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  1. Well it has a serious edge over Steam - Deep Silver needs to make like 10%(?) less sales for the same profits. At the same time, exclusivity is the strongest leverage that'll bring people to use Epic store, therefore allowing Epic store to cut more exclusivity deals. I for one am having a lot of fun looking at even Valve themselves being butthurt over all of this, after over a decade of quasi-monopoly (which they still have by the way, Epic store may very well fail - but it's the most serious contestant we've seen yet)
  2. Didn't bother with the Greed one, but I never actually intended to as I'd have to farm Geo for it to happen - the most important for me, Unbreakeable Strength, is now equipped pretty much at all times :-P Incidentally, I got a bit pissed now when I nearly finished the Delicate Flower quest, just to find out that the Grimm Trope charm you get which has a chance to negate damage does that, but won't prevent the flower from breaking. ... God damnit. Oh well, one more go, I suspect that's where I'll get the last missing mask shard (...I'll be even more pissed if it turns out I just get a crapload of Geo for all that hassle)
  3. Finished the Grimm Troupe DLC in Hollow Knight.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjqLmTVtPCc It'd be nice if the game attached to it was as good
  5. Well it's just the mud which smelt so foul - I mean, Iceland is dotted with these colorful hot spring locations and there's a slight odor, but it's bearable and you can get used to it fairly quickly. The mud was quite extraordinary in that account.
  6. a) Go here (Hverir, Iceland): b) Cry a whole lot and start rethinking the life decisions which led up to the point of smelling that with dozens other tourists
  7. Finished What Remains of Edith Finch. Pretty damn good as far as ... Walking sims go? I'm not entirely sure I'd even call the game a walking sim, it experiments with what constitutes gameplay quite a bit and, as a result, the game keeps changing and transforming to tell its story. Basically, what they did is that they grabbed all the written notes that walking sims tend to be filled with and, when you start reading them, they slowly start turning into a dedicated minigame with unique mechanics that tells whatever story is the note supposed to tell. Which is pretty awesome.
  8. "Path of Pain" just sounds like an extremely challenging version of White Palace, which ... Y'know, I'll prefer to remain oblivious to its presence, unless I run across it by accident, in which case I'll swear a lot and then go back to being oblivious to its presence
  9. Seems Team Cherry really enjoyed Super Meat Boy when designing The White Palace. The whole area would be massively irritating if I did not have hiveblood and grubsong, as it stands, it's difficult platforming fun without needless repetition.
  10. Yeah, I'd say pacing is a fairly important aspect in any game, and if the pacing is skewed in such a way that reviewers get to see more content faster, with a belief that doing so will get them a more enjoyable experience, well - to me that means developers know you'll get to enjoy the game more if it's faster paced, but decide to slow it down for -some- reason. I won't speculate what the reasoning is, but if the game contains microtransactions, I'm also not going to trust that the pacing isn't skewed to support them.
  11. Well, Valve gets a cut from every card sold - not to mention you can also fill up Steam FunBucks from a CC, so I don't think refusing a refund is much of an option.
  12. Finished (what I assume to be) the first stage of Troupe Master Grimm's boss fight in Hollow Knight. Now THAT was a well-designed boss battle, that I enjoyed!
  13. CTRL+F5 is the default screenshot button for DosBox - it even has video capture built in. As for everything else, I just tend to use the ShadowPlay stuff by Nvidia.
  14. Yea, B1 is a very Hollywood take on WW1. Then again, I never really expected authenticity and when it comes to the kind of bombastic entertainment that I expect out of Battlefield/Call of Duty singleplayer camplaigns, B1 was among the best. I'd say "garbage" and "mediocre" is worlds apart. As for DICE, as far as I know, they treated their employees quite well and supported their games for a fairly long time, which would elevate them above "garbage" in itself.
  15. I wouldn't say he's impossible per se, it's more that his attacks are insanely annoying and the fight feels more like an endurance trial than anything. I'm sure that if I kept banging my head against it I'd get through eventually, but why? Y'know, there's fun bosses and then there's that.
  16. Still, I feel like when your players find secret stuff via exploration and experimentation in a game which entirely revolves around exploration and experimentation (as there's literally nothing else in it), the only valid strategy is to take away their newly gained stuff (even if you have to patch your game to be able to do that - yes, that's bloody ridiculous) and reward them in some other, less overpowered way if they tell you how did they manage to find the secret room Or better yet, just patch the 'cheat' content in the cell out when not using development build. I remember the way Bethesda's engine handling assets needing existence of such a cell, but it certainly doesn't have to be filled with items. The way this fiasco is handled is just ridiculous and makes absolutely no sense - it feels like whatever division of Bethesda's working on 76 is a little kid throwing tantrums at this point.
  17. Hot bloody damn fighting dream Zote sucks. ... I think I'm gonna spare myself this particular optional boss fight, I'm perfectly happy having Zote drawing the stalker away :-P
  18. Nope. I know Grimm Troupe is a thing that exists, but I'm only going to find them if the process isn't overly convoluted
  19. Watcher Knights was actually one of those boss fights which got trivial for me the moment I found the right charm combination. The strategy I used below Anyway, I can definitely see fatigue setting in while getting through Hollow Knight, given the sheer amount of content that game contains.
  20. Well that's a rather difficult question to answer. Yup, certainly what made me abandon difficult games in general. Now I wonder what'll playing on a Switch do with that mindset since I can now totally squeeze "Two more tries" in while I'm trying to squeeze a stinker out.
  21. Replayed Bioshock recently and while it's still a great game, this particular moment is entirely ruined by the game going "Oh here, have another objective" right after the fact
  22. Well I'd say the correct way to write that would be: "How did you play FT, which mode did you prefer?" or ", what did you prefer?" or ", which mode have you preferred?" But, in order to make gramar nazis angry while mostly retaining legibility, I would suggest "How will you played FT? What you'd will preferred?" or "Which is you're prefered mode?"
  23. I suggest "How have you play Fallout Tacits, what will you preferred?"
  24. PoE II has a Switch release, which I imagine may bring a bunch of updates to the main game as well
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