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  1. Restoring the Jedi Order? The whole idea is stupid. It's just copying the Purge from Prequels and Luke's restoration efforts (ergo: making redundant story, innecessary in SW universe). Besides if you really think that talking heads from K2 make any sense except some gibberish than you need: 1) go to a really good psychiatrist 2) play really good RPGs like Baldur's Gate or Shadows of Amn cause obviously you've never met a good storyline. But I guess there are children who feel like to feel important when hearing absurds wrapped in somber sentences...
  2. Ask yourself: "Should I really be saying other people are crazy when my favorite book is the novelization of Episode III?" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Book got very good reviews from critics and naturally - from SW fans (like me) so I think that you're the one f... in the head too.
  3. Personal journey? Working harder? What you're talking about? The dialogs are just nonsensical and much worse than in worst EU novels. The overall story doesn't make much sense, only good thing are planet plots that are better than in K1
  4. Thank you. Someone agrees with me. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I also agree with both of you, but I am a pragmatic. WOTC will hold the licence until 2010 and they will kill SW RPG if we don't do something.
  5. Playing Exile, you have the feeling that your actions are totally meaningless, not only to the fate of the galaxy, but to the fate of the exile himself
  6. Bill is so heavily f... in the head, that he doesn't have to use crack :cool:
  7. K2 is lame and incredibly stupid effort to exploit KOTOR's popularity. 80% of K2 was made by Bioware (interface, engine, graphics etc) and Obsidian added only enormous amount of nonsense and twisted problems that no sane person will ever try to understand.
  8. More interesting that those people register only to ask "where is pcgamemods?"
  9. Matthew Stover Revenge of the Sith "This is Obi-Wan Kenobi in the light: As he is prodded onto the bridge along with Anakin and Chancellor Palpatine, he has no need to look around to see the banks of control consoles tended by terrified Neimoidians. He doesn't have to turn his head to count the droidekas and super battle droids, or to gauge the positions of the brutal droid bodyguards. He doesn't bother to raise his eyes to meet the cold yellow stare fixed on him through a skull-mask of armorplast. He doesn't even need to reach into the Force. He has already let the Force reach into him. The Force flows over him and around him as though he has stepped into a crystal-pure waterfall lost in the green coils of a forgotten rain forest; when he opens himself to that sparkling stream it flows into him and through him and out again without the slightest interference from his conscious will. The part of him that calls itself Obi-Wan Kenobi is no more than a ripple, an eddy in the pool into which he endlessly pours. There are other parts of him here, as well; there is nothing here that is not a part of him, from the scuff mark on R2-D2's dome to the tattered hem of Palpatine's robe, from the spidering crack in one transparisteel panel of the curving view wall above to the great starships that still battle beyond it. Because this is all part of the Force. Somehow, mysteriously, the cloud that has darkened the Force for near to a decade and a half has lightened around him now, and he finds within himself the limpid clarity he recalls from his schooldays at the Jedi Temple, when the Force was pure, and clean, and perfect. It is as though the darkness has withdrawn has coiled back upon itself, to allow him this moment of clarity, to return to him the full power of the light, if only for the moment; he does not know why, but he is incapable of even wondering. In the Force, he is beyond questions. Why is meaningless; it is an echo of the past, or a whisper from the future. All that matters, for this infinite now, is what, and where, and who.He is all sixteen of the super battle droids, gleaming in laser-reflective chrome, arms loaded with heavy blasters. He is those blasters and he is their targets. He is all eight destroyer droids waiting with electronic patience within their energy shields, and both bodyguards, and every single one of the shivering Neimoidians. He is their clothes, their boots, even each drop of reptile-scented moisture that rolls off them from the misting sprays they use to keep their internal temperatures down. He is the binders that cuff his hands, and he is the electrostaff in the hands of the bodyguard at his back. He is both of the lightsabers that the other droid bodyguard marches forward to offer to General Grievous. And he is the general himself. He is the general's duranium ribs. He is the beating of Grievous's alien heart, and is the silent pulse of oxygen pumped through his alien veins. He is the weight of four lightsabers at the general's belt, and is the greedy anticipation the captured weapons sparked behind the general's eyes. He is even the plan for his own execution simmering within the general's brain. He is all these things, but most importantly, he is still Obi-Wan Kenobi. This is why he can simply stand. Why he can simply wait. He has no need to attack, or to defend. There will be battle here, but he is perfectly at ease, perfectly content to let the battle start when it will start, and let it end when it will end. Just as he will let himself live, or let himself die. This is how a great Jedi makes war." I love that fragment. It shows the perfect peace of a true Jedi Master, the nature of the Force, and how Jedi actually feel it.
  10. He was supposed to be 18 and work in a firm :cool:
  11. What happened to him? Was he offended and left? Or maybe terrorists kidnapped him?
  12. No - earlier dating back to the Middle Ages.
  13. Their?! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Depends from the point of view, but rest assured that I'm with you on this one Baley
  14. Ok, honestly, what are the big European rivialries I wouldn't know about. Who doesn't like who? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Brits hate French becouse French gave them half of their grammar and have better cuisine, prettier women and greater painters. Complexes... Poles hate Russians becouse Russians aren't catholics, have bigger country and built an empire in a contrary to Poles. Ahh even bigger complexes... Hungarians hate Romanians cause Romania grabbed their beloved Transylvania Western Ukrainians hate Eastern Ukrainians as you could witness in 2004 elections (westerners applaused CIA while easterners - KGB) Nobody in Europe likes Germans
  15. So don't enter if you don't like us and our sweet Melissa
  16. This thread is intended to replace R.I.P. Melissa Theuriau thread killed by the Green Dragon. Let's start people :
  17. Hmmm but why "Rate you fellow board members" too? It seemed quite innocent... "
  18. I went to sleep yesterday, and today in the morning I noticed that several threads just disappeared. Could someone describe me the circumstances?
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