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  1. You still don't understand? I'm criticizing the LOOK of the sith not their sick philosophy! They should look ancient not like XXth century villains. Read "Golden age of Sith" or "Knights of the Old Republic" or any other comic and you'll understand...
  2. They were supposed to look ancient not like Cold War era villains. Have ever read Tales of the Jedi comics? That's how ancient sith should look! Don't get me wrongo - I really love KOTOR but as a SW fan i'm obliged to criticize things that are certain mistakes.
  3. Who cares about Sleheyron. There are far more interesting ancient locations like Onderon, Ambria, Stenness Hyperspace Terminal, diamond world of Arkania, Cinnagar, Deneba, Koros Major, Yavin IV, Exis Station, Rhen Var...is your knowledge about ancient Star Wars galaxy limited only to what you have heard in KOTOR?
  4. Valley was OK but sith look like some nazis or KGB officers - in one word terrible. Rakata was ancient indeed but I can't say that about other locations like Manaan or Taris. And what cybernetic implants are doing in an ancient galaxy? Man just read Tales of the Jedi series and you will know how things should look. I get an impression that our small talk will achieve nothing becouse I don't see any devs who would be interested in fans' opinions
  5. Bastila's too well developed character to be thrown out and she is an icon of KOTOR - just like Kyle Katarn is an icon of Jedi Knight series. I hoped that our heroine will appear in a series of games maybe as a main character? Obisidian will be stupid if it waste so interesting personality as Bastila. Besides I consider KOTOR 2 storyline as a clone of Return of the Jedi where Sith are looking for "the last Jedi in the galaxy" - Luke Skywalker. Is it not the same? The whole idea that obsidian is developing is from the start a clone. Besides it isn't correct with what UE sources say - Palpatine was the only sithlord who succedeed with destruction of the jedi. I hoped that I will get wiser and more experienced Bastila who will be a playable character with a mission to fullfill (like Katarn in Jedi Outcast) but instead I will get some new uninteresting idiots...
  6. Onderon is a crucial planet from Tales of the Jedi series. It was an isolated world at the fringes of the galaxy where infamous Freedon Nadd started dark-side dynasty who ruled The Great Walled City of Iziz (spreading through the centuries the city blossomed with kilometres-deep subterranean levels) - ruthless tyranny ignited the Beast Wars which lasted for 350 years until Jedi Knight Ulic Qel Droma as a head of Jedi Mission brought peace and overthrew evil dynasty. The worshippers of Freedon Nadd then started so called FREEDON NADD UPRISING and besieged jedis in the Onderon Jungle. Then Republic announced blockade of entire system and sent Nomi Sunrider with an army who crushed darksiders once and for all. Remains of Freedon Nadd were transported to Dxun moon near Onderon and sealed in cortosis sarcophagus. Later on Onderon came Exar Kun in search for forbidden sith knowledge. He released the ghost of Freedon Nadd and traveled with him to Korriban and Yavin IV where he gained the mantle of the Dark Lord... From what I saw in comics city of Iziz is one of the most interesting Star Wars locations. But I don't think that devs would be able to bring this city onto screen appropriately - it has very ancient look and KOTOR is very modern in climate and doesn't have many in common with Tales of the Jedi where you really feel the difference of 4000 years.
  7. I see that Obsidian must shine with new characters - they couldn't stand getting old ones into sequel. This is nonsense to me although I have nothing against new NPCs why can't I have a choice also among old NPCs? It would be fun to meet wiser and more mature Bastila or agressive as always Canderous. These characters are so well developed that Obsidian shouldn't throw them out only becouse they were invented by another company eh? To me Bastila and Cand are symbols of KOTOR and without them KOTOR is like Jedi Knight series without Kyle Katarn.
  8. I don't care about RPG rules! I was refering to EU sources, maybe you should read posts of other people more CAREFULLY. I don't understand your RPG babble and I don't even want to understand. Books and comics are quite clear in the case of dual lightsabers and D20 is not important - and please don't use term "lighstaff", this is terrible product of WOTC clumsy editors.
  9. Dual lightsaber requires perfect attune to The Force. That's why only most powerful force-wielders were able to use that weapon. Lightsaber in general is elite weapon and jedi needs to practice a lot of telekinesis exercises before is able to use it correctly (as Windu mentioned in Shatterpoint) to whose who aren't well prepared lightsaber presents danger bigger than to their opponents. Dual lightsaber is even more dangerous and in all SW sources is presented as ultra-elite weapon. What we see in KOTOR or Jedi Academy is just a commercial crap. This is just a fact: SW sources say so on dual lightsaber case and Bioware developers shown that they aren't experts in Star Wars knowledge... I agree - there is total overuse of dual lightsabers in KOTOR. People these are not toys!
  10. And by the way HK-47 and Canderous are far superior to Bastilia. It's the matter of opinion. For me Bastila is most interesting (but I consider Canderous as second most interesting character and I wouldn't mind to see him in KOTOR 2 playing really BIG role) for you Canderous and HK-47. Eventually the most exciting are interactions between these characters (like when Canderous teases Bastila) but in KOTOR there is too small number of them. I hope that in KOTOR 2 there would be more such interactions.
  11. Hello everyone! I don't know if someone raised that issue before, but I feel that in KOTOR we had relatively small choice of faces and clothes. It was annoying to me that I couldn't choose face and garment as I please and I have only those few that developers gave me. I think that it would be nice, if in KOTOR 2 we could project face and clothes of our hero in really wide sense (of course you could still choose those prepared by developers). What do you think? Personally I think that in RPG there is always place for new options and more free choice you have (not only in storyline) the better RPG is.
  12. When I said that Bastila is the same class as Luke I had in mind that she is one of the key characters with strong personality. Luke certainly is calm and wise so there is no similarities between them, but I think that she is as important in KOTOR as Luke 4000 years later. Revan is no one to me. This is just an avatar of a player. He has no personality and remains silent all the time. Bastila was most important in KOTOR (only person who had battle meditation eh?) Besides Luke was just like Bastila - temporarily seduced by the dark side. So what? They both remain as great jedi heroes.
  13. Well in Jedi Knight were also two paths and so what? You have clear chance to save Bastila which is your duty as jedi and it is most logic solution becouse of romance with her. Besides I think that such interesting character shouldn't be wasted. Bastila is the same class as for example Luke or Obi-Wan. Normal SW fan will not ignore her personality. Your arguments aren't worthy. Sorry but if you say such things, this means that you just don't like Bastila at all.
  14. 1. Bastila should play as great role as in KOTOR (not that ugly Krea) as a leader of all the jedi possibly (she could be like Mace Windu who also is a master swordsman) 2. Yavin IV with all masassi temples and jungle 3. Less linear storyline ( it always pissed me that whatever i do or not do I always end on Leviathan after my third planet and I can't prevent Bastila from going to the darkside) would be great gift
  15. Hopefully not. That looser Vandar was a poor clone of Yoda and it stripped original Yoda out of his blend.
  16. Bastila Shan should appear...she and Canderous were the coolest characters of KOTOR. Rest like Bindo or Juhani were pathetic
  17. Bastila Shan - the coolest woman of Star Wars universe. Don't tell that you don't like her. Yavin IV- we had pathetic station in KOTOR but what we really want? Masassi Temple Complex surrounded by lush jungles! Revan as a leader of the jedi order More planets (15-16) bigger than KOTOR worlds.
  18. I cannot imagine KOTOR sequel without Bastila Shan. She is so fresh character waiting for greater purposes...in KOTOR I developers failed miserably in the end but I hope that she will become regular character of KOTOR series-like Jan Ors in Jedi Knight. Ultimately it would be good to see Bastila as a main hero of KOTOR II. If she is so unique why she can't be playable figure?
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