fallout game since Fallout 2, and that they know it; and planned it that way.(But it isn't one, not really.) No future Fallout title would need (or likely use) a 2D engine. It would be 3D; (3D doesn't mean first person for those that assume it does). All of the graphical issues that Fallout had would be forgotten with the use of a 3D engine. Personally, I think that a Fallout title done using Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity framework could really shine.___ I thought (and still think) of Fallout Tactics' Turn based combat as the best combat the IP has to offer ~so far. (Though I might have thought differently had Zenimax acquired 'Super Hot', and based the combat mechanics of FO4 on it.) I have to disagree with your statement regarding WL2 being the best "Fallout" -game since the second iteration. In my opinion F:NV had much more lush and interesting world, characters and quests than WL2, and I'd even go so far as to say F4 is better than WL2 but since I know I'm probably in minority with that opinion lets leave it at that. But I do agree with your statement about Fallout: Tactics' combat, and I still replay the game from time to time just to enjoy how well that aspect of the game is made.
  17. Companions are great, much better than New Vegas. On the surface yeah - they are initially a lot more interesting.. but after about 5 minutes you realize there's not really gonna be anything new to them and they add very little to the gameplay, they are like static NPCs that just follow you around.. Much like Skyrim. Fallout 4 companions with NV companion quests would've been awesome. It's great how they comment on different locations and situations, even actions your character takes. They're not static at all. And some do have interesting quests. I agree that Piper is boring. I've only had one single comment from McCready, and that was inside the same "zone" where I recruited him from. Not a zip after that. I mean sure, they all throw the generic "I have a bad feeling about this place" type of comments all the time but I'm so use to those I don't even register them anymore, what I would expect is unique and relevant comments but haven't heard any.
  18. Wait, what? You're being proud of the fact that you stole some promotional goodies, am I reading this correctly?
  19. Did not know that, now I actually have incentive to use anything but Dogmeat.
  20. Playing Fallout 4 (obviously) and it just looks horrible on Ultra settings. I just recently finished GTA5 and Witcher 3 and both of those games make Fallout4 look like a decade old game.
  21. Seems like it could get repetitive fast. I mean there's only so many ways you can shoot a pistol or a rifle at a another human being before you've seen it all. I will however check it out once people start streaming it, just to make sure I don't miss a rare gem.
  22. I don't know enough about game development to accurately asses the impact of this change. Is project leads vision for the game the absolute truth, or is the process more collaborative effort where the lead simply has last say on things? I mean does it REALLY change the way the game's going to turn out if one person gets changed ?
  23. I'd just buy another 980 and that'd fix your problem, I mean it's going to cost about the same as good quality 1080p monitor. On another note, I've been playing TW3 everyday past week and I'm still amazed how good the game is, I haven't found a single flaw yet. Also, Gwent is great change of pace when ever you get a chance to play it, and I think it's big part of what makes exploring the huge world interesting because you don't just move from question mark to question mark, you take a break between them every now and then.
  24. If you're regular user of these forums, and haven't ignored Volourn yet, you're doing the rest of us great disservice.
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