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  1. Dorak. Like the Sisters said, Atris and the other Council members sensed the attack and got out. But what was Atris doing there? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah Dorak! I had him on the edge of my tongue!
  2. Zhar and the black guy died on Katarr. I hope that Vandar too, cause he's ridiculous clone of Yoda. Atris warned them all, and evacuated the artifacts.
  3. Williams is retarded these days. He's basically remixing his old tunes. Soule and Griskey simply own him.
  4. Yeah that's becouse Vitas makes updates once or twice a year.
  5. Star Wars Battlefront II Dragon Age Neverwinter Nights II BioWare Neverwinter Modules (once they will be released on CD)
  6. Beckinsale has way too small boobs to be ever considered Bastila. And she has a rat like face. In fact there's no actress in the world that could match Bastila's beauty
  7. Wikipedia sucks. There are so many bugs in those entries that someone should kill the authors. The really good source is Complete Star Wars Unofficial Encyclopedia by Robert Vitas founded in 1995, all hardcore fans use it CUSWE
  8. You can see a fallen named Zenex in Republic 49: Sacrifice He almost abused Aayla Secura!
  9. lame copy of ANH's Death Star Torture Droid (the one Vader used to interrogate Leia). Goto is a clear evidence of Avellone's weak star wars imagination and a contradiction to the EU continuity (what a death star droid is doing 4000 years earlier I really don't know) IT-O Interrogation Droid as seen in A New Hope and GOTO - Avellone's plagiated crap TSL is maxi-retarded variation of GL movies.
  10. Ok let's hypothetically asssume that I have my own online gallery of fanart I want everyone here to know about. Could I post a link to it? And what with online initiatives like petitions? They need advertising on forums and that's natural.
  11. Darth Bane was the guy who prepared Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine later exacted.
  12. It's true, they are all anti-heroes. But Tolwyn owns Revan and Exile dummies, simply becouse he is very well fleshed out by Malcolm McDowell.
  13. I found that to be just another unoriginal blurb K2 is famous for.
  14. And what story HK exactly has? His ramblings were totally redundant, he basically repeats what Atton says about jedi assassinations.
  15. I don't understand why USA 15 years after Cold War, is becoming something it once fought with.
  16. But they do have the licence up to 2010, so the fate of SW RPG is in their hands for few next years. And I'd like to see some material covering the KOTOR games. Unless you're patient zen master and don't give a sh... you should just sign. Nobody will get hurt by that selfless act.
  17. Nihilus. He incites erotic imagination becouse of his mysterious belongings
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